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New dpcm, the faq: it is possible to go to second homes


It is possible to reach second homes, even in another region. From red to other areas for work, necessity or health (ANSA)

It is possible to reach second homes, even in another Region or Autonomous Province

(and also from or to the "orange" or "red" areas), but only to those who can prove that they have actually been entitled to go to that property before the entry into force of the decree-law of 14 January.

This is what we read in

the Government Faq

just published.

In the faq it is explained that this is a limited possibility to 'return' and this is because the provisions in force allow, from January 16, 2021, to "return", in fact, to one's residence, domicile or home, without providing for any limitations. compared to the so-called "second homes".

The title to go to the second home, "for obvious anti-avoidance reasons, must have a certain date (such as, for example, the date of a deed stipulated by the notary, or the date of registration of a private agreement) prior to January 14, 2021".

Therefore, all entitlement titles subsequent to that date (including short leases not subject to registration) are excluded, specify the faq.

Of course, "the house of destination must not be inhabited by people who do not belong to the family nucleus cohabiting with the entitled person, and only that nucleus can go there".

The existence of the requirements can be proven with a copy of the entitlement title having a certain date or, possibly, also with



The veracity of the self-certifications will be subject to subsequent checks and the falsity of what has been declared constitutes a crime.

Ok not to live together in the car, but only the driver in front

You can use the car "with people not living together, provided that the same precautionary measures provided for non-scheduled transport are respected: ie with the presence of only the driver in the front part of the car and a maximum of two passengers for each additional row of rear seats, with the obligation for all passengers to wear a mask ".

This is what we read in the Faq on the Government website.

"The obligation to wear the mask - it continues - can be waived only in the event that the car is equipped with a physical separator (Plexiglas) between the front and rear row of the car, being in this case the presence of only driver in the front row and one passenger in the rear row ".

Yes to accompanying persons for travel between regions

If a person is justified in moving between regions of different colors but does not have a car or driving license, or is not self-sufficient or has another impediment, he or she can be accompanied by a family member (preferably cohabiting) or by a person in charge of transport, to and from their home, also taking into account the need to limit the use of public transport as much as possible.

The Government Faqs explain this.

In the event that the accompanying person and the accompanied person are not living together, they must both wear masks.

In compliance with these conditions, the travel of the companion is also justified.

From red to other areas for work, necessity or health

Transit in areas with travel restrictions other than red (therefore orange or yellow) is allowed, like any other movement, "only for proven work needs, situations of necessity (for example 'purchase of necessary goods) or health reasons ".

It is also allowed "if strictly necessary to ensure that teaching is carried out in person, if foreseen".

The Government Faqs explain this.

Yes to takeaway until


, not to bars without a kitchen or similar

"The sale with takeaway is also possible from 18.00 to 22.00, but at these times it is forbidden for subjects whose main activity is that of bars without a kitchen (and other similar businesses - ATECO code 56.3) or retail trade in beverages (ATECO code 47.25) ".

This is what is read in the Faq on the Government website, specifically for all areas.

"Home delivery - it still says - is allowed without time limits, but must in any case take place in compliance with the regulations on packaging and delivery of products".

In the sections on the orange and red zone it is added that "it is also allowed, without time limits, the consumption of food and drinks in hotels and other accommodation activities, only for customers staying there".

Yes to travel between regions for the funeral of relatives

Yes to travel between regions of different colors for the funeral of relatives.

The Government Faq foresee it.

"Participation in funerals of close relatives (for such it can reasonably be considered at least those up to the second degree) or of the only remaining relative - reads the Faq - always in compliance with all prevention and safety measures, constitutes a cause of necessity for displacements, even between territorial areas at different risk and with different disciplines for the contrast and containment of the emergency from Covid-19 ".

In the red area confirmed visits by two people

From January 16 to March 5 2021, in the red area only travel is allowed for proven reasons of work, health or necessity (even to another Region) and it is always allowed to return to your own residence, domicile or home, including second homes.

This is confirmed by the Government Faq, which confirm that, between 5 and 22, once a day, a maximum of two people, in addition to those already living together, are allowed to move to a single private residence located in the same Municipality. in the house.

The person or two people who move will still be able to bring with them children under the age of 14 and disabled or non self-sufficient people living with them.

For those who live in a municipality of up to 5,000 inhabitants, this movement is also allowed within 30 km from the border of their own municipality (therefore also in another region or autonomous province), with the prohibition, however, from moving to the provincial capitals.

Returning home after visiting friends or relatives must always take place between 5 and 22, throughout the country and regardless of whether the day is a weekday or a holiday.

The reasons that justify the movements between 10 pm and 5 am remain exclusively those of work, necessity or health.

Yes to travel between areas to assist the non self-sufficient

The Government Faqs explain that the movement to give assistance to non self-sufficient relatives is also allowed between Municipalities and Regions in different areas, "where it is not possible to provide them with the necessary assistance through other subjects present" in that Municipality or Region.

However, it is not possible to move more than the people strictly necessary to provide the necessary assistance: normally only one adult relative, possibly accompanied by minors or disabled people who usually already assist.

Within the red zone you can go to assist a relative or a friend who is not self-sufficient because it is "a condition of necessity".

In the case of elderly people or people already affected by other diseases, however, it is necessary to keep in mind "that they are more vulnerable categories and therefore it is necessary to try to protect them from contacts as much as possible".

For those who live in the red zone, on the other hand, until January 15, travel to another region to visit their parents, elderly but in good health, is prohibited.

Separated parents can always visit children.

It is possible but strongly not recommended to take them to grandparents

. Separated or divorced can visit their minor children even in another Region or abroad.

This is explained by the Government Faq, according to which "the movements to reach the minor children with the other parent or in any case at the foster home, or to take them with you, are also allowed between Regions and between different areas".

These movements must in any case take place "choosing the shortest route" and in compliance with health requirements (people in quarantine, positive, immunosuppressed, etc.).

As for travel to and from abroad, it is necessary to inquire about the specific health requirements relating to the country from which one comes or to which one must go.

Instead, it is "possible but strongly discouraged" to move to accompany their children to their grandparents or to pick them up at the beginning or end of the work day because "the elderly are among the categories most exposed to contagion and must therefore avoid the most contacts with other people possible ".

Therefore, this movement is allowed "only in case of extreme necessity, if both parents are unable to keep their children with them for reasons of force majeure".

In this case, parents can accompany the children to their grandparents, "along the route strictly necessary to reach them and go to the workplace, or to pick up the children on their return".

But if possible, "it is absolutely preferable for the children to stay at home with one of the two parents who take advantage of flexible working arrangements or leave".

Yes to outdoor sports in the clubs in the yellow zone

"It is allowed to go to public and private sports centers and clubs in the yellow area, to carry out basic sports activities exclusively outdoors, in compliance with the rules of social distancing and without any gathering, in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Office for Sport, after consulting the Italian Sports Medical Federation (FMSI), with the prescription that the use of changing rooms inside these clubs is forbidden ".

This is what we read in the Faq on the Government website.

Suspended in the yellow zone for museums and cultural sites

In the yellow zone "the public opening service of museums and other cultural institutes and places (referred to in article 101 of the Code of cultural heritage and landscape) is suspended". 

Yes to hunting and fishing in the yellow area, prohibited in the red area

Hunting activity or amateur or sport fishing are allowed anywhere within the yellow area;

allowed in the orange area only within their own municipality;

prohibited in the red area.

This is what we read in the Faq on the Government website.

Dog sitting allowed also in the red zone, it is like a domestic

worker "Dog sitting is allowed by the dpcm" because it is "a work activity similar to that of domestic collaboration".

This is what we read in the Faq on the Government website, in the section concerning the red area.

Source: ansa

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