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Coronavirus, what you need to know this week: getting out of the crisis, yes but when?


Despite the difficulties encountered by the vaccination campaign and the threat of variants, the executive is preparing for the post-confinement.


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  • Covid-19: instructions for use of self-tests

Stay one step ahead.

While the whole of France has been reconfigured for two weeks, the government is working to end the



Will we be able to gradually reopen restaurants and cultural venues from mid-May?

This would require maintaining the

rate of vaccination

despite the disappointments of the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines and containing the evolution of the

Brazilian variant


To see what the return to "more normal" life looks like, just take a look beyond the seas and oceans.

In the

United Kingdom

, pubs are reuniting with their customers, while Florida is returning to the party.

Good reading,

Camille Lestienne, journalist at

Le Figaro


1. Prepare to get out of the crisis

Successful exit from the crisis, a crucial issue for Emmanuel Macron.


To see the end of the tunnel

... This Thursday, Emmanuel Macron must hold a meeting with the ministers concerned to prepare the way out of the crisis, in particular the reopening of the terraces and the cultural sector.

Deadlines that the President of the Republic should specify in a new speech in the next two weeks.

The Prime Minister has already announced that regional elections will be held in June with a delay of one week, on June 20 and 27.

Strict sanitary conditions will however be observed.

But for restaurants, the Minister of the Economy was cautious.


I will not give a timetable,

" said Bruno Le Maire, specifying that May 15 - date put forward by Emmanuel Macron during his last televised intervention - "

is one of the hypotheses


On the opening of cultural venues, will the Senate be heard?

A fact-finding mission recommends a gradual reopening from the end of the confinement of the “

seated format rooms


A local reopening rather than by sector by decision of the prefect in consultation with local elected officials.

In the end, analyzes the science department of


, the success of the crisis exit will depend on four criteria: the effectiveness of the confinement on hospital admissions, the evolution of vaccine coverage, the control of variants and the weather. .

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... We must control the variants ...

With 43,505 cases of contamination detected in 24 hours and 5,902 patients in intensive care, "

the third wave is not last us,

" said government spokesman Gabriel Attal on Wednesday. by announcing an upcoming tribute to the victims when France should today exceed the threshold of 100,000 dead.

The uncertainty surrounding the end of the crisis is mainly due to the threat of the Brazilian variant also called P1.

Although it represents less than 1% of contaminations in France, questions are raised about its contagiousness or its resistance to the vaccine.

In order to protect themselves from it, the government decided on Tuesday, after much procrastination, to suspend "until further notice" all flights between Brazil and France.

Other variants, however, may arise on French territory.

This is the case of that of Créteil discovered at the Henri-Mondor hospital.

It has actually been detected in several places in France.

It contains 18 mutations whose impact has not yet been evaluated but two of them worry scientists because they could play, as in its Brazilian cousin, on transmissibility and resistance to the vaccine.

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... And vaccinate as many people as possible.

To loosen the screw on health restrictions, the government is counting on vaccination.

For this, he opened it on Monday to over 55s without comorbidity.

There are still several pitfalls to overcome: mistrust of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which Denmark has definitively given up on and the delay in deploying Johnson & Johnson's vaccine in Europe after the occurrence of blood clots in the United States. .

Despite these uncertainties, France should however achieve its objectives, namely, in the short term, 20 million first-time injections in mid-May and 30 million in mid-June.

And this thanks to the increase in deliveries of Pfizer / BioNTech announced by Ursula von der Leyen and the imminent arrival on the market of vaccines from the German laboratory CureVac and the American Novavax.

No, the real headache of the government will rather be the vaccination of the youngest, an essential step in the race for collective immunity.

Just over half of 18-34 year olds say they are ready to be vaccinated


The public authorities have not yet taken the measure of this problem because they are still in a logic of shortage of vaccines.

Yet it is quite urgent, ”

warns Professor Antoine Flahaut, who calls on the government to strengthen its communication around the consequences of the long Covid and hospitalizations.

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2. News from abroad

Young Britons rediscover the joys of a drink on the terrace as pubs reopened on April 12.


Is the grass greener elsewhere?

After often strict confinements, several countries have started to return to a more normal life.

Portugal, Denmark, the United Kingdom and the United States have one thing in common: they experienced a sharp increase in cases during the fall and winter of 2020-2021 before seeing hospital pressure drop today, note the infographic service.

This is the case of our neighbors from across the Channel who since Monday have again the pleasure of sitting down on the terrace of their favorite pub.

These flagship institutions of British life have nonetheless been weakened by the pandemic, reports the London correspondent of

Le Figaro


The happiest are the Brexiters, Boris Johnson in the lead: they can boast after the country's vaccine success in the face of the slippage of the European strategy.

On the same line, Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, who has accelerated the vaccination of the population by getting supplies from Russia and China, begins the deconfinement of the country.

However, the death curve and hospital pressure are slow to change.

In Germany, on the other hand, Angela Merkel fears a third wave.

It brings the Länder in line with a bill temporarily allowing the federal state to dictate possible containment measures.

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In the

United States

, it is the revenge of states opposed to health restrictions.

In Florida, "

Ocean drive has become a big night in the open air

," said Adrien Jaulmes, special correspondent in Miami, before a temporary curfew was instituted to contain the excesses of "

spring breakers


But the governor can boast of an ultimately positive outcome far from the slaughter announced a year ago.

In Texas, cities are rebelling against the policy of the governor who wants to remove the mask to all the population.

He's a fool.

Our county of Hidalgo is the one that has suffered the most but it does not care,

”accuses a retiree from the border hamlet of Los Ebanos.

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3. To know everything about vaccines

To find out the latest information on vaccines against Covid-19, the progress of the vaccination campaign, the calendar, the specifics of the vaccines, the side effects,

Le Figaro


you to visit its regularly updated article.

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4. Curfew and containment, instructions for use

France has been under


since December 15.

It is forbidden to leave your home

between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m.

, under penalty of a fine of 135 euros.

However, there are

exceptional reasons

for which a certificate must be presented.

Covid-19: here is the travel certificate which now applies to all of France

In addition to this curfew, there are

health restrictions

throughout France since Saturday, April 3.

Non-essential shops are closed, teleworking is reinforced, day trips are limited to 10 km.

Beyond that, a certificate is required.

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Since January 31,



with countries outside the European Union have been closed.

Travel outside the European area and to the French overseas departments and territories is only authorized for very specific personal, medical and professional reasons, death of a loved one, health reasons, professional reasons, etc.



travel service

gives you the details.

To read also: In Europe, outside Europe: what are the “compelling reasons” that make it possible to travel?

5. Reflexes to keep

A few simple steps can limit the spread of the virus.

Here they are :

  • Wash your hands every hour or use hydroalcoholic gel

  • Cough or sneeze into the crease of your elbow

  • Use disposable tissues

  • Avoid kissing or shaking hands

  • Wear a mask in public spaces when respect for physical distances is not guaranteed.

Covid-19 is transmitted by droplets (respiratory secretions), by close contact with an infected person, especially when the latter coughs or sneezes.

But it can also be transmitted through the air.

The virus also remains viable for a few hours on different surfaces.

The disease manifests itself in several symptoms.

In 9 out of 10 cases, this results in a fever below 39 ° C.

According to the World Health Organization, this fever is most often accompanied by fatigue, signs of shortness of breath and a dry cough.

Often a loss of smell and taste.

7. What to do in case of symptoms?

The most important thing is to get tested.

According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, you should, in case of symptoms, stay at home and contact your doctor who will prescribe a test.

While waiting for the result, you must isolate yourself, wear a mask and prepare a list of people you could have infected.

Read also: Test, isolation: the procedure to follow in case of suspicion of Covid-19

If the test is positive

, the Primary Health Insurance Fund will contact people likely to be infected.

You must then remain isolated for at least 8 days, taking care not to infect your loved ones.

Watch your health.

In case of fever, take paracetamol.

If necessary, schedule a follow-up remote consultation with your doctor.

If you feel that you are having difficulty breathing, call 15.

If the test is negative

, contact your doctor and follow his instructions.

See you next week.

Source: lefigaro

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