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Sascha Lobo on state failure in the pandemic: sentences to freak out


What the Chancellor and her Chancellery Minister recently said about corona tests and the Corona warning app is downright outrageous. It may not make us angry citizens, but it does make us resentful citizens.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel with Jens Spahn, Armin Laschet, Markus Söder

Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka / dpa

The American writer Edward Estlin Cummings coined a glorious saying: "There is some shit I will not eat".

I think this point was reached for me at the latest when I heard what Angela Merkel said this week in the Union parliamentary group: "We certainly need the month of March to develop a comprehensive test strategy." There was and always is in the course of this pandemic Again sentences to freak out, flip sentences.

One year after the start of the pandemic, five months after the start of the second wave, in the country where the world's first corona test was developed, Merkel's leisurely sentence is more than an impertinence, more than outrage, more than just a catastrophe.

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Urban Zintel

Born in 1975, is an author and strategy consultant with a focus on the Internet and digital technologies.

In 2019, Kiepenheuer & Witsch published his book "Realitätsschock: Ten Lessons from the Present".

In his debate podcast, Lobo responds to responses to his columns.

Not in March 2020, but in March 2021 to set up a "comprehensive test strategy" - in my opinion that is nothing less than a proof of state failure.

In the meantime I don't care whether it's actually the petty federalism, the stubborn Prime Minister's Conference, the bizarre bureaucracy, the broken infrastructure, the constant fear of the screaming of right-wing extremists and right-wing extremists, the complete misjudgment of the course of the pandemic, the party-political roar at the most wrong time of the debt GroKo or the decades-long German digitization debacle is behind this pandemic state failure.

It's likely a mix of everything, supplemented with a few surprise disabilities.

After the anger comes tiredness, but at some point you are emotionally too exhausted even for tiredness, and then a deep, dull permanent resentment remains.

"Testing, testing, testing" was the strategy in March 2020 that South Korea, among others, was able to use to prevent a hard lockdown.

How can you not learn from the successes of other countries and regions for a whole year?

How much does one have to suffer from a superiority complex for such a resistance to reality?

And that the same mistakes are made over and over and over again, no: the same mistakes are celebrated.

For example, from the Prime Minister's Conference, which continues to dance down the wrong track, so that it is not noticed how wrong their decisions were before.

After Germany and the EU were so inconceivably wrong with their savings strategy when buying vaccines, last week the Chancellor's Corona cabinet actually came to this situation quoted by SPIEGEL: »... it was about money for quick and self-tests : everything is too expensive, so the tenor.

In the end there was the realization: Spahn's promise to make free tests possible for all Germans can hardly be fulfilled, not for cost reasons alone. «Oh yes, the country has had such unbelievably good experiences with the savings approach, you just keep saving, Hooray.

There is a moment when continued righteousness turns into downright malevolent ignorance.

After the anger comes the tiredness, but at some point you are emotionally too exhausted even for tiredness, and then a deep, dull permanent resentment remains, which is not as sharp-edged as the anger.

But more dangerous.

I observe that people who were previously enthusiastic about life, open to the world, courageous about the future become resentful citizens.

Nobody wants to be an angry citizen, but anger plus resignation with a premonition of loathing results in resentment.

I have to actively force myself not to become a resentful citizen myself, and sometimes I only manage it moderately.

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Icon: Spiegel PlusIcon: Spiegel Plus Chronicle of failure: This is how Chancellor Helge Braun lost control of the crisis

On some occasions I even fail at all.

For example, when the Chancellery Minister, doctor and digital strategist Helge Braun at Anne Will's criticism of the completely gorged, kidnapped, verGroKoten Corona warning app says: "Why does the state always have to offer everything?"

Who, precisely because he was shot from the hip, reveals a downright eerie snobbish.

As if it wasn't just about getting the pandemic under control and as if this were the only yardstick to be applied.

And Germany has the pandemic extremely


under control.

The AstraZeneca vaccine "somehow didn't go so well," said the head of the Standing Vaccination Commission, also a sentence to freak out full-time.

Allegedly, the vaccination campaign is slowly gaining momentum, since the end of February Germany has managed to vaccinate around 180,000 people every day.

Except on weekends, of course, my qualified guess would be that you just don't want to pay a weekend surcharge according to the vaccination work remuneration framework ordinance, and not night surcharge anyway.

US President Biden has just announced that the whole of America will not be vaccinated at the end of July as previously targeted.

But already at the end of May, two months earlier.

By March America will have vaccinated as many people as there are in Germany.

In direct contrast, Merkel's “test strategy certainly in March” tastes even more pathetic of dysfunction, reluctance, failure in breadth and depth.

If Germany continues to bob around with less than 200,000 vaccinations a day as it has been up to now, then there are over six million unvaccinated cans in the area, not just at Easter.

But then this country would need by far the most important single organizational achievement since 1946 until about January 2022, until the vaccinations are through.

If the reduced vaccination persists on the weekend, it will be until February 2022. If the digital organization works as well as with the Corona warning app, then until March 2084 (estimate).

My fear is that the resentful bourgeois attacks triggered by state failure will cause long-term democratic damage to many people.

Long Covid, but as such massive doubts that they should be called Dreifel, beg your pardon for this boomer gag, resentment creates bad humor.

Before the pandemic, I would have defended institutions like the EU and federal republican practices like federalism with a certain zeal.

For decades, in view of the actually existing EU, this required a portion of idealism, but I was happy to apply that.

Used up.

And I know that it is the same for many people who, of course, consider democracy to be without alternative, who get involved or at least provide political information, who have a positive interest in the social structure of this country, this continent, actually the whole world.

Her idealism, her hope or her grounding have so far saved her from falling too deeply into resentment.

But there is some shit they will not eat.

And yes, continued state failure can, of course, damage democracy itself.

The conviction that the apparatus works appropriately by and large has already imploded due to the multidimensional failure of vaccination debacles, warning app disasters, test failures, school emergencies, care disasters, confusion of measures, malevolent obsession with helping the self-employed, and so on.

Soon - I would like to bet on it - the federal government, perhaps the Chancellor herself or the Vice Chancellor of the same construction, will say: "All in all, we got through the pandemic quite well." Will be paid very, very dearly in September.

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