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The personality disorder of the Breton music prodigy, imprisoned for rape


Already indicted for three rapes, Loïc Le Cotillec is accused of similar facts by three other women, who describe a relationship between

He has long been considered a genius of Breton music, a precocious talent propelled in 2014 to the head of the prestigious bagad d'Auray (Morbihan).

For more than a year, however, Loïc Le Cotillec, 25, has been sleeping in prison, indicted in October 2019 for rapes committed on three young women in May, August and September of the same year.

In the small world of Breton music, the incarceration of the conductor of the Kevrenn had the effect of a bomb and seems to have unlocked speech.

Three other relations of the “penn sonneur”, already heard at the start of the investigation, were discreetly heard again by the Rennes moral brigade in May 2020. If only one of them decided to file a complaint, their testimony prompted the Rennes prosecutor's office to issue, on October 9, a supplementary indictment in order to investigate three new alleged rapes.

Facts which, for some, would have taken place in 2013.

"I took his hand away and he came back to the charge"

“Loïc Le Cotillec's behavior towards women did not begin when he became a penn bell ringer, notably assures Marion

(the first name has been changed)

to investigators during a hearing which we became aware of.

He was like that long before.

"According to this former bagad dancer, the arrest of Loïc Le Cotillec did not surprise many people in the microcosm:" It did not surprise me given the behavior of Loïc that I have observed for years.


She herself claims to have suffered inappropriate gestures in September 2013 at a wedding party, a few moments after lying down next to the bell ringer.

"Loïc begins to touch me and he hurt me, it was not at all pleasant," she assures the police.

He put his fingers in my vagina.

I took his hand away and he came back, it took three times for him to understand and stop.



"Never, I have premeditated my actions": investigation of the Breton virtuoso accused of rape

If she never speaks of aggression, evokes "a flirtation that did not go well" and refuses to file a complaint, Marion exposes herself on Le Cotillec's tortuous relationship with Sophie (the first name has been changed), musician of bagad as a couple with the penn ringer from 2012 to 2015. In May and August 2020, the latter told investigators her love at first sight for her "first love", their tumultuous relationship and the violence they inflicted on themselves.

Romane is silent for fear of being "fired from the Kevrenn"

During this toxic relationship, the young musician, then a minor, said she had suffered violent and sometimes coerced sex.

"I tell him no, he insists, I tell him no again, he insists again and, finally, he does it because I say OK, but reluctantly, she explains to the investigators, before concluding: it was violent , but I never said no.

For years, before filing a complaint in August, Sophie never dared to speak within the bagad, where no one seems to have wanted to see her torments.

"People victimized him when I spoke about the fact that he had cheated on me or his behavior", underlines the young woman.

This silence, Romane (the first name has been changed) was quickly moved by it.

When the affair breaks out, this musician contacts Marion on Facebook and asks her if the "Kevrenn was aware of all these actions".

Romane, who refused to file a complaint, claims to have also suffered the assaults of Le Cotillec during a night spent with the musician in Rennes on April 23, 2018.

Between the two, the night is freezing.

In the morning, however, Romane “woke up feeling the hand slipping under my shorts […].

I think he inserted his fingers, not being sure.

He then lifted me up […] and he penetrated me.

"Stunned", the young woman does not react.

She barely returns to the subject with Le Cotillec "because in the previous altercations, he told me that he could no longer work with me, implying that I was going to be fired from Kevrenn".

Months of exchanges mixing hatred and flirtation will follow.

Heard in September in custody on these new charges, the penn ringer has remained silent and is not indicted for these facts.

A gifted person unable to "decode girls"?

Who is really hiding behind Loïc Le Cotillec?

A gifted person unable to "decode girls", in his own words, or a manipulator who cannot control his sexual urges?

In a brief sent to justice in November 2020 where he evokes the first three complaints filed against his client, his lawyer, Me Sahand Saber, rejects any notion of “control” and denounces the “inconsistencies and inconstancies” of two of the first accusers.

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Faced with the police, a musician who claims to have been raped by Le Cotillec on September 5, 2019 had thus evoked physical violence by the musician.

She was much more imprecise in front of the judge and recognizes that the bell ringer stopped being enterprising when he understood "that something was wrong".

Asked about her consent to perform oral sex on the musician, she eludes: "I would say yes and no ..."

In defense of the bell ringer, there was therefore "no behavior carried out under duress or violence".

The musician and the young woman also continued to exchange text messages after this evening.

"No, don't worry", replies the young woman to Le Cotillec, who apologizes for having been "heavy".

She also claims to have had a good laugh during the evening.

Exchanges that she had never mentioned in court during her various interrogations.

"Very sentimentally attached" to the Breton ringer

The same disturbance emerges from the statements of a former girlfriend of the bell ringer.

In October 2019, this young woman, then harassed by Le Cotillec, wanted to file a handrail - "if anything happened" - after the start of the internal investigation of Kevrenn.

A "friend who is a policeman", finally advises him to file a complaint for rape after his account of an evening on the sidelines of the Lorient interceltic festival, during which Loïc Le Cotillec would have penetrated her with his fingers.

"Very sentimentally attached" to the Breton bell ringer, she had continued to exchange with him until his complaint.

"It's difficult, there is no proof", she again confided during a psychiatric expertise recently added to the file.

A few months before these words, the young woman had contacted on Facebook with the cousin of Loïc Le Cotillec.

She then planned to send "a letter of support to her family" and said she was under "a lot of pressure [...] from people in the community" since her complaint against Loïc Le Cotillec.

In the defense of the musician, this little sentence suggests "consultations between people in the field to push the complainants to orient their accusations and give them a meaning heavier than the reality of the facts".

Loïc Le Cotillec should soon be heard by the judge who took over the case.

Source: leparis

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