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Premiere Test: Mitsubishi Tryton 2020 - Walla! vehicle


Triton gets a massive facelift but it is an almost new vehicle with a completely different front, a new engine and gearbox, advanced safety systems and other improvements. We went on a winter tour ...

Premiere Test: Mitsubishi Tryton 2020

Triton gets a massive facelift but it is an almost new vehicle with a completely different front, a new engine and gearbox, advanced safety systems and other improvements. We went on a winter tour to find the gospel

Premiere Test: Mitsubishi Tryton 2020


The first Mitsubishi SUV landed in Israel in 1996 in the form of a Buffalo 200L, a tough and durable workhorse. The agricultural buffalo was replaced by "Magnum" which was a trendy and successful sales hit, followed by the elegant "Hunter" wounded, and in 2015 we received the Trayton. Four years later we meet an almost new Treton; The center of the chassis and dimensions have not changed but the solid and stiff skeleton of the previous one, the front is completely new, is far more aggressive than the outgoing model. The engine and gearbox have also been replaced so it can be defined as a "new Trayton".

The mission ahead of the sixth-generation Mitsubishi Triton has been greatly honored - with 627 sales in 2019, it lags far behind Toyota and Isuzu's (1,500 Dimax and 1,200 Hi-Lex) sales hits, and has to deal with the American vans from above. Mitsubishi Triton is sold at prices ranging from NIS 199,000 (manual 2X4) to NIS 256,000 for the test vehicle we received (Dakar Fancy SE, 4X4 automatic).

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The 2.2-liter engine is more economical, lacks power (Photo: Dudi Moskowitz)

Road test: Mitsubishi Tryton 2020 (Photo: Dudi Moskowitz, Rami Gilboa)

Threatening face

The new Trayton is designed in an aggressive and impressive style, determined to impress the environment. The curving front of the outgoing Trayton was abandoned without shedding a tear, and instead we find two trapezoidal chrome frames, familiar to us from Outlander and the rest of the Mitsubishi crossovers. Trayton also has a high chrome grille and four stylish lighting units, with a silver ventral shield; All of this leaves little room for the main air compressor, relatively modest among the chrome ornaments congestion. Side mirrors in chrome finish add bright spots and there is no doubt that the Trayton front is impressive and prominent. Some may say that the design is too extroverted, I guess most segment customers will like the American pose.

Front and rear changed, the main part remains very similar to the outgoing generation (Photo: Dudi Moskowitz)

Road test: Mitsubishi Tryton 2020 (Photo: Dudi Moskowitz, Rami Gilboa)

The Trayton wall is less extroverted, but it is meticulous and aesthetically pleasing in terms of light 1-ton pickups. The Mitsubishi designers got rid of the rounded plastic wings, instead of the carved wings with a more powerful look; It's clean and elegant but I really didn't want to rub the car on some rock, the wings were cheaper to repair and replace. A basic tritone comes with 16-inch rims, and in the fully-equipped versions it upgrades with 18-inch rims - these are less suited to SUVs, probably the pickup that is featured in the ride comfort section. In the back, minor cosmetics of lighting units and other small details were performed.

The passenger compartment has undergone minor changes, in the Dakar version it is fully equipped and the stay is pleasant (Photo: Dudi Moskowitz)

Road test: Mitsubishi Tryton 2020 (Photo: Dudi Moskowitz, Rami Gilboa)

Workers set off

After the untimely death of the late Pajero, Mitsubishi also directs Trayton to a family audience looking for a modern leisure vehicle. Still, most of its customers will come from the segment of the work vehicles, and they need to seat five adults in the passenger compartment. The dashboard received minor updates, is fine in the segment. The seats in the "Decar SE" version are comfortable and well-padded, the driver's seat is electrified. The rear seat upholstery is significantly improved, and easily accommodates two overgrown adults, for three it will be a little cramped. Front loading + one rear, no rear air conditioning ports. Basic upholstery materials and mesh Extremely durable, you don't feel we have been on you. The level of accessibility is 2020 and includes climate control, full connectivity with a Connected system and a 7-inch central monitor, quick dial and application activation, dark rear windows, smart key and leather seats Dakar SE, LED lighting, steering wheel gears and more.

The back seat is more comfortable than the category, no air-conditioning port (Photo: Dudi Moskowitz)

Road test: Mitsubishi Tryton 2020 (Photo: Dudi Moskowitz, Rami Gilboa)

31 kb diet

The outgoing Trayton was armed with a 2.4-liter turbo diesel that provided 181 hp and 44 kgs; It was the meatiest engine in the category, but the 2020 pollution standards do not allow for such a level of performance. As was the case in previous years with Toyota Hi-Lex and Isuzu Dimax, so were Mitsubishi engineers; The new Trayton is armed with a 2.2-liter engine that delivers 150 / 3,500 hp and 40.8 / 1,750 kg.

The new engine aids in a new well-geared 6-speed gearbox; The first gear is shorter than the previous one, the sixth gear is longer than the previous fifth. The new engine is less muscular than the previous one, it is noticeable immediately, but it is not too weak. We still remember the days when we were excited about the Magnum's 110 horsepower, and the new Tratton's 150 provides for every purpose.

Road test: Mitsubishi Tryton 2020 (Photo: Dudi Moskowitz, Rami Gilboa)

You do not feel power shortage though there is a turbo lag in the first few meters, and the gearbox is also not quick in lowering gears. On a regular ride, there is no drawback, and Trayton is limited only by the speed traps - it's hard to drive at legal speeds, he wants to run forward all the time. The transmission ratio of the sixth gear is quite long, at 120 mph the engine spins at 2,000 rpm. Fuel consumption throughout the test was about 11 miles per liter, including high-speed intercity travel, and quite a few sections of the field. This is fine for such a large vehicle.

Road test: Mitsubishi Tryton 2020 (Photo: Dudi Moskowitz, Rami Gilboa)

Road customs

The new Trayton Ladder chassis is tougher and firmer than the previous one, as is the built-in chassis with a modern combination of metal glue and welding. Acoustic insulation has also been improved, resulting in a quiet and vibration-free ride, excellent at the pickup. The level of refinement is very high as long as we travel on high quality roads.

The problem with a pickup truck, every pickup truck, is that it has to be able to load 1,000 pounds in a crate, and travel without any cargo. This dictates rear leaf springs that find it difficult to provide luggage travel comfort. Mitsubishi engineers have invested a great deal of work in the rear rack (adding a progressive leaf, extending the leaves, improving and lengthening the shock absorbers), and the ride is more comfortable; Still, without weight, the van is quite bouncy. The only solution is coil springs which provide higher comfort, but they have difficulty carrying at high load.

Road test: Mitsubishi Tryton 2020 (Photo: Dudi Moskowitz, Rami Gilboa)

As part of the improvements, the Trayton brakes were increased and two calipers were added, the brakes now biting harder and more decisively. The steering remains long and fairly light, with a relatively small turning radius. Trayton deals well with high-speed driving and mountainous roads, within the category limits. An important safety innovation is an autonomous braking system that produces full braking up to 80 km / h, partial braking up to 140. The Decar SE model also has pedestrian detection, a deviation from a lane (but not a correction), a cross-traffic alert (important for vans), And seven airbags, there's cruise control, non-adaptive.

Road test: Mitsubishi Tryton 2020 (Photo: Dudi Moskowitz, Rami Gilboa)


Pick Up 4X4 is an American cultural icon and the Australians are dead on their Ute, many of them driving 1-ton vans like us. One of the benefits of pickup is the infinite versatility of the rear crate. You can leave the crate naked from equipment, put a lockable box in it, assemble a portable workshop on it, or make it a quality travel vehicle; In the accessory workshops, enhancement and modeling of SUVs, such as Mud Men from Netanya, for example, will be pleased to equip Trayton with removable drawers for storage of equipment and kitchen (from NIS 10,500), water tank and shower (NIS 6,000), loading arches + roof tent, and more. Acceptable space enhancements include elevating car 2 (starting at NIS 7,500), ventral shielding, massive side steps, winch, snorkel and more, as well as imagination and budget. A luggage van can be a perfect travel vehicle that will also give you enhanced travel comfort, because of the extra weight in the crate .

With an excellent rear suspension move and differential lock, Trayton has no problem moving the engine power to the ground

Road test: Mitsubishi Tryton 2020 (Photo: Dudi Moskowitz, Rami Gilboa)

Area Baptism

The day of the test was wet and terribly wet, but that didn't stop us from taking a long journey, precisely to the flooded north. As a guardian of the Mitsubishi Territory, we were pleased to see that the new Trayton had not undergone urbanization; Tryton 2020 maintains a ladder chassis and live rear axle, the most sophisticated super-select transfer box in the category, effective power gear, pull control and also the magic mechanism for offenses, rear differential lock. There is also downhill control, very effective in the range of 2-20 km / h, and electronic choice between four terrain modes: sand, kurkar, mud / snow, rocks. Dakar models lock tires 265 / 60R18 too wide, basic models lock 245 / 70R16 that would be better on the ground, and on the road as well (if I was thinking of buying a Triton Dakar, I would try to get it with the 16-inch rims, I'm not sure it's possible and legal).

Coffee break on a winter day, a great pleasure not possible in an urban crossover

Road test: Mitsubishi Tryton 2020 (Photo: Dudi Moskowitz, Rami Gilboa)

The carriage angles and ventral spacing remained as they were, suitable for field work. The problem with modern SUVs is the crispness of the lower chassis assemblies - the plastic fenders are too low, the side steps are made of wrinkled aluminum, the M&S tires do not provide grip and durability in lowering air pressure. The first solution required is raising a 2-inch car and assembling AT tires, this comes before ventral shielding. Under moderate pressure, I received the kind of approval that Colmobil would offer, perhaps without a vow, an improved PRO-style terrain version offered in Pajero in the latter days. Such an enhancement would make Trayton an excellent and robust tour vehicle. The Triton 4X4 is offered in Israel only with automatic gearbox, it turns out that the field drivers do not like three pedals.

The transfer box offers plenty of options. Downhill control and area type selector complete the selection of options

Road test: Mitsubishi Tryton 2020 (Photo: Dudi Moskowitz, Rami Gilboa)

In the winter test conditions it was difficult to meet the full range of Trayton's terrain capabilities, but it provided all the expected goods. With air pressure 25 it was relatively comfortable, even without a charge. The power transfer functioned well, the pull control took out the maximum possible of the road tires from the slippery mud. We were pleased to see that the rear axle remains large, an important element of technical offense. The main problem is the access angle and the sensitivity of the front bumper, but this can also be improved by raising a car. Those who plan to install a winch will also enjoy a metal fender, which will give Trayton a perfectly sturdy bow.

"Join the Navy"

Road test: Mitsubishi Tryton 2020 (Photo: Dudi Moskowitz, Rami Gilboa)


The Mitsubishi Tryton 2020 has undergone a series of changes and improvements that have made it a better vehicle for workers and family traveling. The economical engine is not lacking in power, the refinement of the ride has improved and allows it to spend long and leisurely hours. The Trayton remains an efficient SUV that, with minimal adjustments, can take you to the edge of the desert. This is important for terrain enthusiasts, as the supply of pure SUVs decreases, the greater the importance of terrain-pickers that keep them burning. At a cost of NIS 256,000, Tryton 'Dakar' raised about NIS 10,000, but that is perfectly reasonable given the safety systems, gearbox and general improvements. Right now and before the premises, the Trayton is located between Isuzu and Toyota, it seems fair to me and compatible with the market situation. We have nothing left but to take a comparative test with his main rivals, it won't take long.

Road test: Mitsubishi Tryton 2020 (Photo: Dudi Moskowitz, Rami Gilboa)

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On the technical side: Mitsubishi Tryton Dakar SE

Engine: 4-cylinder turbo diesel, 2,268 cc
Power / rpm (kW): 150 / 3,500
Torque / rpm (kg): 40.8 / 1,750
Gearbox: automatic, 6 gears
Propulsion: Rear, 4X4 for road / field, power gear
Offense Aids: Pull Control, Rear Differential Lock

Length (cm): 530.5
Width (cm): 181.5
Height (cm): 178.0
Wheelbase (cm): 300
Ventral spacing: 20.5
Access / Abandonment angle (degrees): 30/22
Tires: 265 / 60R18
Self Weight (kg): 2,080
Maximum Load Capacity / Towing (kg): 1,030 / 3,100
Crate dimensions (interior, cm): length 152, width 147, depth 47.5

NIS 256,000 (test vehicle)

Thanks to Uncle Moskowitz, Product Photographer,

Source: walla

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