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Road test: Land Rover Iveco-rechargeable hybrid - Walla! vehicle


If it is not possible to fly abroad, then it is possible to make do with a quick visit to the summit of Mount Hermon; this is a perfect task for the electrified Iveco - a compact, light-footed crossover that knows how to handle snowy roads well.

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Road test: Land Rover Iveco-rechargeable hybrid

If it is not possible to fly abroad, then it is possible to make do with a quick visit to the summit of Mount Hermon; this is a perfect task for the electrified Iveco - a compact, light-footed crossover that knows how to handle snowy roads well.


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Reporter: Rami Gilboa.

Photo: Dorit Peled

Friday, 22 January 2021, 06:29

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There is nothing like a frozen visit to the summit of the snow-capped Mount Hermon;

The 4X4 propulsion easily coped with the slippery snow (Photo: Rami Gilboa)

I could not believe I was able to utter the following sentence: "Believe me, this is a cool Jeep, this is a real Range Rover."

I did not believe, but that's what I told the officer in charge of the checkpoint at the foot of Mount Hermon.

I pre-arranged the entrance to the site but the refined Iveco did not make a combative enough impression on the checkpoint commander, it will be said to his credit ... but it turns out that in order to experience a lovely blizzard I am willing to call an urban jeep "Jeep", and add the pretentious title Rover. "

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Launch: The new Land Rover Evoque

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"It's not so pleasant to see Mount Hermon closed."

We hope for a quick opening of the highest peak in Israel (Photo: Rami Gilboa)

The meeting of the checkpoint took place after a long drive from the center, on one of the stormy winter days of the year.

The trip gave me enough time to look for justification for the high price of the Iveco-rechargeable hybrid S-Plus finish: no less than NIS 415,000 for a premium crossover in the C-SUV category (similar in dimensions to the 3008, Volvo XC40 or Sportage).

Part of the justification for the price stems from a powerful petrol-electric propulsion system, the elitist positioning of the British brand, and a "Range Rover" sticker on the trunk.

I wanted to sharpen for myself (and yourself) the question - how justified is the 'premium' pricing, in the new Iveco?

The British crossover is muscular and compact.

The side windows are narrow and low (Photo: Rami Gilboa)

What is a 'premium' product?

As we were able to experience the first snowflakes even before we got to the storm, we were also able to spot premium elements already in the showroom.

In terms of a modern crossover, the Iveco is an impressive and unusual vehicle.

The overall look of the Iveco is dynamic and muscular, ready for battle but later it seems that this design hurts the well-being of the rear passengers.

The Iveco wheels are placed in the corners of the chassis, and I was pleased to see that the British were not carried away by the sporty rims fashion;

The Iveco S-Plus has 18-inch rims, which wear 235 / 60R18 tires.

This size looks good, and it also improves ride comfort (the senior finish level SE has 235 / 50R20 tires, probably less comfortable).

The sunken door handles are pulled out as you approach the vehicle;

I'm not thrilled with this arrangement because in the open position the handles are not very aesthetically pleasing, which is exactly what you see when you get into the car.

The dashboard is high quality and rich, the padding materials are pleasant to the touch (Photo: Rami Gilboa)

The length of the "Baby Range Rover" is only 4.37 meters;

This is less than usual in the category, but the Iveco is intended for urban customers who are looking for a small and agile vehicle that is convenient, convenient for parking and maneuvering.

The front seat is supportive and spacious, the leather seats are light and comfortable, the dashboard upholstery is special in its design and pleasant to the touch.

Your eyes will catch a massive width beam and inside it are two 10-inch touch screens mounted on top of each other, the top bending its head towards you as you move the vehicle.

The monitors are clear and responsive, operating on the Pivi method developed by Land Rover.

The forward-side view is somewhat limited by massive A-beams.

The rear view is also not perfect because of a small rear window but this problem is completely solved by an electronic interior mirror, which shows well what is happening behind.

This is one of the best sights we have encountered, day and night.

The large and impressive touch screens.

The top shows the data on electricity and fuel consumption, and the travel range (currently, 45 km electric and another 545 on gasoline) (Photo: Rami Gilboa)

Two adults can be seated in the back seat;

The space is enough but the seating is very low, as required by the exterior design.

The rear windows are small, this is the complete opposite of the Range Rover with the airy cabin, which gave the Iveco just its royal name.

The rear seats have controlled air conditioning vents, and mostly charging sockets.

The test vehicle is equipped with a fine meridian sound system, with 11 speakers and 380 watts;

With such a system, who should go to the concert hall?

In the rechargeable version, the Iveco also has a trunk with a respectable volume of 591 liters, with an electric door.

The electronic interior mirror is excellent, giving a wide viewing angle from behind (Photo: Rami Gilboa)

Full engines, go ahead!

You will also get all of these in Ivec gasoline or diesel, and today we are testing the hybrid-rechargeable version.

The propulsion unit is based on a 1.5-liter 3-piston petrol engine that delivers 200 hp, the power is impressive for such an engine. The petrol transmits its power to the front wheels, while the rear ones are powered by a 107 hp electric motor;

The total power reaches 309 hp and 54 kg, this is the most powerful Iveco available.

The first question was, how does a 3-piston engine in the body of such a luxury vehicle behave?

The 3-piston engine runs surprisingly smoothly, producing 200 horsepower (Photo: Rami Gilboa)

The answer is very satisfying - the British 'triple' without all the vibrations typical of technology, is smooth and very silky.

Only with strong acceleration can the roughness typical of triangular engines be felt, but it is really not a nuisance;

The ride is quiet and very pleasant.

The 8-speed gearbox (one less gear than in the regular models) is not particularly fast but is just fine;

In S mode it is even more agile.

The electric motor provides meaty power at the beginning of the trip, completes the acceleration to 100 km / h in 6.4 seconds, this is an excellent figure. The electric motor also helps with intermediate accelerations, you will not lack power.

Ivec PHEV does not require a dedicated charging station.

The battery provides 40-50 kilometers of quiet and pleasant driving (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

With a battery with a capacity of 15 kilowatts per hour, the range of travel on pure electricity is declared to be 66 kilometers, but it is more likely to expect 40-45 kilometers of electricity;

This range may suffice for many urban customers.

The ride in EV mode is quiet and very pleasant, this is one of the charms of electric cars.

After draining the battery will continue to enjoy the power, as there is always some 'juice' left in the battery intended for short accelerations and to prevent over-discharge.

Without the power support, the Iveco travels 11-12 kilometers per liter, in a relaxed urban ride.

This is a reasonable figure for a vehicle that weighs 2,080 pounds (220 more than regular petrol versions) though not really impressive in terms of a standard hybrid, or diesel.

The driver can opt for automatic hybrid mode, pure power (EV), or 'energy saving' in which the energy is stored until the time you reach the city center, for example.

Charging a regular household outlet lasts over six hours.

The seating in front is excellent, the level of pampering and technology is very high.

Beam A slightly obscures the forward-diagonal observation (Photo: Rami Gilboa)

Comfort and refinement

As expected from the brand's reputation and premium price, the Iveco is very convenient - even on Israel's bumpy roads.

It has no pneumatic or even adaptive racks, but the system does a very good job.

With 60-inch tires the Iveco absorbs well from bumps and asphalt fragments, the suspensions provide a good compromise between vehicle control and comfort.

The complete safety system includes lane keeping, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, identification of pedestrians and vehicles in dead space.

Despite its 'sporty' design, the Iveco does not claim to be one.

This is a heavy vehicle that sits on high-profile tires, has serious vehicle inclinations, and unsharped steering.

I liked the compromise chosen by Rover engineers, which provides a comfortable ride on a daily basis and shifts an option for a certain driving pleasure.

Those who are looking for a sports car will know how to find a better solution, at a price of over NIS 400,000.

Will not devour boulders, but provides comfort on tight paths (Photo: Rami Gilboa)

Did anyone say "SUV"?

Despite the RANGE ROVER logo emblazoned on our buttocks, the Evoque is the UK's smallest urban vehicle.

It has ventral spacing and body angles that allow for careful wandering on calm trails, and the dashboard has Terrain Response coming from the senior rovers.

In the muddy conditions of the test day I did not dare to go down to the terrain but a careful stroll through kurkar paths revealed quite comfortable suspensions, with traction control that combines the front and rear propulsion well - I guess the combination of the two engines posed no small challenge to British engineers.

I also remember that at the launch of the second generation of the Iveco in Greece the organizers did not hesitate to throw us on a rather challenging route, which the Iveco crossed with impressive ease.

The climb on the snowy road to Mount Hermon illustrated to me that the electric motor transmits its power to the rear wheels, even when the computer displays a completely empty battery.

The rear wheels got significant power on the slippery road, and I could not help but ask myself - in EV mode can it behave like a rear-wheel drive vehicle?

Can be a serious section, do drifting with Land Rover.

Ivec's terrain capability does not exceed what is customary in the segment, but it will bring you to hidden coveted corners (Photo: Rami Gilboa)

Back to the cash register

The Land Rover-Range-Rover-Evoque-PHEV-S-Plus is a compact crossover that delivers a distinctly premium feel, and impressive engine performance.

The hybrid system gives it a serious impetus, though it does not make it an economical vehicle.

'Electric car' is a new and fashionable item in the premium customer discourse, who like to flaunt a sophisticated tool with a green image, wrapped in a British fragrance.

Land Rover's reputation may enchant some customers, others will shy away from it.

Does the Iveco's premium atmosphere justify its high price?

I have no answer to that;

When the Volvo XC40-rechargeable hybrid costs NIS 280,000, the gap with the Iveco seems very large.

A very focused product that is not ashamed to ask for a premium for the name (Photo: Rami Gilboa)

The competition in the premium segment is very large, and so is the in-house;

The Discovery-Hybrid Sport has exactly the same PHEV system from the Iveco, and it costs only NIS 5,000 more than the electrified Iveco.

The Discovery Sport does not have the urban lightness of the Iveco but on the other hand, it is much closer to the Land Rover DNA, giving it more impressive usability and size.

But we have already agreed that the Iveco will be bought by customers who want a small-sized premium vehicle, an impressive and pampering urban crossover, which they will not meet in every corner.

Iveco is a big sales hit in Europe, but with about 120 annual sales in Israel, although the importer expects a significant increase in sales in Israel, with the help of the hybrid-electric version, there is no doubt that you will not meet him on every street corner.

The caption RANGE ROVER helps in promotion, but Ivec does not have the extreme qualities of his older brother.

Neither does the price tag (Photo: Rami Gilboa)

The most advanced is the most lucrative

Compulsory insurance starting at NIS 54 per month

By the insurance company WE SURE

Purchase >>

On the technical side: the Range Rover Evoke hybrid-rechargeable S-Plus

Petrol engine, propulsion:

supercharged gasoline 3 pistons, propels the front wheels


1,498 cc

Combined power (hp):


Combined torque (kg):



Planetary, 8 gears


Acceleration 0- 100 (seconds):


Maximum speed (km / h):


Average fuel consumption (test, km / h):



Length (cm):


Width (cm):


Height (cm)




Wheelbase (cm):

268.1 Ventral

space (cm):


Trunk (liters):



415,000 shekels

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