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"There were people who wanted me to behave the way they wanted to. They tried to make me a robot" - Walla! culture


On days without performances, Margie replaces the audience with pots, and filmed a YouTube performance at the nursery. In an interview with Walla! The star's culture speaks to the difficulties of the corona, the international career and the new series

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"There were people who wanted me to behave the way they wanted. They tried to turn me into a robot."

On days without performances, Margie replaces the audience with pots and shoots a YouTube performance at the nursery.

In an interview with Walla!

Culture The star talks about the difficulties of the Corona, the new series in which he plays a robot and his international career.

"You do not become Bruno Mars in an instant. It is a time-consuming process."


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Sagi Ben Nun

Wednesday, 02 December 2020, 09:00

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Singer Jonathan Margie performs his hit "This Couple" at a nursery in Tel Aviv (Stills: Dana Zehavi, video: Liel Simon)

At a time when performances are not possible, Jonathan Margie replaced the audience with flower pots while filming a performance at a nursery in Tel Aviv.

The show will air tonight (December 2) on YouTube.

The singer will host Shahar Seoul and the production is signed by Yishai Suissa.

It is part of a project called Succulent Sessions, defined as "a musical experiment and a social enterprise in a plant atmosphere, which came to connect the artists and their audience in the most intimate way possible, without being physically there."

The project, initiated by Ohad Besson, made the connection between Margie and Suissa.

Later in the project, Noga Erez, Jasmine Mualem and more will participate.

Margie, how does it feel to appear in front of flower pots?

Are they more comfortable than humans?

"They are not more comfortable. They make it very difficult for me. But it is refreshing, I have not yet been able to do that."

In the "Close Relatives" series, the character of Hannah sings to her flower pots.

Is this something you also do at home?

"No, to this day I have not sung to my pots, but I sing in the shower!"

You're used to performing with DJs and dancers, now this will be your first show with live instruments and musicians, everything is more intimate and exposed, and without sounds that cover the singing, what's the difference and feeling?

"It's really a much more intimate show. I also feel like it's very timeless. I'm without any masks, without covers. Like you said, instead of a DJ and big productions - here it's just the opposite. Listen, when you perform in front of thousands of people, you feel "And they make a mess. And here's something much more real, close and yes. There's something really beautiful about it. It's very much me.

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"To this day I have not sung to my pots at home, but I sing in the shower."

Margie (Photo: Dana Zehavi)

Your music has eighties influences.

Where did the inspiration come from?

"Lately a lot of things with a very very eighties sound are very successful. And suddenly I realize that my whole life, the songs I liked the most, had angles from the eighties. I don't know where it came from."

Noa flew to the United States to advance her career.

Did you practice English together?


"Not for the flight. The truth is we are both very fine with English. We do overseas talks on a daily basis so English improves."

Noah played in a take-off commercial for Marilyn Monroe greeted by former President Kennedy. What do you greet the new president Biden and how happy are you? Trump lost?

"The truth is I personally am dying to answer you but because I'm in the military, the IDF spokesman is less impressive because it's politics.

Margie (Photo: Dana Zehavi)

The youth series "PPS" starring Margie will air later this month on the Teen Nick channel for Yes viewers.

The series was created by Uri Gross and Yoav Tzafir, and alongside the singer will be, among others, Anya Buxtein, Hannah Leslau, Riff Ne'eman and Guy Zoarz.

In your new series you play a robot that a rich man buys for her little daughter, and he begins to develop emotions.

When did you feel in your life as a robot that others run - in personal life or in industry?

"I felt more like they're trying to be a robot. Not in a personal relationship, where everyone who knows me doesn't treat me like a robot. But someone who doesn't know me might have tried but I immediately neutralized it I guess."

How it manifests itself?

"I guess there were places where people wanted me to behave the way they wanted but I just behaved the way I wanted to, and maybe it did not go well for people. But it's me, Like It Or Not."

The shooting of Margie's new series in yes, was interrupted twice because of the corona.

"It was very difficult to film during this time," the singer told Walla!

Culture in an earlier interview in September.

"It was an ongoing battle. One time I put myself in isolation independently because I knew there was someone on the set with Corona. I did not meet him but he was still on the set and I was on the set so I went into isolation. Luckily the filming had to be postponed for just a week. The second time they were interrupted. "

Margie now adds: "One of the problems with Corona is that you can't anticipate and plan things further. I and all my friends for shows and careers miss so many shows and moments. We and the audience."

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"They tried to make me a robot but I neutralized it."

Filming of the youth series "PPS" starring Margie (Photo: Teen Nick Channel for yes viewers)

Does it suck that the Ministry of Health has published outlines according to which the culture will return only in the last stage?

"Unequivocally, it sucks that the restaurants are planned to go back before the culture. I see how difficult the situation is on my part personally me and on the part of all those around me. It not only sucks that we are last, the situation is difficult regardless. If you want, you can find a solution. "

What has been happening since the signing of your international contract, and to what extent is the epidemic preventing it from progressing?

"Working in parallel, all the time. It's a very exciting process. The word process is very correct, because it's really a process. Do not become Bruno Mars in an instant. It's big and important to me. The difficulties are in the media. You want to make music with people who are there but you "Here, in the distance. So there are really difficulties because there is something in the music that works very much on interpersonal contact. And the corona is just the opposite. But we do everything possible."

Singer Shahar Saul, who was previously featured on Noa Kirl's "Million Dollar" hit, is currently collaborating with her partner Margie and is hosting his performance.

"It came out by chance that I worked with both Noa and Margie, there is just a connection with both of them, they are amazing artists and it's just a fact," says Seoul, "This is the first time Margie is doing such a thing, and I feel privileged to take part in it. "All of us - Margie, me and the musicians - as musicians, we were thirsty for something like that. Great fun it came out."

Watch an excerpt from the show at the top of this page.

To watch Margie's full YouTube performance click here (video will be available from 7pm tonight).

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"Don't become Bruno Mars in one moment."

Margie (Photo: Dana Zehavi)

Instead of performing with DJs and dancers, he performs for the first time with live instruments and musicians.

Margie (Photo: Dana Zehavi)

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