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Coronavirus: what to know this Friday, June 5


While the epidemic seems to be under control in France, city dwellers plan to settle in the countryside.Good evening, Today, while the epidemic seems "controlled" in France, it is exploding in Latin America where death records are accumulating. The European Union however decided to reopen its borders in July, in a graduated manner for third countries. It is urgent because the crisis continues to affect the French economy , one of the most affected according to the OFCE. The real estate market, howe...

Good evening,

Today, while the epidemic seems "controlled" in France, it is exploding in Latin America where death records are accumulating. The European Union however decided to reopen its borders in July, in a graduated manner for third countries. It is urgent because the crisis continues to affect the French economy , one of the most affected according to the OFCE. The real estate market, however, could get out of the game benefiting from the desire for nature in cities.

Good reading,

Camille Lestienne, journalist at Le Figaro .

1. What happened today

The interior ministers of the 27 have decided to reopen all internal borders by July 1. tanjakolosjko -

The borders of the EU will reopen. " With this European recovery plan, the Commission is at the rendezvous of this crisis, " says Michel Barnier, former European commissioner in charge of negotiations for Brexit. " Crises also create new solidarities," he adds, emphasizing the audacity and courage of the Twenty-Seven. The Swedish government, which is facing a wave of criticism, will have to have disdained confinement. This reversal of opinion, perceptible in the tone of the editorials and in the polls, is " in tune with the curve of mortality due to the coronavirus which, unlike other countries in Europe, refuses to decline. This will not prevent Europe from reopening all of its internal borders by July 1. A decision of the interior ministers " to put an end to the recurring hiccups ". The external borders will gradually reopen soon after, depending on the epidemiological situation in third countries. What will happen, for example, to travelers from Latin American countries, the new epicenter of the epidemic? As the austral winter sets in and social tensions surge, the continent continues to record death records.

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Where is the epidemic? France has recorded 46 new deaths in hospitals in the past 24 hours, bringing the balance to 29,111 deaths since the start of the epidemic. According to the press release from the Directorate General of Health, 12,696 people are still hospitalized while the number of severe cases in intensive care continues to decline with a negative balance of 69 patients less. The Covid-19 epidemic " is controlled " in France, assures Professor Jean-François Delfraissy. But the virus continues to circulate " at a slow speed ". " The data reported daily is indeed positive, " agrees Simon Cauchemez, the modeler of the Scientific Council. " We propose four plausible scenarios ," he specifies to Le Figaro , from the most favorable, where the epidemic remains under control, to that going as far as a strong recovery of the epidemic. The main message is that we must prepare today to be able to face all these scenarios and ensure that we never have to relive a generalized confinement. "

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The economy shaken. We are constantly counting the impacts of the health crisis. According to a note from the French Observatory for Economic Conditions (OFCE) published today, the French economy was undoubtedly one of the most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The big unknown is still at this stage the employment massively supported by the public authorities. The United States, on the other hand, sees the return of net job creation, 2.5 million last month. " The first effects of the deconfinement in many American states in May were more favorable than expected, " said our correspondent. Accelerating deconfinement is the call made in Le Figaro by ten great Parisian chefs. " If we want to save the tourist season, Parisian restaurants must absolutely be able to fully resume their activity before June 22, " they implore, stressing that at the opening of borders on June 15, European tourists risk turning rather to Rome, Berlin or Lisbon.

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We want to change our way of life and develop sustainable agriculture, with a vegetable patch and a few animals to support ourselves.

A resident of the Toulouse region interviewed by Le Figaro

The countryside, the new El Dorado for city dwellers. For many executives who have experienced confinement in the countryside, city life no longer seems like "normal" life. With teleworking, many dream of going green. Managers could still curb their enthusiasm but, on the real estate market, this desire for home and nature takes the form of " offers, and offers accepted, " says a professional. This trend could dampen the policy of reviving city centers to the detriment of the construction of houses on the outskirts, initiated last year. But others go even further and embark on an agricultural project. " With three other couples ," says a resident of the Toulouse region, " we want to change our way of life and develop sustainable agriculture, with a vegetable patch and a few animals to support ourselves. In any case, 4G and fiber remain essential for a successful installation.

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2. Discover, escape, fish ...

Chess game at the Luxembourg garden in Paris. ALAIN JOCARD / AFP

(Re) discover the Parisian gardens . The inhabitants of the capital were able to enjoy their green spaces again. André Baraton, the chief gardener of the Palace of Versailles, invites us to discover some of them in Mes Jardins de Paris , a book released this week. There are the essential but also more secret such as the square Alice Saunier-Seïté: " Its composition is very simple, writes André Baraton, three stone benches, a wooden pergola covered with ivy, wisteria and honeysuckle and some hostas, periwinkles and ferns at the foot of the only tree present, a sycamore maple . "

In Lozère, the void takes up space and brings us something that we really missed: space.

Philippe Viguié-Desplaces, journalist at Le Figaro

Get away from it all in the Cévennes. " In Lozère, the vacuum takes up space and brings us something that we really missed: space." Philippe Viguié-Desplaces invites us, after these weeks of confinement, to explore the Cévennes national park, " this harsh land, where the pebbles run away under the feet ". And discover these arid landscapes, these roads lined with " fragrant broom ", the rich history of the town of Pont-de-Montvert or the Causse Méjean, desert with the false airs of Mongolian steppes. Finally, following the path taken by the Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson during his trip with the Modestine donkey in 1878, is a nice way to understand one of the largest sites recognized by Unesco.

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Fish and taste cockles. To understand the attraction of shellfish, underlines our gastronomic critic Emmanuel Rubin , it is only to see (and live), at least once, these marine pilgrimages when the Breton beaches are emboldened by curious parishioners , the days of high summer tides. "To discover the flavor, let's follow the recommendations of Stéphanie Le Quellec, chef of the restaurant La Scène in Paris:" It's a gourmet treat from Robinson, a little gastronomic adventure. We collect them, we cook them, nothing more than the sea, the fire and the pleasure of putting our fingers in it. "

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Watch the television. If you like Quentin Tarentino's work, Le Figaro advises you to watch Arte this evening in the second half of the evening. You will discover there a documentary, signed Tara Wood, " rock'n'roll, graphic, supercharged, with a host of anecdotes and real pieces of animation  " on the thirty years of Tarentino's career, thirty years of cinematographic passion. A work to discover before the filmmaker releases his tenth and last film and devotes himself only to writing.

3. Photo of the day

Disposable masks, here on a Hong Kong beach, are a new source of plastic pollution for the oceans. ANTHONY WALLACE / AFP

4. Deconfinement, "phase 2"

If many prohibitions have been lifted with the "phase 2" of deconfinement, the time has not yet returned to normal, especially in the orange zones - Île-de-France, Guyana and Mayotte. Here is what is allowed again:

  • The 100 km limitation is removed. Air travel to overseas is reserved for compelling reasons.
  • Schools continue to reopen gradually, with a limit of 15 students per class.
  • Restaurants, bars and cafes reopen following certain rules. Only the terraces are concerned in the orange zone.
  • Hotels can reopen all over the country, as can other tourist accommodation in the green zone.
  • Parks and gardens, as well as forests, are accessible, as are beaches, lakes and nautical centers.
  • The museums, monuments and zoological parks reopen their doors, with compulsory mask.
  • Theaters, casinos and leisure parks are once again open to the public, but only in green areas.
  • In the green zone, the gyms and swimming pools reopen. Stadiums and racetracks also, but without audiences.

And what is not yet:

  • Gatherings of more than 10 people in public space are prohibited.
  • The events of more than 5000 people will wait, at least until August 31.
  • The cinemas will reopen on June 22. Discos and game rooms are still closed until further notice.
  • Collective and contact sports are prohibited at least until phase 3.

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5. The reflexes to adopt

A few simple steps can limit the spread of the virus. Here they are :

  • Wash your hands every hour.
  • Cough or sneeze into the crease of his elbow.
  • Use disposable tissues.
  • Avoid kissing or shaking hands.
  • Wear a mask in public spaces.
  • Limit your movements as much as possible.

Covid-19 is spread by saliva through close contact with an infected person, especially when the person coughs or sneezes. The virus also remains viable for a few hours on different surfaces.

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The disease manifests with several symptoms. In 9 out of 10 cases, this results in a fever below 39 ° C. According to the World Health Organization, this fever is most often accompanied by a state of fatigue , signs of shortness of breath and a dry cough .

6. What to do in case of symptoms?

The most important thing now is to get tested. According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, you should, if you have symptoms, stay at home and contact your doctor who will order a test. While waiting for the result, you must isolate yourself, wear a mask and list the people you may have contaminated.

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If the test is positive, the Primary Health Insurance Fund will contact those likely to be infected. You must then remain isolated for at least 8 days, taking care not to contaminate your loved ones. Watch your health. If you have a fever, take paracetamol. Possibly plan a follow-up teleconsultation with your doctor.

If you feel difficulty breathing , call 15.

If the test is negative, contact your doctor and follow their instructions.

Have a nice week end.

Source: lefigaro

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