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Murder of Magali Blandin: the crime was almost perfect


The murder of Magali Blandin near Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) is the final act of a criminal plot fomented by her husband. Story of this i

Four white roses adorn the wire mesh of the stairwell.

Four roses like the four children aged 4, 8, 13 and 15 that Magali Blandin leaves behind.

It was in this “1990s” residence in Montfort-sur-Meu (Ille-et-Vilaine) that the forty-something had taken refuge last fall to flee her home and especially Jérôme Gaillard, her companion for 25 years.

On February 11, in the morning, Magali wrote an email to her husband about childcare, then got ready for an appointment with her shrink.

On his landing, on the second floor, his ex awaits him armed with a baseball bat.

When she passes the door, he hits her with a violent blow to the head, then hits her a second "to ensure her death," said Rennes prosecutor Philippe Astruc.

A little over a month after this horror scene, Jérôme Gaillard was indicted for "attempted murder" and "murder by spouse", splashing his family, involved in an "extraordinary" criminal project thought for several years. months, and abandoning her four children in the middle of a field of ruins.

Magali's funeral will take place this Thursday.

Disappearance of Magali Blandin: "Jérôme Gaillard explained in police custody, having killed his wife"

A vast soulless hangar located at the exit of Montauban-de-Bretagne, the Tremplin has been making generations of Bretons dance for more than twenty years.

It was in this nightclub that Jérôme and Magali met in 1996. Between the blonde with navy eyes and the boy with the mat face cut with a billhook, it was love at first sight.

The student in computer science, based in Montauban-de-Bretagne, and the future social worker, originally from Bain-de-Bretagne, never leave each other.

Marriage, ready for the purchase of the farmhouse of Jérôme's parents, retired dairy cow breeders, everything is going very quickly.

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Magali fell pregnant for the first time in 2006. A second boy followed two years later.

Magali is passionate about her work.

Gentle but energetic, the educator bends over backwards for the young people she accompanies.

Very close to her parents and her little sister, she finds peace and serenity in her vegetable garden which she coaxes to offer healthy products to her toddlers.

For her four children, she also adopts sheep which graze in the pastures around the house which sometimes welcomes tourists during the summer.

He writes a terribly premonitory script

Jérôme has not really had a job for a few years now.

He rents the agricultural sheds attached to the house and collects cars to resell them.

Nothing very fulfilling for this "big mouth" who sometimes loves herself a little too much.

Convinced of his talent as a writer, Jérôme deceives boredom and tries to satisfy his need for recognition by writing scripts.

He sets up a production company called “FilmàPart” and promises film professionals to revolutionize the genre.

The house of Magali Blandin's ex-husband in Montauban-de-Bretagne./LP/Zoe Lauwereys  

"In summary and to put it simply: for the first time in the cinema, you will play the killer by interposed camera, you are no longer a simple spectator of the film, you become an actor in its own right", is carried away. he in 2010 when he wrote "Ego Sum".

He portrays a father of a good family in all respects who sacrifices his life so that his wife can carry out her career.

Victim of his wife, his character, "schizophrenic", becomes a killer of women at night ...

In this text that looks like a terrible premonition, Jérôme Gaillard imagines his hero lurking in the shadows waiting for his victim: “Like a hunter, he stalks his prey and takes great pleasure in it […] The man like a feline leaps from her hiding place and faces her.

Surprised, she utters a cry of fear quickly stifled by the hands of her attacker who gives her a violent blow in the face.

She passed out in shock.

The man then drags her into the woods [...] Then he looks at the face of his victim: it is his wife.

The screenplay does not find its audience, its dreams and its production company collapse, but Jérôme does not lose its splendor.

Those who know him describe a man who is sometimes close to rudeness and very sure of himself.

Daily bullying

More withdrawn within the couple, Magali is treated like a painkiller as Jérôme sinks.

Many dating the couple evoke the bullying suffered by Magali on a daily basis.

Smoker, she is rebuffed as soon as she takes out a cigarette.

"Get the hell out of me, you stink!"

Jerome would have once said to him.

Another time, he would have even sprayed it with air freshener.

Hanging in the family living room, a photo summarizes the image that Jérôme Gaillard would like to give of his family: standing, imperial, he dominates his wife, seated by his side, as well as his three boys and his daughter.

Me Jean-Guillaume Le Mintier, his lawyer, evokes a man who saw “his family as a building with Magali as a central pillar”.

On September 2, the foundations of his world collapsed.

Magali, who opened a bank account in her name a few days earlier, announces that she is leaving him.

Jérôme cannot stand this separation, alternates begging by SMS and anger.

The same evening, a conversation escalates.

Jérôme grabs the bench on which Magali is sitting, who falls to the ground.

She lodged a complaint the next day, but it was dismissed.

Recognizing the "jostling, insults of all kinds and denigration", justice does not note the usual violence and prefers to direct the couple towards social support, considering that "the intensity of this fact does not justify a referral to court correctional ”, explains the Rennes prosecutor today.

20,000 euros to "take care of his wife"

Magali leaves the farmhouse, settles for a few weeks with her parents, then finds an apartment in Montfort-sur-Meu, about fifteen kilometers away.

For her children, she does not want to go too far away.

At the end of November, during an appointment with a marriage counselor, she confirms her intentions to her husband.

The break is consumed.

"Imbued with himself", the father of the family "saw very badly this failure of his marriage", underlines a person close to the file.

Fortunately, Adam

(Editor's note: the first name has been changed)

, a 31-year-old Georgian to whom he rented an agricultural shed for a time, is there to support him.

During a meeting related to the sale of a backhoe loader to Georgia, Jérôme exposes himself on his marital situation and tells his friend Adam about his dark thoughts.

This good handyman who helped him restore the farmhouse offers his help: for 20,000 euros, he can "take care of his wife", relate several sources.

Instead of refusing this insane proposal, Jérôme plunges into the criminal cycle that will lead to the death of Magali.

"He took this separation as a breach of the love contract," notes a person close to the file.

It's terrible, but he's convinced he had no other option but to eliminate his wife.


Jérôme's parents lend him the money which will be used to carry out the contract

To implement Adam's plan, you need money.

Without a job and without visibly thinking about the implications for those close to him, Jérôme turns to his parents, Monique and Jean, to whom he is very close and whom he visits several times a week.

A proximity further strengthened after the suicide in 2011 of his brother Franck, with whom the links were severed, and who killed himself after a romantic breakup.

Since Magali left, Monique has been very present for her son and grandchildren: she takes care of the family's laundry, prepares a few meals ...

So, when Jerome assures his parents that he is financially in the red, naturally, they pay him 50,000 euros.

Do they know then that this sum will be used to finance the murder of their stepdaughter?

Indicted for "complicity in attempted murder", they assured to have simply given this money to their son to help him meet the needs of his children.

In the coming days, Me Gwendoline Tenier, Monique Gaillard's lawyer, will request the release of her client.

"There is no evidence to link an intention on the part of the parents to contribute to the macabre project," she says.

Jérôme Gaillard decides to solve the problem himself

Now able to financially assume his criminal project, Jérôme entrusts the 20,000 euros planned to his friend Adam.

A first payment in cash of 8000 euros for the assassination, then twice 6000 euros in loan.

The Georgian, whose phone was repeatedly terminated near Magali's apartment, had he really planned to attempt the life of the mother of the family or did he simply want to swindle his "friend" Jerome?

It's hard to say, but when Jerome contacts Adam again, his calls go unanswered.

According to his statements to the investigators, Jérôme then decides to solve the problem himself.

On February 11, he hits Magali with a bat before letting his lifeless body rest in the apartment all day.

In the evening, after having put the children in his care that week to bed, he returns to Monfort, cleans the place and then transports Magali by car to an undergrowth where he buries her.

In the process, Jérôme burns his bat then asks a neighbor for a helping hand in order to remove the Opel Astra which would have been used to transport the body and of which only certain parts were found by investigators.

On February 12, a colleague of Magali reports his disappearance.

The mother of the family is absent when she leaves school and significant gendarmerie resources are immediately deployed to find her.

As in many investigations, the husband's trail is explored, but Jerome has a solid alibi.

The latter would in fact have been built from scratch with the duplicity of his parents.

For days, research remains unsuccessful and investigators even fear suicide caused by the fear that Magali felt at the idea of ​​losing custody of her children.

Georgians blackmail murderous husband

Adam is not fooled.

The Georgian, who has already swindled 20,000 euros from Jérôme, is convinced of his involvement in Magali's disappearance.

With the help of his partner and a compatriot just released from prison, they decide to blackmail him.

Their lever?

During the development of the criminal project for fall 2020, Adam took care to record very incriminating remarks made by Jérôme about his wife.

The father says he loves his wife but has no other choice but to eliminate her.

The parents' mailbox where the ransom demands were placed. / LP / Zoe Lauwereys  

During February, a threatening letter was slipped into Jérôme's parents' mailbox.

The message is clear: if he does not pay 15,000 euros, he will be reported to the authorities.

The missive is accompanied by a USB key containing the recording.

In a second letter, the Georgians play on Jerome's sensitive chord: if he does not pay, his friend Adam - an accomplice in the deception - will be killed.

Targeted by a burglary that is more like a warning since nothing was stolen, Jérôme refuses to give in to blackmail.

A choice that will accelerate its fall.

On March 4, the father went to the office of the Rennes examining magistrate in charge of the investigation into Magali's disappearance.

He denounces the threats and extortion of which he is the target.

Why would someone blackmail him, asks the examining magistrate?

Jérôme cracks and admits having had the project to delete his wife during the fall, before giving up his macabre plan.

He describes the crime scene as a "ceremony"

As a precaution, the couple's four children, who are spending their February vacation in their paternal grandparents' pavilion in Saint-Méen, are placed in emergency care.

Jérôme emerges free from his hearing, but is therefore “considered as suspect number 1” by investigators from the Rennes research section.

On March 14, during a ransom remission monitored by the GIGN, the blackmailers were arrested.

On the day of their indictment, Jérôme Gaillard was placed in police custody.

After 29 hours of hearing, this man who "imagined himself capable of the perfect crime" confesses to having killed his wife, involves his parents and then guides the investigators to Boisgervilly.

In the middle of the forest, like a director, Jérôme remembers the starry night, the snow surrounding the tomb, the light.

Very attached to the aesthetics of the place and the moment, he is lyrical and recounts the “ceremony” of his wife's burial at the foot of a large oak tree.

In the light of lamps and cell phones, the gendarmes discover a spectacle that is in no way poetic: the Magali body, buried a meter deep and covered with quicklime.

Writer failed, Jérôme Gaillard signed his darkest chapter.

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