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Death of George Floyd: the images of the cameras of the police officers revealed


The Daily Mail leaks two videos filmed the day of George Floyd's arrest by the cameras of the two agents who arrested him. The

A panicked, crying, harmless man. This is how George Floyd appears in the long video of his arrest dated May 25 and unveiled Monday by the British tabloid The Daily Mail.The pictures accurately show the facts. The father of the family collaborates and keeps imploring the police for mercy.

George Floyd, 46-year-old African American, nicknamed “the gentle giant”, died after Constable Derek Chauvin held his knee to his neck for more than eight minutes. The now infamous "I can't breathe" has been the slogan of protests around the world against police violence and racism.

" I am sorry "

The footage comes from the cameras of two Minneapolis police officers involved in the death of George Floyd. 18 minutes filmed from Agent Alex Kueng and 10 minutes from Agent Thomas Lane. They were the first to arrive on the scene. A trader called to denounce an individual who allegedly tried to buy cigarettes with a fake bill.

The video begins with this scene where an employee waves the supposedly fake bill. The police walk towards the suspect blue SUV. George Floyd, anguished, puts his head in his hands. Immediately, the officer pulls out his handgun and points it at him, ordering him to "put his fucking hands on the wheel." “I'm sorry,” repeats the 40-something.

Once out of the car, George Floyd implores the police not to "shoot him". He panics, explaining that he had been shot and wounded before in "the same way." His ex-partner, Shawanda Hill, refutes the idea that he is drunk. She explains that something is “going on” in his head when he is in front of the police, implies mental disorders. The policeman assures him that he will not "shoot him".

After being searched and handcuffed, he is taken to the police car, where, very agitated, he refuses to get on. George Floyd screams that he can't breathe and that he's going to "die in there". From the top of his two meters, the man struggles, repeats being "afraid" and suffering from "claustrophobia". He finally entered, by force.

Police officers Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao arrive as reinforcements. The father of the family managed to get out of the vehicle. He suddenly finds himself on the pavement and held down by Derek Chauvin, his knee on his neck. Eight minutes and 46 seconds later, George Floyd, not without having shouted many times that he could no longer breathe, will perish, face down. We hear the “gentle giant” imploring his “mom”, before letting go “I can't breathe”.

Leaked videos

This is the first time that these images have been broadcast. The Daily Mail recalls that the video could only be viewed in a court. The daily explains its decision to make her "flee" so that "the world can finally see the tragedy of Floyd's last minutes while the police were oblivious to his anxiety."

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A Minnesota court is examining how the daily obtained these images, says the US agency AP. A Hennepin County judge last month allowed reporters and members of the public to view the footage by appointment. The judge has yet to rule on a request from a media group that wants the right to broadcast the footage.

Police officer Thomas Lane had filed them in court to try to get the charges against him dropped for aiding and abetting murder. The other two police officers, Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao, face the same charges. The four police officers, dismissed in the wake of the tragedy, all face up to 40 years in prison.

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