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Sexual Abuse of Babies, Cannibals and Donald Trump the Messiah: The Conspiracy That Drew Millions Became a Mad Series - Walla! culture


The series falls a little too much in love with the search for "Who's Q?" And ignores key wishes. Fellow Salons in reviewing the documentary series from HBO

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Sexual Abuse of Babies, Cannibals and Donald Trump the Messiah: The Conspiracy That Swept Millions Became a Mad Series

Three months after the attack on the Capitol, HBO decided to publish "Q: Into the Storm," which penetrates deep into the QAnon conspiracy that was prevalent among many of the participants in the coup attempt.

Between colorful characters and an ending that is expected to enter the Pantheon, the series presents viewers with a particularly disturbing reality


  • Cue

Living Room Fellow

Sunday, 11 April 2021, 21:20 Updated: 21:50

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Trailer for the docu-series "Q: Into the Storm" (HBO)

The series "Q: Into the Storm" by HBO was broadcast in Israel on Hot, Yes and Cellcom TV.

However, and sorry in advance for the pun, the series that came to an end last week did not create a big storm in the Holy Land.

In fact, with the exception of a few cheering tweets from fans of American politics, it does not seem that too many Israelis have been exposed to a series that has revealed one of the most interesting (and psychedelic) phenomena that has taken place in the world in recent years.

It's a shame, not just because the series focuses on issues critical to the world we live in.

The creator of the series manages to present in a wonderfully balanced way the built-in madness of conspiratorial cults, without harming the sanctity of freedom of expression, and all this without condescending or presenting the conspiracy in a ridiculous way.

It's really not a simple matter.

The series traces for six episodes (each a little less than an hour long) the QAnon phenomenon.

The conspiracy, spread by an anonymous character bearing the English letter "Q", is as simple as it is silly.

A reminder to those who missed one of the most amazing conspiracies of recent years, including: At its core is a cult of devil-worshiping pedophiles, led by the biggest stars in Hollywood and senior members of the Democratic Party (hereafter: the elite).

Together, the group runs a child trafficking network for the purposes of sex and cannibalism.

The last sentence is too bizarre to settle for so I will try to elaborate: According to cult members, Hollywood stars have discovered the fountain of youth, a kind of natural anti-aging drug called "adrenochrome" extracted from the adrenaline extract of a living person.

The younger and more frightened the person from whom the organs are harvested, the higher quality and more efficient the adrenochrome extracted from it.

More on Walla!

You can not continue to eat fish after watching this movie, so who cares if it is false?

To the full article

A diabolical conspiracy of the elite?

Sounds to Jit.

QAnon follower in attack on Capitol (Photo: GettyImages, SAUL LOEB / AFP)

In other words: if you've ever seen a Hollywood actor who looks really good for his age, then you know it's not Botox, facelift or fine genetics - this actor just keeps kids in his basement (if he looks really young, then it's babies), and occasionally he rapes and then eats them.

The Clinton family does the same, as does Al Gore.

This is how the elite strengthens itself.

And she will continue to abuse children forever, when there is only one person who can defeat her.

You can call him the Messiah, or just his full name: Donald J. Trump.

According to Kew's conspiracy, because Donald Trump did not emerge from the political elite but was an outsider, he was the only one who could address this horrific phenomenon.

But the people of the American Deep State did not let him do that.

They created a deadly virus called "corona" in a lab in China and killed millions around the world, then falsified the election results and expelled him from the White House, before he could stop the devilish plot.

It ended with thousands of cult members refusing to accept the election results, climbing Capitol Hill and trying to carry out a violent coup.

All following messages received by an anonymous source on the Internet - who has become the leader of an almost religious movement, even though no one really knows who he is.

More on Walla!

It was a dangerous television broadcaster.

It was hard to watch.

On the other hand, we are already used to it

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The "Messiah" who took care to pump up the messages of Kew followers on his Twitter, until he was silenced.

Donald Trump (Photo: Reuters)

Colin Hobak, creator of the series "Q: Into the Storm", takes a very inclusive approach - and it pays off for him.

While the mainstream American media has treated QAnon believers with ridicule and condescension, Hoback chooses to put aside his inner logic, and comes to investigate the conspiracy through objective eyes.

The result is pretty amazing.

The people responsible for spreading the conspiracy, as well as the man behind the character of "Q" himself (so at least according to the film) open up to the camera in an unprecedented way.

The result is a hybrid of the surprising thrill of "The Jinx", along with the in-depth investigation of "Make a Killer" and all this with bizarre characters from the disturbed world of "Tiger King".

Hobak has been accompanying for three years some of the most interesting characters seen on screen in recent years, ones that if written in the script would have gone unreliable.

The creator of the series, Colin Hobak, falls a little too much in love with the chase but returns with a surprising result (Photo: HBO)

The series features, among other things, the fascinating character of Fred Brennan, a sickly man who moves in a wheelchair.

Brennan, at the age of 20, published an article in favor of neutering people with disabilities (like him), in order to prevent them from reproducing.

After no media outlet refused to publish his article, he published it online and discovered the power of anonymity online.

He founded 8chan, a photo-based forum with no filters or self-censorship.

The site has become the home base of many hate groups - from neo-Nazis to islanders.

It will also become the home site of "Q" and its fans.

In other words, to get to the main messages of the cult members, one had to go through a murky swamp of pedophilia, xenophobia and anti-Semitism.

It is no coincidence that it is difficult not to notice the similarity between the conspiracy of drinking children's blood and the ancient blood libels against the Jews.

During the filming of the series, Brennan decided to go to war against the site he set up and the people to whom he sold the rights to the site - Jim Watkins and his son Ron.

This war is presented in a fascinating way, because all sides of it open in a maximum way and without filters in front of Hoback's camera, and in front of the creator himself.

All the characters in the series, who are full of hatred among themselves, look at Hobak as a friend in battle.

Experiencing the hatred in his flesh, he decided to give a public stage without filters to hate, until he realized the price.

Fred Brennan (Photo: HBO)

Most of all, Jim Watkins was born to play the character of a James Bond villain.

The weird hairstyles, the stressful mustache, the bizarre hobbies and the weird mannerisms, make him a mesmerizing TV character.

He is initially portrayed in the film as a philanthropist who is dragged into the internet world because he is an American patriot who fights for freedom of expression, but very quickly realizes that he is a high-functioning sociopath, who deceives his camera and interviewer freely.

It ended in the most shaky way imaginable, as the documentary series took on a twisted twist and became the horror film that is reality.

Like Andrew Jarky in "The Jinx" and Moira Demos in "Becoming a Killer," Hoback also tries to hang on to the end of a wire to drift deep into the rabbit hole, not knowing exactly what he will find there.

In this case, too, he finds a shocking truth there, except that while those two series reveal horrific acts of individuals, "Q: Into the Storm" reveals the terrifying truth about the free world in which we live.

About the ease with which one person can incite foreigners to violence, about the real price behind slogans in favor of freedom of expression, and how close America was to losing its status as a democratic power, through a skinny-looking website run by a sadistic pig farm in the Philippines.

Ron Watkins and his father, Jim, perhaps the closest character to the James Bond villain seen in a documentary series (Photo: HBO)

Not everything works properly Check.

Hobak fell in love with trying to solve the "Who is Q?" Puzzle, which virtually overshadowed all the other elements that make up this disturbing story.

The pursuit of Cue's identity comes at the expense of such an important preoccupation today with freedom of expression, which was the original basis of the series until it changed direction.

For example, the fact that the US president's Twitter account was blocked was mentioned in the series quite casually.

Where does freedom of expression put the line, if at all? And who should or can at all deal with the hate speech on the net? These important ones are pretty much neglected in the face of the insane reality of the existence of “Cue.” The problem is that the series gives too much of an opening here for the madness of the cult members, without really mentioning that everything they say is completely unfounded. For those who have not yet understood, a very dangerous thing.The

series shows the ease with which one person, not too charismatic and not too connected, who did not even live in the US, almost managed to wreak havoc and destruction in the democratic institutions of the powerful.

But most of all, it's a must - see series for every Israeli, not only because it shows the crispness of the world's great democracy, but also because it exposes once and for all the burning hatred that still exists beneath the surface for Jews and Israel by Trump's people. Israel's largest in the White House, but in practice refuses to renounce a conspiracy that claims, among other things, that Jews rule the world through the systematic murder of infants.

With such friends, who needs enemies.

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