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"For the next magic I will need a spy and a TZ": The pathetic moment of Bibi and Pollard - Walla!


The year ended with Izenkot's temporary retirement from politics (even before he entered politics), Jonathan Pollard returning home (even though Israel was never his home) and Eviatar Banai optimistic (although nothing is sad). Amit Salon parted ways from 2020 with optimism mixed with sadness

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"For the next magic I will need a spy and a TZ": the pathetic moment of Bibi and Pollard

The year ended with Izenkot's temporary retirement from politics (even before he entered politics), Jonathan Pollard returning home (even though Israel was never his home) and Eviatar Banai optimistic (although nothing is sad).

Amit Salon parted ways from 2020 with optimism mixed with sadness


  • Gadi Izenkot

Living Room Fellow

Friday, 01 January 2021, 00:01

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In the video: Jonathan Pollard and his wife Esther land in Israel (Editing: Assaf Drori)

Gadi Izenkot decided to retire from politics even before he began his political career.

It sounds contradictory to you, but it is not.

In fact, this is the best decision made by the Chief of Staff in Israeli politics, which has been mainly followed by embarrassing events since that unfortunate day in which Yitzhak Rabin refused to listen to the GSS recommendation and put on a public outcry. We do not lack generals in the Knesset, right and left, Yair Golan may run in the election as party leader and Brigadier General Ron Huldai also jumped into the trenches.

It is not at all certain that there are those who are still excited about the falafels on the shoulders on days when most falafel stalls go bankrupt.

Izenkot understood that in the current state of affairs, with a prime minister who is in the middle of a criminal trial and will do everything including everything to avoid a fair trial, there is nothing to go to war.

Izenkot is not a coward, but he has decided to flee this battle.

You can understand it.

He was not afraid to go into difficult and dangerous, dirty battles, against cruel enemies, but precisely after years of fighting under IDF ethics, an inner voice told him to wait for a gym class against an opponent with more honesty. In other words, he learned from the chiefs' mistakes The previous ones - Bnei Gantz, Gabi Ashkenazi, Boogie Ya'alon, Shaul Mofaz - all came in with good intentions and suffered painful beatings from the criminal accused who maintained his power, at the expense of their legacy.

But Izenkot did not hold back.

On Thursday morning, a huge article was spread on the front page of Yedioth Ahronoth.

It was a column with a lot of words and a little essence.

Most of all it felt like chapter headings he wrote for the first speech he was supposed to deliver when he entered politics.

But in this situation, in which he chose not to deal (and again, probably rightly), this article seems detached.

The senior and impressive commander, the one who was supposed to give a huge electoral boost to any party that absorbed him, was suddenly perceived as a loser.

Who does he support?

What does he support?

Is he left?


Maybe he's in the extreme center at all?

Izenkot simply engraved for hundreds of words hollow clichés and skimped on bottom lines.

More on Walla!


Who needs theater?

Ganz is the most grotesque and embarrassing character that Hanoch Levin did not manage to write

To the full article

Please be sure to the end what he wants.

The title of Gadi Izenkot's "special" article in Yedioth Ahronoth (Photo: Scan)

Most of all, Izenkot's unnecessary article reminded me of Ella Lee's big hit: "From whom, I do not know what I want. As if I do know what I want, but otherwise I am absolutely sure of what I want."

In the meantime, it seems that until the Major General in the Res. Understands what he wants, it may be better to wait with the publication of unnecessary essays.

Mel Brooks directed Jonathan Pollard's landing ceremony?

In a moving scene at the beginning of the 1991 film "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves", Kevin Costner arrives on the English-speaking beaches after escaping from Muslim captivity in Jerusalem.

He gets off his boat, kneels, and kisses the golden sand of the United Kingdom.

"I'm home," he shouts, while his Muslim friend Izim (Morgan Freeman) tells him, "You're crazy."

In Mel Brooks' parody film "Robin Hood: Men in Briefcases", this scene gets a ridiculous twist when Kerry Elves is forced to clean his mouth of sand remnants after kissing British soil.

It was hard not to remember these cinematic scenes as the almost underground videos of the nature of Jonathan Pollard's arrival at Ben Gurion Airport began to emerge, where he got down on his knees and kissed the cold asphalt of the airport that knew better days. In front of him stood a smiling Hollywood prime minister who knew Take advantage of this moment as only he knows. Press photographers were not allowed to come to the scene, even the photographers of the Government Press Office were rarely allowed to enter the compound (as revealed by Yossi Werter in the Haaretz newspaper.) It was an engineered photo-op of a criminal accused who needed everything Positive

forewarning: Unlike Robin Hood who went on the Crusades and returned to England after much hardship, Jonathan Pollard never "returned home." Pollard was never Israeli. He was born in Texas, lived in Indiana, studied at Stanford and provided classified information to the state. A stranger during his work in Washington. The kiss on the runway at Ben Gurion Airport looks a bit ridiculous when you remember all the facts, but facts never stopped Netanyahu from cutting an oil coupon.

After finishing kissing the floor, Pollard received a blue ID card from his hands no less than the prime minister.


However, this was just another trick of a clever political magician.

In fact, the decision to grant citizenship to Pollard was made by the Rabin government.

The late Prime Minister was the first to address a US president requesting the pardon of Pollard as early as the summer of 1995. Clinton was on the matter, but an appeal by all the heads of the US intelligence units to the president caused him to back down from his decision.

As a gesture of goodwill, and after initial opposition, the Minister of the Interior in the Rabin government, Ehud Barak, agreed to grant Pollard citizenship.

Citizenship itself was confirmed after Rabin's assassination, and in January 1996 Haim Ramon, who replaced Barak in the Interior Ministry, granted Pollard Israeli citizenship.

A blue ID card and an Israeli passport were issued to him and handed over to his lawyers, who handed him the moving documents.

All this, of course, did not prevent Netanyahu from rewriting history.

In Bibi's alternative reality, he is the one who made sure that Pollard would be "one of ours," and even gave him a new ID as if he himself had put the documents on lamination.

More on Walla!


After 30 years in prison: Jonathan Pollard landed in Israel

To the full article

Pollard kisses the holy asphalt at Netanyahu's feet (Photo: someone, on his phone, because press photographers were not there)

All this does not justify sourness regarding the arrival of this or that Jew in Israel.

It's fine to get excited about Pollard's rise.

There is even poetic justice in this.

At the very least, Israel was indirectly and subtly responsible for the heavy punishment he received, so it is only natural to honor him with state status upon his arrival in Israel.

But the truth is that this class was anything but exciting.

A flight on the plane of the American billionaire Sheldon Adelson, almost exclusive coverage for "Israel Today" about the whole meaning of the matter and a welcome from one man and his small entourage, who also took care of the amateur documentation.

This is probably just a reminder of the bad smell of the election on the way, and the sophisticated campaigner who is about to break all records of cynicism on the way to the inevitable victory.

Nothing sad, all shit-age

When Eviatar Banai tells me to take a moment seriously, I take a moment seriously, even if in retrospect he will explain to me that he was joking and I just did not understand the joke.

This satire of his in "Wonderland" struck me in the heart and soul.

A satire that is all a slap.

When on the most-watched screen in the country, at the height of the show, the real phone number appeared for ordering performances by an artist the size of Eviatar Banai, it makes a coach in the heart.

This happens because Eviatar Banai is an exciting character.

Even within a talent-saturated family he managed to stand out and shine, and people like me who bought his debut disc when it was just released on "Tower Records" in the Opera House probably have some sense of closeness to an artist who has gone through several incarnations since, like all of us.

Then he smiles and reminds us that our cultural world has stopped this year.

The slow dying, and the institutional disregard, makes any humorous reference as much as this human blow to the local culture industry, to so despairing and painful.

More on Walla!


The joke that got out of hand: Eviatar Banai clarifies the publication of the telephone in "A Wonderful Land"

To the full article

Do not call, it was just a joke.

Eviatar Banai in "A Wonderful Land" (screenshot)

We miss the stage.

We all.

Even those who are used to seeing it from the side of the audience, and certainly the artists and people who make a living from this industry from the other side.

This year has taken this beautiful thing from us.

The pure beauty of living art.

The connection between artist and audience.

Among the well-known words that are supposed to emerge from the throat, and each time surprising anew.

The regular chords, which sometimes become impromptu, sometimes jarring, sometimes even get a fake in his ear, in the most authentic moments, and in my eyes also the most beautiful.

I know Eviatar has a direct line to the one sitting on high, I wish he would tell him how much we miss here to hear some heavenly fakes.

Banai wrote in an old and painfully optimistic song that he feels that the fatigue will pass and the light will rise.

Such beauty can only appear in art.

Its importance in our lives, especially in such periods, is more important and clear than ever.

And in general, how simple to hope for a light that will rise into this darkness.

This is a wonderful and universal wish for the new year.

Let's hope the quiet wave of emotion erupts in 2021.

And yes, I understand, it was just a joke, terribly funny.

Nothing sad, everything as usual.

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