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First e-scooter presented for blowing up


An e-scooter that can also be taken on the subway or bus? That is exactly what the Poimo is supposed to be. The highlight: it is inflatable.

An e-scooter that can also be taken on the subway or bus? That is exactly what the Poimo is supposed to be. The highlight: it is inflatable.

  • In Japan, researchers from the University of Tokyo are working on a new type of e-scooter.
  • This should be particularly cheap and easy to transport.
  • The highlight is that it is inflatable.

Whether e-scooters or e-scooters: Small electric vehicles have spread in many cities over the past few years. They are particularly suitable for short distances and you can move through traffic quite well and quickly. In Japan, a completely new type of e-scooter is being developed, which should be particularly easy to carry in a backpack. It is an inflatable e-scooter.

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Inflatable e-scooter weighs just under 6 kilograms

The innovative vehicle bears the name Poimo  and is developed by the University of Tokyo. However, the e-scooter is not blown up with the mouth - that should work with an electric pump in a little over a minute. As the BBC reports, the Poimo is composed of five removable components :

  • Electric motor
  • battery pack
  • Handlebar with integrated wireless control
  • two wheel sets
  • Inflatable rubber cover

The innovative e-scooter weighs a total of just 5.5 kilograms and should be easy to carry in a backpack. But the overall weight should be reduced even further. The inflatable rubber body is made of thermoplastic polyurethane , a material that is also used for air mattresses. The Poimo should be lighter, smaller and cheaper to manufacture than other transportable vehicles, such as foldable bicycles.

. 東 大 と メ ル カ リ で 共同 開 発 さ れ て い る ポ ー タ ブ ル 電動 自 転 車 空 気 で 膨 ら ま す 車体 は 組 み 立 て ま で に 少 し 手 間 が か か る も の の, 持 ち 運 び や す く, バ ッ テ ー リ 寿命 の 最大化 も 実 現 す る # poimo #ebike # ア メ リ カ # ニ ュ ー ス https:. / / via @gizmodo

- ペ コ サ ン シ ョ ウ (@pecosansho) May 13, 2020

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E-Roller Poimo should be particularly safe in traffic

Despite the unstable impression, the researchers at the University of Tokyo hope that the inflatable e-scooters are particularly safe . The reason for this is that there is less danger in the event of an accident, since the vehicle is made of practically no hard material. The driver sits on the soft air cushion and the handlebar is also padded. It is still unclear whether the Ploimo will actually make it onto the streets at some point, since this is a concept. 

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