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Bugek Horsman, Dave, Mrs. America: Walla!'S 2020 Series Parade Culture - Places 20-11 - Walla! culture


Walla!'S 2020 Series Parade Culture continues. This time, among other things, the oldest series in the parade, the best cast on TV, the exciting docu of Netflix, the series that eased our pain during the closure, the rapper who proves to be more than a crude joke, the giant series that has not yet arrived in Israel, and the end of the decade series

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Summary TV 2020

Bugek Horsman, Dave, Mrs. America: Walla!'S 2020 Series Parade

Culture - Places 20-11

Walla!'S 2020 Series Parade

Culture continues.

This time, among other things, the oldest series in the parade, the best cast on TV, the exciting docu of Netflix, the series that eased our pain during the closure, the rapper who proves to be more than a crude joke, the giant series that has not yet arrived in Israel, and the end of the decade series


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  • Summary 2020

Ido Yeshayahu, Ilan Kaprov and Ofir Artzi

Wednesday, December 30, 2020, 12:00 p.m.

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Trailer for the "Ted Laso" series starring Jason Sodeikis (Apple TV Plus)

The Great Mentals of 2020


The best new series not aired in Israel in 2020


2020 Series Parade: Places 50-41


Places 40-31


30-21 places

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Digging Broadcast

20. Calm down

Original name:

Curb Your Enthusiasm


HBO (in Israel on HOT, yes and Cellcom TV)

in the 2017 parade:

28th place

The tenth season came to an end just as the world began to close in on its homes, and the parallels were almost immediate: social distance = "calm down".

Panic, hypochondria, avoiding physical contact and anti-socialism is, after all, the classic Larry David, who has been advocating for more than 20 years that we all feel a little too comfortable with each other, and that a reformed society is a distant society.

But what made "Calm Down" the perfect 2020 consolation series, which invited repeated viewing of episodes and sometimes immediately after they aired, is actually David's surgical ability to capture the human prism over and over again, and exaggerate it to comic proportions so there is no choice but to Laugh at her, then accept her as she is.

Because what really unites us are not shared hopes and dreams, or kitschy songs about imagining a better future.

These are the less beautiful qualities of humanity that are common to all of us and provide us with half comfort in many times of trouble: pettiness, jealousy, resentment, arrogance, the desire to pay as little as possible and get as much as possible, the constant squinting on the neighbor's grass, the radar felt activated whenever there is a suspicion of arrogance. The automatic when a waiter hints that we are not as attractive as we think we are, the unwillingness to reveal our weight, the built-in laziness that comes with pajamas.

And of course, the desire to take revenge on someone who dared to hurt our dignity and give him back the same coin - a basic emotion on which the seasonal plot of David's store was based, which was known to burn completely because it contained too much alcohol.

Only after laughter resulting from empathy with the rainbow of these tranquil traits can the purifying completion come that everything is fine, we are not alone.

And at least we 're not Larry.

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Social Distance = "Relax" (HBO screenshot)

19. Cheer

Original Name:




In some ways sports dramas are a story with fixed and quite predictable characteristics: the protagonist's push to the limit, the struggles with his greatest challenges, his enemies and fears, the characters in his life who serve as an anchor and ignite the fire just when everything seems lost.

The excellent documentary drama about a group of outstanding cheerleaders from high school in a tiny town in Texas, contains all of these.

But what sets it apart and claims it with tremendous power is the combination of these elements with a high school drama and an extraordinary collection of heroes and heartbreaking and heartbreaking stories.

The cheerleaders of Navarro High School are first and foremost male and female students whose difficult background of life is an endless struggle, some of whom even return to it daily.

Knowing that even reaching the pinnacle of their dreams - winning the state championship - will not change their fate, turns their journey into a pursuit of memory instead of glory.

One moment when they will prove to themselves that life can also be rewarding, a consolation that will push them to want to change the course of their lives and break the stigmas attached to them.

This knowledge and sensitive and delicate acquaintance with the entire team - coaches and cheerleaders - along the way, accompanies every acrobatic exercise with an accelerated pulse, turns every dangerous flight into a dream about to crash, every fall into tragedy, and every success into a particularly satisfying sense of transcendence.

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Walla!'S 2020 Series Parade

Culture: Places 50-41

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Heroes and igniting and heartbreaking stories.

"Encourage" (Photo: PR)

18. The Great


Hollow (not broadcast in Israel)

It seems that above all her other virtues, the most delightful thing in the historical and delightful satire starring Al Fanning is the absolute conviction of each of her characters in the righteousness of her worldview.

It is the source of the countless conflicts, wits, embarrassments and angular situations that occur almost constantly, but also of the clever social criticism that blows from it.

As she progresses, her protagonists peel off more and more layers of masks and axioms that have sprung upon themselves, revealing surprising and intriguing complexities beneath the sometimes grotesque and ridiculous characters.

For example, the hedonistic and infantile Piotr (Nicholas Holt) is the product of a tremendous indulgence and cold that was showered on him by his parents, and they are the ones who made him and the mighty empire he dominates identify with them: luxury and splendor that hide emptiness, ugliness and extreme detachment.

Within the colorful, historical, and cultural shatanz of the "great," the balancing and endearing factor is always Catherine.

Fanning plays her with such vast amounts of charm and talent that she fulfills her character's condescending statement at the beginning of the series: "Everyone likes me."

This is a significant virtue that saves the series in moments when it feels too bursting with wit and sub-stories, and serves as a tool for the series to develop its other characters as well.

The reward for all of these comes in the final episodes that tie together the journey made by the protagonists of the series and evoke a strong desire to slam a glass of drink on the floor and shout, "Cheers!"

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Culture: Places 40-31

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Such large amounts of charm and talent.

Al Fanning, "The Great" (Photo: PR)

17. Bugek Horsman

Original name:

Bojack Horseman



in the 2019 parade:

4th place

, second part of the final season of the Walla!

Culture was less successful, more messy, and with some lame jokes.

And yet, there is a logic to disorder.

When the ground falls beneath the feet of the protagonist things have a tendency to get confused.

It is possible that "Bugek" even intended this, at least to some extent.

Despite the not always appropriate parts, not always funny and not always necessary, even in the last eight episodes there is so much beauty and the rest of the spirit.

They, too, harness the rest of the characters to tell their own stories, complete and beautiful, while projecting on the protagonist whose name lives on in the name of the series, who is drowning in the mud he has nurtured all his life.

"Bugek Horseman" was a sitcom covered in thousands of goofy and funny jokes.

At the same time it was a brilliant, sad and often sublime drama.

It was a series about a talking horse in a world where animals were an integral part of society, often without real logic.

At the same time it rained deep insights on trauma, on depression and mental illness, on human existence.

It comes from a love of the genre.

Not only is there a point in a silly sitcom too, but it can also lead to transcendence.

And if he's not stupid, if he's much more than that - the sky is the limit, whether it's starry or sunny.

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Walla!'S 2020 Series Parade

Culture: Places 30-21

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A silly sitcom can lead to transcendence.

"Bugek Horsman" (Photo: PR)

16. Mrs. America

Original name:




FX (in Israel on yes)

From the beginning and retroactively "Mrs. America" ​​does a smart thing - it focuses on the villainous character and through it tells the story of the heroines.

In this case the villain is Phyllis Schlafli, played by Cate Blanchett, and the protagonists are the wives of the feminist movement.

In this way not only does the series illuminate in a new, lesser-known light the feminist revolution and the iconic women who stood in the way, but it places against them a woman full of contradictions as Lapley, i.e. a fascinating TV character.

In some ways, Phyllis' war between its various dimensions is a perfect embodiment of the necessity of equal rights.

Smart and knowledgeable enough to quarrel with any expert in geopolitics, but is asked by the men to write down the minutes of the meeting, since she is the only woman in the room and certainly skilled at it in relation to the rest.

Only as "Mrs. America" ​​progresses can one realize how wonderful she is.

Not because she is gaining momentum and discovering herself over time, but because she is slowly increasing her scale and revealing a complete, touching and detailed piece of work.

One that with almost every new episode of it - each focusing on a different personality from this impressive gallery of characters - there is a desire to see it all over again from the beginning, to capture all the little details missed along the way and make it a whole world.

Again and again "Mrs. America" ​​proves how much she understands the human psyche, both micro and macro.

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Cate Blanchett, "Mrs. America" ​​(Photo: PR)

15. The Mandalorian

Broadcast body:

Disney Plus (currently not available in Israel)

Although already in its debut season "Mandalori" became a global cultural phenomenon with tremendous buzz and an endless library of water, it managed to scratch very little of its surface.

Most of her time was devoted to laying the cornerstones of the relationship between Mendo and the child, amidst a host of almost random adventures.

It wasn’t until she reached the second half of the second season that it became clear how patiently and meticulously built, and how vital, exciting and exciting the connection between the two is as they discover more about themselves and their connection to each other.

More than any well-made fight (and such have been plentiful this season), it is this connection that makes “Mandalori” much more universal and successful than any other niche series for fans.

One of the most prominent signs of her adolescence in the second season was the ability to incorporate some of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars universe, with love and respect that would emphasize their status but not even the big story.

One of the most rewarding episodes aired this year on television ("The Jedi" - the fifth episode of the season) is a masterpiece of just that ability.

Alongside these, the "Mandalori" continued to embrace its Western character in appearance, gestures to the Kurosawa and atmosphere, but also in a more metaphorical way: physical distance (Mendo's mask that acts almost as a divider between him and the world), thematic (activity in remote stars across the galaxy) and verbal (verbal connection between Mendo and the Boy), which prevents her from becoming sentimental and sticky on the one hand, and on the other hand further empowers the extent to which her two protagonists constitute an essential support for each other.

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Much more successful than another niche series for fans.

"The Mandalori" (Photo: PR)

14. Ted Lasso

Original Name:

Ted Lasso


Apple TV Plus

has "

Ted Lasso

" something accurate for the times during which it came.

Not only does the comedy starring Jason Sodeikis depict a parallel universe where football games are held with an audience, there are no social distances, everyone hangs out together, shakes hands and flies without a problem from the United States to England - meaning it provides us with much-needed technical escapism , Comfort and charming human connections at a time when we definitely needed them.

The story that Ted Lasso tells is not new or original.

The basic idea of ​​the series is remarkably absurd, almost legendary: we are expected to believe that a person who barely knows the game is still successful in his new job.

The thing is, for the sake of this magical tale, one can believe that Ted's humanistic approach works.

An approach that seeks to get the best out of all the people in the area, including the storekeeper hidden into the dishes, so that the entire plant will succeed.

Why would it not work?

It is so easy to be convinced that "Ted Lasso" is graceful in a way that lightly overshadows the reservations.

The whole series is a weave of small and entertaining jokes, dotted here and there with sincere sentimental moments, wrapped in a well-meaning general approach.

It is so effective and heart-expanding that even small jokes, ones that in other cases might have squeezed a small smile, manage to yield laughs of pleasure.

Without us noticing, she applies her protagonist's attitude to us: just as Ted's basic optimism erodes the skeptics who call him "masturbator" and is anxious about the fate of their group, so she beats the entire series and dissolves any opposition to it.

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Abundant in grace and heart.

"Ted Lasso" (Photo: PR)

13. Dave

Original name:



FX (in Israel on yes)

Throughout its first season, "Dave" became the most successful comedy on the FX network.

These are great news because the series deserves it, something that is evident as it progresses.

Dave Bard, known as rapper Lil Dickie, created the series and stars in it as the son of his true character.

Just as his stage name is a humorous statement, so the simple name of the series is a statement from the other direction.

Everything in it moves on the axis between Lil Dickie and Dave, between the persona and the truth, between the glory and the ground - and it's a fascinating, funny, absurd and at times very exciting playground.

It even gets another layer from the fact that this work is a description that is not entirely true to reality, one in which we do not know what really happened and what did not.

But it also does not matter.

Hail's self-awareness and revealing sincerity, those that neutralize the anti, are the tools by which he breaks down the factors into his identity and that of those around him.

What is especially beautiful is that while the protagonist is gaining more and more success during the ten episodes of the season, and while he himself is growing and growing as a person, the series also undergoes a similar process - thriving, sharpening and deepening.

Accordingly, the last two episodes of the season are some of the most impressive and exciting in it, which only fuels the expectations for the future.

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The series matures along with his character.

"Dave" (Photo: PR)

12. What happens in the shadows

Original name:

What We Do in the Shadows


FX (in Israel on yes)

in the 2019 parade:

23rd place It's

hard to ignore the release of the reins in the second and wonderful season of "What Happens in the Shadows".

The documentary comedy about vampires sharing a house on Staten Island of course focused on the night creatures, and apart from them presented their sworn enemies, the werewolves.

This time we discovered that in the sleepy New York suburb there are also zombies resurrected through spells, ghosts that haunt the world to end unresolved issues, witches who use vampire seed to achieve a youthful look, and even a giant troll who turns to daylight in an alley exposed to the naked eye.

It's a release that has generally characterized the second season's approach - humor that seemingly spreads everywhere, but also converges and is slowly built into a clever crescendo thanks to the vocation of Guillermo (Harvey Gain) - a descendant of the legendary vampire hunter Van Helsing - who haunts him.

At the same time, the deeper migration into the realms of fantasy, nevertheless grounded in conceivable reality.

This happens with the help of brilliant national plots like the anxiety inherent in a seemingly-cursed chain letter, or a promotion in the work of Colin Robinson (Mark Prokesh) that undermines the dynamics and so on.

In addition, the fact that the camera crew is occasionally in danger or affected by what is happening, reminds that it all seems to be happening in the real world.

This ridiculous mix manages to work thanks to the cast, one of the biggest on TV right now.

Five ingenious comedians who in nuances upgrade a funny script as well.

The smiles of Nando (Kivan Novak) to the camera, who are somehow embarrassed and full of self-confidence at the same time.

Guillermo's almost constant restraint in the face of so many strange and life - threatening events.

The casual horniness and cruelty of Nadia (Natasha Dimitrio), which are usually intertwined.

The way the pompous Laszlo (Matt Berry) always does "wow lol" when he simulates a slaughter with his finger on his neck.

The grayness and dryness with which Colin Robinson (always the full name) fully diagnoses human character.

Even if other elements in the series were less successful, it still justifies its existence simply by their very presence.

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Crescent Smart, Cast Genius.

Harvey Gain, "What Happens in the Shadows" (Photo: PR)

11. The Good Lord Bird

Broadcast: Showtime (Not Broadcasting in Israel)

Ethan Hawke created the mini-series (alongside writer Mark Richard) and stars in the juicy lead role as John Brown, a true man, unparalleled eccentric, a prophet of rage in the full sense of the two The words, which was still in his life the legendary leader of the movement for the abolition of slavery in the years before the Civil War.

In the series he collects a slave boy who he mistakenly thinks he is a girl, and especially through his eyes we see the chain of events that eventually led to the American Civil War.

This is a great story even in its most basic skeleton, but "The Bird of God in the Sky" - as the book is called in the Hebrew translation published by Matar - makes it a sheer and brilliant pleasure, juxtaposing poetry and rage with thunderous laughter.

Because what is seen very quickly in the series is that despite its very serious theme, which provides several tragic and heartbreaking moments and twists along the way, it is one of the funniest series that tanned the screen this year.

Hawk is simply amazing in the role of Brown, should already now have his name engraved on the Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Mini-Series.

The holy wrath and righteousness of faith drip from it, until one can almost see the trail it leaves behind.

He infuses Brown's eccentric personality over the entire series, much of which is a comedy to her name.

In so doing not only does the "Bird of God in the Sky" unfold a new familiar tale, but it also imparts a certain redemption to the slaves, whose description here paints them in very specific human colors that are not encountered every day.

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A match between piyyut and anger and thunderous laughter.

"The Good Lord Bird" (Photo: PR)

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