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Eden Elena has upgraded the song - and the world is excited: "We are in love, it will reach the top 10!" - Walla! culture


According to the reactions of some of the Eurovision contestants, the upgraded version of the Israeli song for the Eurovision Song Contest is still expected to bring us to the finals. And where is the song in gambling?

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Eden Elena has upgraded the song - and the world is excited: "We are in love, it will reach the top 10!"

This weekend, the upgraded version of the song "Set Me Free" was released, which represented Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest, and according to the reactions of some of the Eurovision contestants, there is room for optimism.

"It's amazing! I can't believe how much better it is," "Congratulations to Eden Elena. Finally a fun song."

And what about our gambling agencies?


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Yaniv Dornbush

Tuesday, 30 March 2021, 08:02 Updated: 08:21

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Eden Elena - the official clip of the Eurovision song (clip: Misha Kaminsky, stills: Ohad Keb)

A little over two months ago, we all got mad at choosing the song that represented us at Eurovision 2021. Israel chose a mediocre song with a pale clip, and we told you how the world is not really enthusiastic about us.

The betting agencies were also not impressed, and the day after the selection of Set Me Free, Israel ranked 35th in the chances of winning, and even slipped to 40th place at some point.

The "Here" broadcasting corporation, and probably also the team of Eden Elena, realized that after the unfortunate broadcast to choose the song, we were on our way back to the gray days of Kedem Teapacks' corner of Lior Narkis, It's who's it "from the singer in the mask.

On Friday, right towards the end of the week and on the eve of the holiday we were surprised with the Rivamp in question and an invested clip.

Does it really work Vitis's Eden straight to the Eurovision final in Rotterdam?

We went back to the vlogs who were less connected the previous time to see if they changed their minds, and did not forget to take a peek at the betting agencies.

More on Walla!

Upgraded version: Watch a clip of Eden Elena's song for Eurovision 2021

To the full article

We will start of course with the Eurovision pivots William Lee Adams and Deban Adrami from the largest Eurovision coverage site and Viviblogs, which Israeli Eurovision fans love to kill but also read every word and comma.

"Eden looks amazing and the song is much more poppy," they say and continue to pour compliments: "The song is much better, stronger, more modern. It looks more free."

William and DeBan are pleased with the waiver of the outdated modulation at the end of the song, expressing concern about being able to reach those heights in the live performance, but adding a picture of Mariah Carey in an implicit comparison to abilities.

How do they conclude?

"The song moved from border crossing to the final on the left side of the table," he hinted at the top 13 in the Eurovision final.

"The song is less generic and heavenly with a lot more charisma," and Deban concludes: "I originally did not like the song and now I will add it to my playlist."

Nosh from the UK also uploaded a review video that has already garnered more than 24,000 views with more than a thousand surfers who marked "I liked", compared to less than 20 who did not like.

"It's amazing, I already prefer it over the original," Nush said at a relatively early stage of the new clip.

"Good Israel, I think I need to update my top 10!", She said while dancing and concluded: "I do not believe how much better it is, the chorus is much more powerful, we will have a party in Rotterdam!".

And how did Pascal Wilper from Germany react, who actually liked the original version with the clichéd modulation?

"It's really good and it's beautiful. There are parts of the song that have really improved," he said, expressing disappointment at the change at the end of the song, but thankfully it is a minority opinion.

"I'm not sure Israel will reach the final because this is the first semi-final," a particularly difficult semi-final.

Slade from France really hated the original version of Set Me Free and ranked Eden Elena in 39th and last place at Eurovision 2021. And what did he say in his video that has already garnered more than 14,000 views?

"Finally a sound and fun song! Or Mae Gad, I think I really like it now, singing like Ariana Grande," no less.

He concluded: "I'm not kidding, Israel is now in my top 10, congratulations to the Israeli team and the team of Eden Elena."

Eurovision fan Luke White also has more than 14,000 views on his review video of Eden's Rivamp.

"The transitions are much better, there is so much more attitude in the song. Everything here is better, the charisma, the music in the background, everything is more poof poof poof, do you understand what I mean?", He asked and concluded: Eden in the top 10.

If Eden has one fan in the world, her name is Laura.

Nearly ten thousand surfers watched it enthusiastically: "It's like a cute poppy summer song, I'm in love! Eden, Yas Beach!"

Should the expo complex be prepared to host Eurovision 2022?

Not yet.

One has to cool the enthusiasm a bit and mention that vloggers, strong and beloved as they may be, are just Eurovision fans like me-like you, and not label owners with a name that goes before them in the global music industry.

So why are we still excited?

Because when the song came out in its original version you did not see happy contorted faces with happy moans from anyone, and now it's happening.

And what do the betting agencies say?

The last time we told you where Eden is in betting the situation was bad, to say the least, somewhere at the bottom, but Set Me Free was overall the second song chosen from all the countries participating in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

Now that all the songs have been selected and sent to the European Broadcasting Union, it is possible to get a slightly better picture of the trends in the upcoming competition.

Here our situation is a little less good than in the reaction videos and Israel is in 24th place in the chances of winning.

The new version was released on Friday, but as early as last Wednesday, Israel settled in this place, so it does not appear that Rivamp influenced the gamblers.

Also in the chances of winning the first semi-final in which Eden Elena participates, Israel is ranked 12th, among the top ten that rise.

This is a particularly tough semi-final with strong songs and countries with a history of advancing to the final.

Does that mean anything?

Not really at this point.

The betting agencies do not rank the positions of the songs, but their chances of winning.

There could certainly be a situation where a country would be ranked in low places in the chances of winning and finish in the top 5. Even Eleni Fourier, who almost stole the victory from Neta Barzilai (but no!), Was also ranked very low after exposing all the songs.

When rehearsals began she soared up until she finished in second place.

It's time to mention the mantra "it all depends on the live performance", and if Eden appears with the attitude in the clip - her place in the final seems (almost) guaranteed.

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