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StVO amendment: These are the new regulations in road traffic


Attention motorists: incorrect behavior in traffic is now more expensive. And points are now also faster.

Attention motorists: incorrect behavior in traffic is now more expensive. And points are now also faster.

  • The new traffic regulations came into force on April 28.
  • Violators now face higher fines.
  • Cyclists in particular should also be protected.

After the Federal Council approved the government's road traffic amendment in February, the new regulations came  into force on April  28 . Many traffic violations are now more expensive, and there are also a few changes for road users. Some examples:

New traffic rules: Speeders have to pay more fines

Drivers who disregard speed limits or interpret them generously must be prepared for higher penalties  . Anyone who is traveling too fast at 16 km / h in cities and out of town  must now count on a point. In addition, there is a fine  of 70 euros (in town) and 60 euros for exceedances outside of built-up areas.

In addition, exceeding the speed limit by 21 km / h has more far-reaching consequences than before. For a fine of 80 euros and two points in Flensburg, the speeding enthusiast can now expect a one-month driving ban *. These penalties apply outside of town (95 euros, driving ban for one month) from a limit violation of 26 km / h. This also removes the previous rule that speed offenders who were traveling at least 26 km / h too quickly within 12 months can be banned from driving.

Stricter regulations for emergency lanes

Motorists * who do not form a rescue  alley have had to expect a fine of 200 euros and two points in Flensburg since the end of 2017. Now this punishment is being tightened by the fact that a one-month driving ban can now be imposed without realizing a specific danger or disability. Until now, this was only possible if there was a disability or danger to third parties or damage to property. The amount of the fines for these offenses remains unchanged and amounts to 240, 280 and 320 euros - always with two points in Flensburg and a one-month driving ban. Drivers who illegally use the emergency lane pay a fine of at least 240 euros. In addition, they receive two points and a driving ban of one month.

Violations of parking rules are also becoming more expensive

Disregarding parking rules is also becoming more expensive . A fine of up to 100 euros and even a point are possible. Anyone who parks their car in a confusing place now pays 35 instead of 15 euros. The cost of parking in a fire brigade driveway increases from 35 to 55 euros. If emergency or rescue vehicles are hindered, the fine increases to EUR 100, and there is a point for this. The illegal parking of vehicles in a parking space for the severely disabled as well as in parking spaces intended for e- and car sharing vehicles also costs 55 euros. Parking or stopping in the second row is now punished with at least 55 euros.

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New traffic regulations are designed to protect cyclists

Cyclists are to be given special protection through various provisions in the StVO amendment. In addition to stricter tariffs for car parking on protective strips or bike paths, vans or trucks over 3.5 tons, for example, are not allowed to drive faster than walking speed in urban areas when turning right. Violations mean a fine of 70 euros and a point. Cyclists can now expressly ride side by side, provided they do not hinder traffic. Drivers must keep a minimum distance of 1.50 meters in urban areas and 2 meters out of town  when overtaking other road users .

The fine for using a speed camera app * while driving is 75 euros, a point is entered in the driving aptitude register. Auto posers have to dig deeper into their pockets. The generation of unnecessary noise and exhaust gas as well as the useless back and forth can cost up to 100 euros.

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