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The Corona days posed new challenges for the automotive marketing captains. With some of them they coped successfully vehicle

The Corona days posed new challenges for the automotive marketing captains.

With some they have dealt successfully

The Corona epidemic presents not everyone with simple challenges, and the field of vehicles is not unusual.

As part of the Israel Today Mtoday forum, some of the industry's marketing leaders spoke and spoke about the difficulties on the one hand and the quick response on the other.

Yogev Weiss, VP of marketing communications at Delek Motors, stated: "We set up an online website for Mazda, we set it up in something like five weeks…," Weiss says of decisions made by the company in the first closure.

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Many importers turned their sales online, which ultimately contributed to a completely reasonable decline in market performance in 2020.

There are quite a few places where you can see, choose and pay for a new vehicle.

This is a process that began even before the corona and received significant strengthening during it.

But this process is still incomplete: "I do not think anyone has cracked the formula when it comes to after-sales," says Hadas Grossman, CEO of Mint, referring to keeping in touch with the customer after the purchase.

Such actions should create for him the connections and content worlds that will strengthen the connection to the brand.

The familiar way is to establish a customer club, one with which the importer maintains continuous contact, by providing benefits, organizing trips or other joint activities: "Our club is a real club, puts out 20 activities a year, the list of participants fills up within 24 hours," says Rami Waxman VP of Marketing and Sales at Mizrahi Car Import Company.

The relationship with the customer after the sale, make him a sense of belonging, connection to the brand, more difficult in the age of social distance.

Rami Waxman (VP of Marketing and Sales at Mizrahi Car Import Company

As mentioned for the domestic market, the corona period has not translated into a severe blow, and in some worlds have even recorded growth.

Seat recorded a 12 percent increase in sales in 2020.

And Israel has become the third most important for Seat.

"This growth is a consistent growth that has taken place in recent years," says Zvika Levy, director of the Seat and Copra division at Champion.

The development of the model family, along with investment in strengthening the brand's core values ​​through various events, contributed to the brand's strengthening in Israel.

And they do not stop there.

Within this period, Champion is about to launch a new car brand in Israel.

Zvika Levy (Director of the Seat and Copra Division at the Champion)

“It is a charming process, we are very excited that we are in it.

Those who will make up the Copra-Tribe are colorful and communicative people in their essence במה ”.

According to Levy, there is no place in such a brand for ordinary sales people - the goal is to build Copra experts, who will be interesting and creative people in their own right, ones who will open new worlds for customers.

"Copra Garage is a platform, a playground, it will be not only a classic showroom but also a hall that will host diverse content worlds and brands with DNA similar to Copra, worlds that meet head and heart…", Levy adds as he explains his doctrine of how the new brand works .

"Copra is a brand that wants to be positioned between the mass market and the premium market, the midpoint, there is no ownership yet, we target an audience that wants to set itself apart, who does not want to compromise on quality or strength or technology, all these things at an affordable price," adds Levy. .

Copra was the name of Seat's most extreme and sporty models.

With the establishment of the new brand, Copra has introduced its own sports recreational vehicle and will introduce more models in the future.

Copra is about to produce a new experience that will make any contact of the audience with this brand an experience, one that is unlike anything that exists in the market.

Anat Daniel (editor of the Queen of the Road website)

Connecting with the audience is a topic in which Anat Daniel, editor of the Queen of the Road website, has gained quite a bit of experience.

Website growth has been accompanied by the penetration of social media into our lives.

And these are a key component in her site activity.

Daniel, also talks about the ways to keep in touch with the audience of surfers and create an active community around the site's activities.

"Blood flow in the arteries, create an interesting, colorful world of content, the ongoing interest leaves followers awake…".

Activity in all social networks, proves itself especially in the corona time.

Both the media and the importers take care of nurturing their content pages, making connections and tightening them.

Women in the automotive field, occupy a prominent place in the decisions made by industry leaders.

Yogev Weiss commented on the choice of Ayelet Zorer to lead BMW's electric campaign: “We wanted to come up with a campaign, we wanted a campaign that is local, something we create here in Israel.

This is the first time we have produced a campaign for this glorious brand in Israel. "

To the question of facilitator Eli Ildis, about the specific choice, Weiss replied: "We did research before, she is Israeli, but international, she is sophisticated, she is talented and she broadcasts a lot of things that we would like our brand to broadcast as well."

This image campaign was a great success for Delek Motors.

Successful enough to launch a new campaign with her soon, Weiss revealed.

Yogev Weiss (VP ​​of Marketing Communications at Delek Motors) and Hadas Grossman (CEO of Mint)

Israel Today's Marketing and Advertising Forum (Mtoday) for the automotive world, is a series of meetings that aim to create an arena for sharing creative ideas with the people who lead the world of marketing.

The series hosts VPs, marketing executives and other executives who present the strategies, ideas and thoughts leading them and the processes, in the local market.

Source: israelhayom

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