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The people in the Audi looked at me as if I were a psychopath


What has not yet been discussed, I believe, is the mask requirement in traffic jams. Maybe that would be a talk show topic for German television.

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Standstill on the A 9

Photo: Alexander Osang / DER SPIEGEL

You could invite Transport Minister Scheuer and Health Minister Spahn, plus Ulf Poschardt from the "Welt", who has a penchant for fast cars and opinions, as well as the system immunology expert with the few but very long hair who looks as if he prefers to ride a bicycle .

One could discuss aerosols and speed limits, but there is certainly a connection that could be made.

Autobahn and viruses.

That sounds like the album title of a Krautrock band.

Anyway, a few days ago I got into a traffic jam on the A 9 between Leipzig and Berlin.

It was the kind of traffic jam that surprised the navigation system as well.

At the beginning it jerks a bit, as if one would soon have to squeeze through the eye of a needle.

But after ten minutes of immobility, you suspect: it has only just happened.

You think you can smell the blood.

I heard "Blackbird", an audio book, written and spoken by Matthias Brandt.

He was just reading the very strange encounter between the 16-year-old hero Morten and his social studies teacher Meinhardt, both of whom were a little drunk.

I laughed.

The people in the Audi next to me looked at me like I was a psychopath.

I turned off the engine.

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Source: spiegel

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