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"Moranov", "The Red Orchestra", "Those Who Remained": Watching Recommendations for the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021 - Walla! culture


As every year, on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance and Heroism Day, the various channels are dedicated to appropriate broadcasts. Among other things, the documentaries "Bernstein - The Last Partisan", "Bread and Salt", "#Enhfrank - Parallel Stories", "Mornov", "The Earth Orchestra", the drama films "Resistance" and "Those Who Remain" and more will be broadcast.

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"Moranov", "The Red Orchestra", "Those Who Remained": Recommendations for watching the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021

As every year, on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance and Heroism Day, the various channels are dedicated to appropriate broadcasts.

Among other things, the documentaries "Bernstein - The Last Partisan", "Bread and Salt", "#Enhfrank - Parallel Stories", "Mornov", "The Earth Orchestra", the drama films "Resistance" and "Those Who Remain" and more will be broadcast.


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Wednesday, 07 April 2021, 09:59 Updated: 12:05

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Avner Shavit on the Israeli docu-film "You only die twice" (video editing: Nir Chen)

Here 11 at 9:15 p.m., Bernstein - The Last Partisan

A Russian-speaking docu-drama film that tells the story of Leonid Bernstein, a Jewish war hero who lives in his humble home in Kiryat Ata.

At the time of making the film, he was a heavy man, none of whose neighbors knew he was one of the last commanders of the partisan battalions in World War II, and also the man who located the secret facility where the Germans developed Hitler's Doomsday weapons - V2 missiles.

In the 97-year-old partisan's latest confession in front of the camera, bold stories of heroism unfold alongside the scenes that haunt him on his deathbed: women and children burned before his eyes, partisans he had to execute, and the release of Jewish prisoners sentenced to death.

Just before he closes his eyes, he faces the decisions he has made and recounts how he discovered not only Hitler's secret weapon, but the forces inherent in it and the ability to preserve the human spirit.

Bernstein, who died during the filming, tells his story to the camera, and the viewer joins his memories through a plot embodied by actors and includes reenactments of historical battles.

Request 12 at

9:15 PM

, a memorial in the living room

A special broadcast for the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day with the participation of Yehoram Gaon, Yardena Arazi, Ziv Shilon, Dana Weiss, Hanan Ben Ari, Prof. Dan Arieli and Holocaust survivor Aliza Landau, who share their personal memories and those of their families.

Stories of heroism and memories of horror.

"Bernstein - The Last Partisan" (Photo: here 11)

On Network 13 at 21:25, you only die twice

Documentary winner of the Dokaviv 2018 Film Festival Award and Best Research Award at the Israeli Documentary Film Awards 2018. A surprising phone call announces to the film director's mother that she is the legal heiress of a house in the dear north of London.

All she has to do is prove she's the daughter of Ernest Bacinski.

But a few days later, information is revealed in Austria that astonishes the family members: another death certificate reveals a person with the same name and identity number, who was born on the same day and at the same place as Ernest Baczynski.

Who stole Grandpa Ernest's identity and life story?

What fate did he try to escape?

Filmmakers: Yair Lev and David Deri.

On Channel 33 here at 9:30 PM, we will never forget

a documentary examining the connection of Arab society to the Holocaust of the Jewish people.

The film looks broadly at what Arab society knows about the Holocaust and what the Holocaust is for Arab society.

Yosef Haddad, an Israeli Arab who enlisted in the IDF and was seriously wounded during his service, was first exposed to the Holocaust and has since decided to dedicate his life and share the issue among Arab society in Israel and around the world, as a tool that can bring peoples together. A second Holocaust survivor, who tells them her story and the subject of the Holocaust.Another

character in the film is a Jelly Monk who went on a tour of Auschwitz in 2003 for the same purpose - to use the Holocaust as a tool for understanding the other's pain.The film also features Deborah Weinstein, a Holocaust survivor The younger generation in Arab society, a group of young women from the Al-Carmel Medal, who hear their story, but also tell why it is important for them to learn and understand the Holocaust that happened to the Jewish people.

More on Walla!

The Holocaust law will no longer allow such films: "You only die twice" is an amazing docu whose legacy is in jeopardy

To the full article

No one knew she was a Holocaust survivor.

Laila Jabrin, "Bread and Salt" (Photo: here)

On Channel 33 here at 22:00, Bread and Salt is

a film that tells the fascinating and moving story of Lila Jabrin, a Holocaust survivor who converted to Islam and kept her life story a secret for years.

Yalka Bershetsky, a member of a Jewish family from Yugoslavia, was born in a concentration camp in Auschwitz during World War II and hid in a basement for three years.

At the age of 16, she immigrated to Israel and over the years met Ahmed, a Muslim construction worker.

She later converted to Islam and married him.

To this day she has kept her story a secret.

For 70 years she carried within her an unbearably difficult personal story, until by chance a soda was revealed to the establishment and her family.

Laila never hid her Judaism, but her being a Holocaust survivor.

A life plot that is hard to believe actually existed.

Request 12 at 10:20 PM, however, I do not part with

a special broadcast from the Jerusalem Hall of Culture and the Arts of the show honoring Holocaust survivors and volunteers on their behalf.

Featuring Shalva, Harel Skaat, Avraham Tal, Kobi Aflalo, Peter Roth, Eliana Tidhar, Lee Biran and more.

Moderator: Mia Dagan.

On Net 13, starting at 10:55 PM, Yad Vashem

films about Holocaust survivors: You Didn't Tell About Yourself - Michael Goldman;

I was a child and not a child - an enlightened father;

Between two mothers - Hans van Helder.

Love between survivors.

"Those who remain" (Photo: PR)

For yes subscribers

On yes TV Action at 21:15, those who remain

a sweeping drama full of praise, Hungary's representative for the 2020 Oscar. A Jewish girl who lost her family in the Holocaust finds solace in the company of a Jewish doctor, who also survived and lives a lonely life.

Together the two try to start a new life.

With Abigail Soka.

Hungary 2020.

In yes Movies Action at 21:45, a resistance

drama historical starring Jesse Eisenberg, bringing the amazing story of the Jewish mime Marcel Marceau, who joined the French underground and with his talent saved thousands of orphaned children during World War II.

USA 2020.

In yes docu at 22:30, # AnneFrank - Parallel Stories

Anne Frank's diary, in which she made her personal voice in the face of the horrors of the Holocaust, has long been a symbol, famous worldwide and a source of sympathy and connection for many to the war The hiding place of Anna, her sister Margot and her parents was revealed on August 4, 1944, and they were transferred by the Nazis to the Westerbork camp and then to the Auschwitz extermination camp. Two months later, Anna and her sister were transferred to Bergen-Belsen, where they died. Helen Mirren, to the powerful story of the girl through diary pages and photographs from her family's hiding place. At the same time we are exposed to testimonies of five Holocaust survivors, who were also young girls at the time and deported to camps. Unlike Anne Frank, they survived the Holocaust and can now share their stories parallel story.

more on yes VOD:

Schindler's List, the Counterfeiters, Europa Europa, a generation of war, Saul's son, Mr. Klein, hidden life, Jojo Rabbit, the invisible woman in gold, Sarah's key, and more.

The Savior Pantomime.

Jesse Eisenberg as Marcel Marceau, "Resistance" (Photo: PR)

For HOT subscribers

At HOT8 at 17:55, Nuremberg - Nazi Trials

75 years ago the largest murder trial in history took place in Nuremberg, Germany.

21 Nazi leaders appeared in court accused of crimes that resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent people during World War II.

Using rare archival footage and court footage, we witness sweeping and influential cinematic documentation that not only represented the moment of human rights birth and shaped international law forever, but serves as an absolute reminder of the cruel consequences of oppression, division and hatred.

On HOT8 at 19:05, Auschwitz - one day

a documentary that tells the story of a typical day in 1944 at the death factory in Auschwitz from the victims' point of view - thus also providing insights into the mood of the Nazis.

The film is based on a unique document preserved at the Holocaust Martyrs' Center at Yad Vashem: "The Auschwitz Album" - a collection of almost 200 photographs designed to describe the "work" of the SS.

Almost all of the photos were taken by SS staff sergeant Bernhard Walter, the official Auschwitz photographer, in just a few days in the last week of May 1944. His job was to capture the horrific routine of mass murder in the extermination camp.

Most of the people in the photos were murdered several hours later.

A small number of them survived.

One of the survivors is Irene Weiss, who moved to the United States after the war.

She recalls how - as a 13-year-old girl - she stood on the "ramp" of Auschwitz and saw her little sister being taken and transported to the gas chambers.

In one photo, Irene recognizes her younger brothers and her mother standing in line near one of the crematoria, unaware that they will be murdered shortly thereafter.

The winds are haunting.

"Mornov" (Photo: HOT8)

On HOT8 at 21:00, Mornov The Mornov

neighborhood was formerly a bustling Jewish center and during World War II became the "Warsaw Ghetto".

At the end of the war, it was rebuilt on the ruins of Jewish homes, and thousands of Poles were housed there.

Today it is a spacious and green neighborhood, but the past continues to haunt it and has popped up in unexpected places.

Among its residents there are those who tell of encounters with ghosts of Jews - "a radio goes on, or a light goes out" ... "We heard a violin playing from the other room" ... "Someone heard footsteps and a little girl laughing" ... Other residents claim that ghosts The ghosts are just a metaphor for the consequences of the burial of life, culture and memory (the film will also be screened at "We are the Jewish People's Museum" on Friday at 9:30 a.m. with the participation of the film's director).

On i24NEWS (Channel 34) at 10pm, Eli Wiesel,

a special English-language news channel project on the life of Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner Eli Wiesel.

Journalist Valerie Perez embarks on a journey through the stages of Wiesel's life, who as a child was sent with his family to the Auschwitz extermination camp, where his parents and younger sister were murdered.

At the end of the war, Wiesel was sent to an orphanage in France and later studied philosophy and Hebrew at the Sorbonne.

Wiesel later moved to the United States, where he began commemorating the Holocaust.

He has written over forty books, was one of the founders of the Holocaust Museum in Washington and received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work commemorating the Holocaust.

The whole story.

"Golda Maria" (Photo: HOT8)

On HOT8 at 10:10 p.m., Golda Maria

Golda Maria Sobelman miraculously escaped death in World War II and survived to tell.

She lasted for years until the age of 102, and when she was 84 she sat in front of the camera of her grandson, the French producer Patrick Sobelman, and for eight hours told for the first time about everything she had been through.

Golda passed away at the beginning of the previous decade, and two years ago the grandson and his son Hugo decided to turn the raw materials into a two-hour documentary.

Like Claude Lantzman's "Holocaust," the film contains almost no archive footage, but only the present in which it was filmed - the instructive and moving testimony of a woman who at a young age had to experience inhuman atrocities, face impossible dilemmas and sacrifice everything dear to her.

A woman who has witnessed history, and thanks to her extraordinary psychic powers has been the one to tell it, in her inspiring face and voice.

On HOT VOD, Eva's

story The project in question from last year, which shows the life of a girl in the Holocaust had they been documented on Instagram, is also coming to TV for the first time and is fully available in service for a month.

What really was the story?

The Red Orchestra (Photo: Cellcom)

For Cellcom TV subscribers

The Red Orchestra

A documentary re-examining the story of the Red Orchestra, which was the most important network of resistance to Nazi Germany.

The network, some of whose members were Jews, collected military intelligence and passed the information to the Soviet Union in two groups operating in Brussels and Paris on the one hand, and Berlin on the other, without being aware of each other.

After the network's radio broadcasts were discovered, Hitler ordered a manhunt for her comrades, and only a few of them survived the manhunt.

With the end of World War II and during the Cold War, the legacy of the Red Orchestra was grounded between Eastern and Western propaganda.

Those of her friends who managed to escape were imprisoned for many years in the Soviet Union and were not allowed to reveal their story.

Two spy thrillers were produced on it in the 1970s and 1980s in East Germany and West Germany - and each of them biasedly told only part of the story.

The cinematic language of The Red Orchestra combines material from the two original films with many archival material to tell the full story, with the help of interviews with experts, descendants and family members of the network members, who are currently in Germany, Belgium, France, USA and Israel. A fascinating and comprehensive document that sheds light on an important spy network, as well as examining the power of cinema to create a story and establish it as a historical

fact.Sindler: The True Story

A revamped version of the 1983 documentary, which tells the story of Oscar Schindler, who saved thousands of Jews during the war world War II by the Nazis.

channel testimony to Yad Vashem

for 48 hours dedicated channel broadcaster full testimony of survivors and survivors of the Holocaust have been speaking out and telling their personal stories exciting.

more Cellcom tv:

pianist, Transit, Schindler's List, board Pracht, wife of Zookeeper , Hidden life, sins, debt, chilly, her father's summer, a similar tree occupied and more.

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