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Trial of the poisoner for life: "I did not think I was dealing with such a scoundrel!"


Suzanne Bailly, survivor of three poisonings for which Olivier Cappelaere is on trial, told this Wednesday at the assizes of the tribunal d

Because of his great age, a chair was installed for him during his testimony. But for the rest, Suzanne Bailly, "90 years since October", has lost none of her faculties, nor of her bite. Impeccable shirt, jacket and matching tweed skirt, the retiree is neither impressed by the decorum of the seats in the Aix-en-Provence court nor by the accused, tried on appeal for having poisoned her three times in 2015 Olivier Cappelaere, 50, who has always denied, now admits to having "slipped" atropine - a heart rate accelerator - into Suzanne Bailly's bottle of water. But only once, he says, and only "to make her sick." At the helm, the nonagenarian sets the tone: "He's lying. And her apologies, I don't care. "

Former typist at Alsthom, Suzanne Bailly has principles and a well-regulated lifestyle, living six months of the year in her house in Belfort (Territoire de Belfort) and, in winter, in Le Cannet (Alpes-Maritimes). Without descendants, the retiree had sold her two-room apartment in life annuity to Olivier Cappelaere, a Cannes business owner with whom relations were previously courteous but rather rare.

However, at the start of 2015, its owner is increasing the number of visits under various pretexts. One day, Suzanne Bailly found him "on [his] doormat", came to install a smoke detector. "He could have asked me if I could receive him, as a courteous man ...", she takes offense. The next day, February 10, she became sick after drinking a large glass of water. “Half an hour later, I was in a coma. She barely has time to call her neighbor Claudine, who finds her like a possessed, dilated and delirious pupils. "She said that her kitchen had been cut in half, that her picture window was made of cardboard, she saw animals on the ceiling ... When she went to the emergency room, we said that we would never see her again", testifies this one.

"He came to see if I was dead"

"Have you had any health problems before?" Asked the president. "Me, hospitalized? Never ! I have all my organs, I have my whole head too, ”retorts Suzanne Bailly with a little laugh. At the Cannes hospital, the doctors themselves lose their Latin. “They gave me an MRI, a CT scan, nothing. They ended up talking about a stroke. But when you have a stroke, you're pretty bad. I had delirium attacks! », Is surprised Suzanne Bailly.

Back home after ten days in hospital, the retiree receives a new visit from Olivier Cappelaere ... followed by a new discomfort. Plunged into a coma, Suzanne Bailly borders on death a second time. In his absence, his owner was also curious, questioning the neighbors, surprised, he said, to see the shutters closed. "He came to see if I was dead, coward Suzanne Bailly. He had to say to himself: She's exhausted, we're going to be fine . But the retiree, of iron health, takes over and returns to her apartment in Le Cannet.

"It is a monster, we cannot say otherwise!"

Last act April 7. Back from the hairdresser, like every Tuesday, Suzanne Bailly feels bad. But this time, she knows why. "Taste the water, it is bitter," she said to her friend Gabriel Marino Affaitati, called to the rescue. Doctors at the hospital are skeptical of the old lady's symptoms, so agitated that she had to be strapped to her bed. But when Gabriel arrives in the same state three hours later, they notify the police. Suzanne Bailly was right: the analyzes will show that her water bottle has been poisoned with atropine, a molecule which will be found at Olivier Cappelaere in the form of veterinary eye drops. "For my dog ​​Calvin," he will say.

The latter admitted to having entered his tenant's house on April 7 thanks to a key that he had left with him. "I didn't think I was dealing with such a scoundrel, what do you want!" It doesn't happen every day, something like that, it had to fall on me… ”, sighs the nonagenarian, saddened but combative. When confronted with a statement by the accused, it becomes annoyed, angry: “He's lying! As true as my name is Bailly! How dare you say such a thing? Roh ... "she said, turning to the box.

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She doesn't have a hard enough word for Olivier Cappelaere, this man who "destroyed [his] end of life". "It is a monster, we can not say otherwise! Is moved by the one who, among other consequences, has completely lost her taste. "I don't feel anything anymore. And then, I'm brave, huh, but sometimes I think about it! Too bad, I live, I get used to it. Then, as for herself, she adds: "I'm having a hard time going away, I may have to do it one day, but for the moment, I'm not determined. "

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