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Fines are threatening: Almost all drivers behave incorrectly at the green arrow at the traffic lights


The green turn arrow allows motorists to turn right at a red traffic light. But most use it incorrectly - in the worst case, there is even a risk of being fined.

The green turn arrow allows motorists to turn right at a red traffic light. But most use it incorrectly - in the worst case, there is even a risk of being fined.

  • It is particularly popular with drivers: the green arrow.
  • Thanks to this traffic sign *, cars can cross red traffic lights as an exception and turn right.
  • But most drivers do not know that they still have to pay attention to a few things.

The green arrow originally comes from the GDR, where it was introduced in 1978. It has been used throughout Germany since March 1, 1994. The green turn arrows are advantageous for motorists because they can avoid waiting times at red traffic lights. Some may wonder why they can't be attached to every traffic light? In fact, the opposite is the case and the number of green arrows tends to decrease. And that is the fault of the drivers themselves.

Many drivers are wrong with the green arrow

The basic principle of the green arrow is clear. If the traffic light is red, I, as a driver, can turn right, provided that no other road users are endangered. Nevertheless, there are some rules that many drivers simply do not know. These are:

  • Standstill like the stop sign : The car must stop completely before you can turn right. If you drive without stopping, you can even face a fine of up to 70 euros and a point in Flensburg.
  • The green arrow can be used, but it does not have to : If you prefer to wait, you can stop until the traffic light is green.

Many drivers do not abide by these rules - especially stopping like a stop sign is problematic. The misconduct unfortunately only endangers pedestrians .

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Green arrows in Germany are being dismantled

As the RBB reported last December, some green arrows in Berlin are hazardous to traffic and even violate the StVO. The board of the association Fuss eV, Roland Stimpel, is quoted as saying: "The arrows are dangerous for pedestrians and they undermine traffic behavior because they break the taboo that you basically have to wait for red." A study by the TU Dresden and insurance companies has also shown that three quarters of all drivers  do not stop at the green arrows first, but continue driving straight away. 

The green turn arrow has just been introduced elsewhere. Since April 2020 with the introduction of the StVO amendment * and the new traffic regulations, there has also been a green arrow for cyclists.

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Anyone who has never been to the United States will probably not know that in almost every state, motorists can generally turn right at red lights - provided that pedestrians or other road users are not endangered or obstructed. A green arrow is not required for this.

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* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Source: merkur

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