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Covid-19: in front of the senators, Agnès Buzyn defends her action


During her four hours of hearing, the former Minister of Health hammered home that she has never ceased to prepare the country for this pandemic.

"When a country is in denial, it's very complicated."

This Wednesday, before the senatorial commission of inquiry on the health crisis, Agnès Buzyn drilled it throughout the four hours that her hearing lasted: from her first awareness, at the end of December, that something was happening in China, and until her departure from the Ministry of Health on February 16, 2020, she did not cease to prepare the country for this pandemic, of which she had

"the intuition"

very early


"If the alert was given early, it seems that we have not taken sufficient advantage of this period"

, immediately noted René-Paul Savary, chairman of the commission of inquiry.

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"Today, everyone knows or thinks they know what to do,"

retorted the former Minister of Health.

And to carry out methodically, day after day, the least of his actions while

“the experts”

were sharing, on the television sets,

“their certainties and their contradictions”


“We haven't stopped acting.

The problem is that we considered that there was a potential risk at a time when it could not be said that it was shared.

I have never been asked to go further, faster, stronger.

Experts have repeatedly played down the risks in the media. ”

And Agnès Buzyn to speak, in reference to the H1N1 epidemic and the reaction then deemed excessive by the authorities, of

"Roselyne Bachelot syndrome: everyone looks at you as someone losing their nerves"


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In short, to hear him, if there is one thing that we can blame him for, it is for having been right too early.

"It's never good to be right too soon."

By leaving the ministry,

"I had the feeling of having prepared everything",

assured the ex-minister, anxious to

"close this incompetent trial"

which was made to him.

“After all, there is a continuity of the state.

If this crisis management were up to me, I wouldn't be the most hated person in the country. ”

"A kind of denial"

Masks, tests, alerts to health authorities, discussions with the Prime Minister and the President, information reported or not by Public Health France, silence of its European counterparts, etc.

spin around in the Medici room.

Agnès Buzyn does not always answer the questions put to her very precisely, but insists:

“Few ministers have been as alert and in action as I have in Europe.

We have activated everything we know how to do. ”

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Yes, but then: France

"should have had the best results in the world!"

, says René-Paul Savary.

Why did the crisis take on this magnitude?

"Politics is the art of execution, and, in this area, stewardship has not followed"

, risks Senator Olivier Henno.

“Overall, there was an underestimation of the risk by the experts, and we did not have the support of international bodies

,” replies Agnès Buzyn.

No one saw the confinement coming.

I admit I do not understand: how, when China confined 100 million people, that Italy explodes, how did we not see it coming?

There was a kind of denial, including in administrations, in hospitals, among doctors.

Our society did not believe that we could not die in France. ”

We risk thinking that the population would have understood better if others, at the head of the country, had not encouraged them to go to the theater or to exercise their electoral duty while the epidemic was blazing ...

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