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Video game "Amnesia: Rebirth": a new milestone for horror fans


The Swedish indie studio Frictional Games has been guaranteeing terrifying horror games since 2006. With "Amnesia: Rebirth" it teaches fear again with virtuosity - as an almost perfect Halloween game.

The genre of the uncanny has been related to the detective story not just since Edgar Allan Poe: The evil spirit, the revenant, draws attention to an injustice that lies in the past.

In most horror stories and films, you dig into the story - including your own.

"Amnesia: Rebirth", released just in time for Halloween, follows this pattern, and in many ways: The archaeologist Tasi Trianon wakes up in this first-person horror game somewhere in the Algerian desert;

the year is 1937. The last thing she remembers is a plane crash, but it must have been a few days since that accident.

In search of answers, her traveling companions and her husband, the young woman descends into dark caves, wanders through deserted areas and, layer by layer, step by step, brings a terrifying truth to light.

The path leads not only into one's own past, which is revealed in flashbacks, but also into the past of the scene: on the surface of the earth, the landmarks of the French occupying power are eerily empty, just below are the ruins of the Romans and much older conquerors.

It would be a shame to spoil the winding story, which oscillates wildly and impressively between very different types of horror, so only this much: "Amnesia: Rebirth" goes far beyond the horror of a disdainful ghost train in an oriental setting in its story and its themes.

Cult horror, really to be feared

But that doesn't mean that it isn't good for one or two screams of fear in front of the screen;

on the contrary.

For horror fans, the "Amnesia" series has been particularly scary for a decade.

This is also due to the fact that the first part of 2010 with its revolutionary defenseless protagonist broke new playful territory: instead of facing the monsters with weapons in hand as in most horror games and in almost all first-person games, the players were and Forced players to sneak, hide and run away.

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The feeling of helplessness made "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" the blueprint for a new generation of horror games in 2010, from blockbusters like "Alien: Isolation" to countless indie games, the screeching stages for lots of big and small YouTube and Twitch "Amnesia: Rebirth" is now the third installment in the series, following the 2013 sequel, subtitled "A Machine for Pigs" by the indie studio The Chinese Room, and thus has the burden of a great legacy Instead of being a sequel, it makes use of the same playful elements and otherwise limits itself to subtly continuing the motifs and background story.

Sneaking, puzzling, panic

This time, too, the heroine is completely defenseless against this world full of grotesque monstrosities, and again the eponymous amnesia offers the framework for immersing yourself in the horror of your own story.

Above all, the mastery of the developers to combine oppressive atmospheres with clever dramaturgy makes "Amnesia: Rebirth" terrifying.

This includes his handling of light and darkness: If you feel your way too long without a lamp or a match in absolute darkness, sooner or later you will be overwhelmed by your fear and lose control of the player character.

At the same time, the monsters wandering around in some parts of the game are attracted to light;

if you get caught by one of these nightmare characters, it doesn't mean game over, but the failure is not quite as trivial as in the predecessors this time.

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Even if the focus is on crossing the impressively designed dark caves, cellars and ruins, "Amnesia: Rebirth" is not a mere "walking simulator", but challenges you to solve some tricky, but always logical puzzles.

These brooding passages are then repeatedly juxtaposed with hair-raising sequences in which one has to sneak past grotesque horror figures or run away in blind panic.

Horror trip for strong nerves

The horror trip lasts a good eight hours, and at the end you are willing to see the medium of video games as superior to film in terms of fear and horror, at least here.

"Amnesia: Rebirth" is also quite ambitious in telling an enigmatic parable about civilization, motherhood and responsibility.

Anyone who expected the new "Amnesia" only to be a new edition full of effective shock moments may be skeptical about this ambitious sequel.

In contrast to its predecessors, this part gives its main character more space and uses its playful passages sparingly but effectively.

As a stand-alone horror game, "Amnesia: Rebirth", like the other games by its developers, is another milestone for horror fans.

Nowhere else can you experience more fear and horror on the sofa.

"Amnesia: Rebirth"

, ages 18 and up, for 24.99 euros, was released for PS4, Windows and Linux.

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