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Anat Waxman: "After the trauma, I am afraid to talk about politics. We manipulated me" - Walla! culture


At the age of 60, the actress closes a circle and returns to her father's workplace, the Knesset, in the series "Baby Bull in the Middle" (here), and talks about age ("it's all over"), harassment ("excellent that men are scared"), politics ("MKs are puppets" "), Health (" the medical grass sticks "), and that storm (" Kushmero is a nightmare ").

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Anat Waxman: "After the trauma, I'm afraid to talk about politics. We manipulated me"

At the age of 60, the actress closes a circle and returns to her father's workplace, the Knesset, in the series "Baby Bull in the Middle" (here), and talks about age ("it's all over"), harassment ("excellent that men are scared"), politics ("MKs are puppets" "), Health (" the medical grass sticks "), and that storm (" Kushmero is a nightmare ").


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Sagi Ben Nun

Friday, 05 March 2021, 00:00

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Excerpt from the series "Baby Bull in the Middle" by Here 11 starring Anat Waxman and Gili Itzkovich (here 11)

Just before the age of sixty, Anat Waxman closes a circle in her life.

Next week, the series "Baby Bull in the Middle" by the creator of Shmuel Hasefri will take place here, which takes place within the walls of the Knesset, starring Waxman as Tzruya, director of an imaginary center party faction called "Bull in the Middle".

Her character is a kind of symbol of discipline, which gives her a particularly strong biographical connection: her father, the late Tuvia Waxman, worked for many years in the Knesset, first as a usher and later as the commander of the ushers unit.

"This series for me is in honor of my father. For me, the Knesset is Dad's job," Waxman said in an interview with Walla!

Culture, "My father started working in the Knesset during the Levy Eshkol and the Six Day War, through all the great leaders who were here, including Sadat's visit to the Knesset. I am very proud that he was there at that time. When I was a child I was ashamed to say my father was a usher, because he was not just that He developed the entire set of tours in the Knesset of tourists and visitors. Over the years he became the unit commander, and became a kind of usher in the Knesset, everyone knew who Tuvia Waxman was.

"When Shmuel Hasefri did research in the Knesset before writing the series, I told him to ask about my father, And of course they remember him there.

When I meet former MKs or parliamentary reporters - they knew my father.

Today you see ushers taking MKs out of the plenum all the time, it has become the norm, and not one usher takes out but a group of ushers dragging someone out. So there was rarely a tow, and that was usually Geula Cohen. My dad would call and say, 'I'm going "Drag Geula Cohen, go to the living room and turn on the TV." There was nothing else to see then, so we would sit and watch Dad drag her out. And now I play the character of Tzruya in the series "Honey vs. Middle", which is similar to the role my dad did - "Because she's a kind of teacher. My father connects me to this character very much."

Connects to the character through Dad.

Anat Waxman (Photo: Liron Moldovan)

What childhood memories do you have of Dad's job, the Knesset?

"From the age of six I entered the Knesset without a security check, because the Knesset Guard knew us. I knew every place in the Knesset, for example the tapestry painting or another painting that looks at you from all directions. We could play in the plenum and knock with a hammer, sit in a buffet and study in the library. "When there were elections, I would count notes in the Knesset at night. The Knesset was part of my being. I was once ashamed that my father was a usher and today I know that the most normal people in the Knesset are the ushers. They make order, as they are called."

The political comedy-drama "Baby Bull in the Middle" will air here on Sunday (March 7), just before the 2021. Elections. Shmuel Hasefri ("Polishuk", "Black", "The Schwartz Dynasty" and more) signed it as a creator and writer, and alongside Waxman plays it in between The rest are Gili Itzkowitz, Avi Kushnir, Yaniv Bitton, Kobi Maimon, Little Schwartz, Tzachi Halevi, Naomi Lvov, Moshe Ashkenazi and Dana Devorin.

At the center of the series is the figure of a 24-year-old baby Mordechai (Itzkovich), a reality cast who lost in the "Next Survivor Brother" final, who receives an offer to join a center party called "Bull in the Middle" instead of the unrealistic 10 - and forgets all about it when the party wins only seven seats.

A year after the election, after three MKs from the party retire under suspicious circumstances, Honey enters the Knesset and discovers a new and tough world. Honey, backed by "Honey's Fury Candy", her loyal army of followers from the days of "The Next Surviving Brother", will undergo a grueling political initiation track. You will experience betrayals, humiliations and attempts at political elimination, and become a politician.

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The mother of the cast.

Anat Waxman (Photo: Liron Moldovan)

Your character is called Tzruya and she is husky both in her voice and in her character.

What else but Dad connected you to this character and in what part of the torture is there a kind of internal discipline?

”Why is she constantly hoarse?

She raises her voice because she must, you have seen what types she has to deal with.

She is a major, it was important to me that she be seen all the time in motion, bringing in and taking people out, supervising, in commanding sentences. That is her essence. My father was a major in essence, and I am like my father.

I was a platoon member in the army, come on. I am very strict about rules, rules and boundaries. This is important to me and very suitable for me in such a role. In the theater, too, you need it - to monitor, to keep, to be careful, to be a cast mother. "The faction's director general and sergeant major. 'This is also Anat, but less hoarse."

In the series, Knesset members are presented as those who do not exercise values ​​and principles, but "only money, control and interests" as the words of a Knesset member.

The words are reminiscent of the statement of MK Miki Zohar from the Likud, according to which all that matters is "the three captains - power, honor and money."

Maybe the reality is so delusional that it's hard to surpass it like crazy?

"When we started filming, the series seemed disturbed and unfounded. You say, no, it went too far. Today reality surpasses all plays, all writing and every series. You see, it got worse with time, but you can't compete with reality."

In "Polishuk" the book predicted several things that later happened in reality.

"The book predicts the future. He has something of a sorcerer. He knows, he's terribly smart, does one and another and knows where things can go."

"My character," Waxman adds, "tells the Knesset figures, 'Here you have a page, write to you what to vote for and what to oppose, and that's how it works, they are puppets. They play on the phone and raise their hand according to what they are told, and that's terrible." .

Waxman stops her angry speech about Knesset members, and after a long silence adds apprehensively: "Listen, I do not want to get involved. Once was enough with politics. It caught me then unprepared and I walk away from it. It is a terrible trauma."

Enough for her from politics.

Anat Waxman in the series "Baby Bull in the Middle" of Here 11 (Photo: Benjamin Nimrod Hiram)

Waxman refers to the storm that erupted three weeks after the 2015 election. In an interview with Danny Kushmero's film called "Two States, One People" to which she was interviewed, she referred to the election results and argued that unlike voting for the left, voting for the right is irrational.

Among other things, she said of the Likud voters and referring to the chocolate flight affair: "Sorry, but the chocolates are the ones who shout 'Only Bibi! Only Bibi!'

"Curse. He tells them 'Arabs' and they come out of the holes ... there is no one to talk to, it's other peoples unfortunately."

Waxman's remarks provoked a great public and media uproar, and she was accused of arrogance and racism towards Mizrahis.

She went on to say in response: "I spoke out of real pain. I am the daughter of a disabled IDF fighter, my mother is of Iraqi descent. I am the tenth generation of a Jerusalem family. I am not a racist!"

Six years later and just before another election, what's your perspective on that storm?

"Do you know what Kushmero is? Kushmerr means a nightmare. That's all the affair for me. That's what it was. It was very unattractive. I was caught unprepared, manipulated, used to promote an article no one would see and we will be from it. "It was so crooked, so ugly, and I would not go into it again. I had a nightmare, they chased me. I became an item and did not understand how and why."

After the storm of that interview, are you now afraid to express yourself politically?

"After a trauma like this, I'm very worried. It's true that the series is about politics, I said mine in the series, the series says it all, why add? It just detracts."

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"Face of funny dolls."

Anat Waxman (Photo: Liron Moldovan)

Your collaboration with the creator of the series, Shmuel Hasefri, has lasted for decades, from the first collaboration in the play "Goldin's sister-in-law" in 1986, which he wrote and directed and starred in, to the latest play "Shiva" in Beit Lessin.

What connects you to this creator?

"True, I met my book at the Be'er Sheva Theater, and I played the role of an Mizrahi girl with him. The truth is that I have not been able to play Mizrahi since, and it's a pity, it's half of me. I played a character named Mimi. We later did 'Goldin's sister-in-law'. In the Havdalah and Shiva plays and I was a guest on Polishuk in two characters of the Prime Minister's wife and sister. With this time this connection was built, and I increasingly appreciated him as a director and writer. There is something in the work of the book and mine, that we get to some levitation like in some meditation, I do not know how to explain it, and are torn from laughter by nonsense. He leaves you with a very solid base, without question marks, when it comes to the audience it goes through further development. The character I played in both 'Havdalah' and 'Shiva' is quite based on Shmulik's mother. "We have a very, very good professional and personal chemistry. The book writes so thoroughly. Both in the information and in the music of the words. You study score, not text."

Another ongoing collaboration in your professional life is with Avi Kushnir, who also appears in this series but this time without any scenes shared with you.

Do you have a new insight into the secret of the success of your relationship?

"We have a very strong and inexplicable bond, since we knew each other about 40 years ago. He knows how to recognize. As he recognized his wife in the audience he recognized me as his partner. He has a very sharp eye. It's a chemistry I welcome. We are like brothers. "I can tell him what I want, he can tell me what he wants. We just have fun together. We also have such a similar face, such plasticine, that you can shape it any way you want, it's a face of funny dolls. Think about it."

Deals a lot with age.

Anat Waxman in 2003 (Photo: Maariv, Eli Dassah)

While you maintain a stable professional relationship with Kushnir, in the romantic reality you have not been in a relationship for quite a few years.

Is this something you are missing?

"I'm alone for 15 years. It's good for me. Free and happy. Quiet. And sheer pleasure."

I wonder what will happen if you open an account on a dating site, without a picture so that they do not worry that it is Anat Waxman, and write about yourself what you said to me earlier: "I have the face of a funny doll."

"Wow, that's a great idea! And whoever turns to me will be very brave. Surely no one will go into profile with such a sentence."

This year will also mark 20 years of the rise of "Life Is Not Everything", and also 10 years of its decline after ten seasons in which you managed ratings but the critics killed the series.

What will save this ambivalence today?

Is there a chance of unification against the background of the unification of the corona?

"I really like the series, and I'm proud of it. The recurring question I hear when I go out on the street is 'When are you coming back?'. I don't think we'll reunite, it's not on the horizon. And what, Kushnir is busy with 'This is it,' leave him. Loved. Maybe it seems old-fashioned to them, a sitcom like this with glued laughs. I hope that in the series 'Baby Bull in the Middle' the critics will be more compassionate, it's not fun to read carnage. For me as an actress to start the series 'Life Is Not Everything' Feminist! "

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Do not expect a comeback.

Anat Waxman, Avi Kushnir and Lillian Berto in the series "Life is not everything" (Photo: Yoni Menachem)

How has the 'Who's' revolution changed the world of culture?

"Wow, how much she has changed! Listen, I see let's say scared men, veteran actors, who feel confused and ask, 'Is it okay to talk about it? Forbidden?'. I think today men are more frightened and more careful. Today men think twice and more before they say or Doing something.It's great that it happened, that people understand that they can not do what they want and we are not a chair and not objects.There is more room for improvement in salaries, they still earn more than us.Why, because men speak louder? Leading in the world of culture is still male. "There are photographers, for example? The roles are still limited. Anyway, it's good that more and more people are being exposed who are disturbing. It's amazing how many people have disappeared and been deleted!"

What did you think of the investigations that brought evidence alleging sexual harassment by "rehearsal" actors Erez Driggs and Mill Ben-Ari?

"I thought, my God, what will happen to this series? Who's next in line? What's going on here? It's a series that suddenly captured the whole country. A minor series, a chamber about a couple and the world of theater, that succeeded against all odds. Our concern, in the series' Baby Bull In the middle, which every critic would compare to 'rehearsals', there is now a parameter to compare - 'rehearsals'. And suddenly, superlatives, fireworks and crazy hi - beyond the boom, boom, boom in the head with the investigations that claimed the harassment. What's going on here? , Written by a couple, and one person coming out of the equation? "

In the "Baby Bull in the Middle" series, a reality refugee is recruited to the Center Party, because the party chairman feels that the Knesset list is "full of junk" and wants someone "young and not cellulite." How discouraging you are that theaters often cast refugees and reality refugees and featherweight stars instead of outstanding graduates Of acting schools?

"What I have to say about this is - go learn.

You did not become an actor because you were at home or because you were in the jungle or because you climbed a mountain.

What is this nonsense?

It will not survive.

You should not come from reality - but come from life. "

The play" Abdullah Schwartz "in which you star alongside Kushnir was frozen because of the corona, which briefly froze" allowed bull in the middle "filming. How did the plague roller coaster affect you more?

" True, the filming stopped In the first closure, and the play 'Abdullah' was stopped.

In the last year I have rested.

I had a lot of thoughts.

I think I was quite devoted to this freedom all of a sudden.

I spent a lot of time with the family, and also did a route calculation.

Everyone has been through something this year with themselves.

I hope I come out ready when we get out of this, now there is talk of shows in April but it is impossible to know.

At the age of 58 I went to Khalat and I will soon be 60. For a woman my age, every day and every moment is important. I sat and grew old at home. It's also thoughts. I started writing my single show. Unlike a single play I performed with before, now I'm planning something personal, about "My life. I've already accumulated enough."

The corona stopped them.

Anat Waxman and Avi Kushnir in the play "Abdullah Schwartz" by the Beit Lessin Theater (Photo: Kfir Bolotin)

You mentioned the age of sixty.

Your old partner Kushnir told Walla!

A culture with reached the age of sixty last year, that he still feels like a child and connects with his children's friends more than his peers.

What will you save for this age?

"Look, I work in my profession in the company of young people all the time, and I have a lot of fun with my children's friends. But I see the gap. And how do I feel when I grow up? I go further back, I make room for young people, and I understand less what they say with "The selfie, the WhatsApp, the tic tac and the mock mock. And you kind of feel like an old woman who understands something, and feels you need more quiet, you have less strength and patience. Age is there all the time. So I have fun with the young and they are sweet but I feel more comfortable with my peers.

" Not fun to see this age all of a sudden.

It's not like saying at age 30 lightly 'I change a prefix'.

See the age already.

Suddenly 57 seems young to me.

You know, 60 is old age.

It's age.

Although today the old woman is delayed.

But I deal with it a lot.

Sure when at this age everything is over, everything is going to change.

It is this constant struggle, to survive and remain relevant.

Thank God I made this series.

Think, you're not working for a year, and hop, a series comes out. "

When people born in the sixties reach the age of sixty in their lives, a cooler sixties stratum is created than this age group in the past.

Replies in a cynical tone." That's right.

We are already the new generation, we are not old.

Today the old woman is already cool.

Today white hair is already fashionable.

The truth is that even though they say so, being with yourself is not fun.

I love it about other women but can not afford it.

I do not understand why white hair looks great on men, and looks on women as if they are old.

I do not understand why when a man dyes his hair it is strange and you say yikes, but when a woman dyes she looks great.

I do not understand these things.

In my profession I can not go with white hair.

When you are sixty, you try to move away from that age and look younger. "

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"In my profession I can not go with white hair."

Anat Waxman (Photo: Liron Moldovan)

Just before the age of sixty, what do you regret?

"I regret the interview from 2015."

In 2013 a tumor was discovered in your head and was urgently operated on.

What is your health condition today?

"Since I'm under surveillance, I've been feeling better, I'm living more properly, taking care of myself more. I've built myself a freer schedule with more rest and less workload. I went to a psychologist, to be more with my hand on the pulse, I'm more concrete with him about everyday life, already. We went through the stage of talking about Dad and Mom, he just arranges my life. The priorities have changed, the house is important, I learned not to neglect all sorts of things. I am treated by a Chinese stabber. More responsible for my life in every way. It was a tumor that sat at the center of Appetite and sleep, and that's something I have to regulate all the time, and the medicinal grass makes it easier for me. "

Since the Knesset strangely did not allow you to film the series in the Mishkan, you filmed, among other things, in the "Knesset building" in the Jewish Agency building.

And I heard that the people in the agency were shocked during the filming when they smelled a sweet smell in the air - the medical grass you consume.

"Like I'm alone, it's the whole set of smokes. What has to be done in between? For me it's indeed medical, I do not care about it. If everyone enjoys it around, have fun. When you have medical weed, suddenly everyone wants to be your friends!"

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