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Weba-Lava-Dove-Dove: This is the perfect book for anyone who's in the crunch for "Rick and Morty" - Walla! culture


By the time the next episodes of the popular TV series arrive, the book has landed in Israel that combines the first five issues of the "Rick and Morty" comic book series. The artistic style ...

Weba-Lava-Dove-Dove: This is the perfect book for those who are in the crunch for "Rick and Morty"

By the time the next episodes of the popular TV series arrive, the book has landed in Israel that combines the first five issues of the "Rick and Morty" comic book series. The artistic style is a bit different, the plot lines are uneven in their level and the translation is strange, but whatever it is, it's a must-read for fans

Weba-Lava-Dove-Dove: This is the perfect book for those who are in the crunch for "Rick and Morty"

Adults Swim

Last December, "Rick and Morty" came in 24th place on the Walla Hundred Decade Parade! culture. The Adults Swim animation series is forward to beloved series such as "The House of Cards", "Heirs" and "Big Mouth", and it seems no one was pleased. While many were surprised at the respectable position of the animation program, the (very) devoted fans of the program argued that it should have been ranked higher. We chose the "Rick and Morty" rationale for being "a triumph" of her multitude of worlds, dimensions and adventures, in order to present a comedy that is at the same time considered in great detail and an anarchist, almost nihilistic. Organized chaos that explores human existence and our place in the world.

If there is anything that the super-fans of the series would agree on, though, it would take a lot of patience to survive the long deadlines imposed upon us by the creators. The series that aired in late 2013 has provided a total of 36 short episodes of 22 minutes on average. For comparison, another prominent animated series of the decade, "Bojak Horsman," which came a year later, featured 77 longer episodes, before ending last January. Between the end of the first season and the rise of the second season, we had to wait 15 months. Between the second season and the third, 21 months went by (with one "teaser" episode that aired by surprise as of April 1). Between the third and fourth seasons, 25 months went by, and even then we received only half a season of five episodes - most of which did not meet the standard the series has accustomed us to.

Because no one knows when the second season will air (this should happen by the end of 2020), and there is a limit to the number of times you can watch "Pickle Rick" reruns on Netflix, the possibility of diving into more content from "Rick and Morty" franchise is a worthy choice Who needs his "Rick and Morty" dose. This is where the comic book "Rick and Morty Disrupt Existence" comes in, recently published by Yedioth Ahronoth in Amit David's translation.

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Cover of the book in its Hebrew version. In English it is simply called "Part 1" (Photo: PR)

Comic book cover "Rick and Morty disrupt existence" (Photo: Yedioth Books, PR)

The book brings together the first five issues of the comic booklet from Rick and Morty, along with five more mini-chapters. The comic was not written by series creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roeland, but by Zach Gorman (later comics will be joined by other writers), and the plot, at least in the first ten episodes of the comic, focuses on Brick and Morty's location other than on television. An elegant choice that gives the creators plenty of leeway without being true to the original work.

A bit of a backdrop for fans who may sound completely Chinese to anyone who has never watched the series: "Rick and Morty" televisions come from universe C-137 (from episode five of the first season they don't live in it, after moving to another universe where they died, and actually live in a house where their bodies are buried Backyard) while literary "Rick and Morty" are members of the C-132 universe. Beyond that fact, the artistic style is also unreliable to the original, and the comic book version is a bit different - both storytelling and especially visually. That is, the characters are drawn slightly differently, though not different enough to make it feel cheap.

The plot lines, at least in the five chapters translated into Hebrew, feel in part like small passages that could fit into "Rick and Morty" episodes - but not something that could hold an entire chapter. It's not necessarily bad, probably when it comes in the form of comics. There are enough familiar characters who make an appearance in the comic book universe ("The Scary Fresh") alongside original characters who could have fun getting the TV version (Professor Tac, a kind of hybrid "Doctor Who" hybrid and any generic TV detective we've ever seen) and other frame stories that make fun of popular culture ( Which includes a parody of the movie "Meatballs" including all the movies in the genre).

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It is written in English that a fight between Morty and his father could lead to "Cat's In The Cradle". In Hebrew, it has become "mud wrestling" (Photo: Yedioth Books)

Page 13 Comic number "Rick and Morty disrupt existence" (Photo: Yedioth Books, PR)

The nature and incentives that drive the main characters of the literary universe (C-132) are different from the television universe (C-137) in a number of ways, which the devout fans will surely notice. Already in the first episode Rick insists on Morty that time travel is impossible ("sci-fi") while in the television version Rick has experimented with time travel, and in fact the whole series is one big homage to "Back to the Future". Similarly, Rick himself is still a genius entity with a dubious personality, but seems to be a bit softer, and more vulnerable. For example, it feels unnatural for the invincible duo to find themselves locked up in a detention center. Empty television would not let that happen.

Although a bit fuzzy at times, as happens in comic books and affecting the unique voice of the characters (but that doesn't explain why the hell you translate Son of a bitch in Hebrew into "Kivinimt" for example), big time, if you're missing "Rick and Morty" in life then the book choice Should be easy. Whatever the case, it's worth considering that reading it is short (as a comic book) and the whole book doesn't provide more than an hour of reading. The remaining 45 sheets of English can easily be found on the Web, and because of the fact that it is not exactly Shakespeare's English, it is easy to continue reading the original language until the rest of the books are translated into the Holy Language as well.

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