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It was the most embarrassing moment in the history of the beacon ceremony, but Shira Isakov also won it - Walla! culture


Almost impressively, yesterday's ceremony managed to surpass all records of embarrassment, with a North Korean-scented video and a performance of pornographic order exercises.

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It was the most embarrassing moment in the history of the beacon ceremony, but Shira Iscove defeated him as well

Only five years ago, IDF soldiers mistakenly presented a Nazi slogan at the Miri Regev State Independence Day ceremony.

Almost impressively, yesterday’s ceremony managed to surpass all records of embarrassment, with a North Korean-scented video and a performance of pornographic order exercises.

Lucky there was one woman there who was all inspired


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Thursday, 15 April 2021, 08:26 Updated: 09:10

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In the video: Shira Iskov and Adi Gozi - the beacon beacon at the Independence Day ceremony (Photo: Herzliya Studios)

the good

It's not clear if this is the weird year the whole world has been through or just part of the national hobby to quarrel over silly things, but it seems that by 2021 we have reached a climax in debates on unnecessary issues.

One of the arguments most stupid that took place in the virtual space in the last year was around choice poetry Isakov lighting the flame at the Independence Day named Miri Regev Mount Herzl.

Freedom of expression is sacred, and there were even some opinions very articulate and persuasive anti-choice Isakov - and yet, why in God's name anyone would bother including the draft opinion specifically against the choice is so human and touching someone who deserves nothing but a little positive energy and warmth? One can only hope that all those who oppose the choice Isakov watched the night before the official ceremony and eat their hat yesterday, after a magnificent speech carried.

the audience at home and on Mount Herzl Had to endure the film "Mr. Vaccines" apparently produced in North Korea, he told us constant lies about the impressive Israeli victory over the corona, while committing an indecent act with the Israeli flag and ignoring the 6,000 Israelis who lost their lives following the disgraceful management of the crisis. Afterwards, everyone had to experience the most boring speech in history by Yariv Levin, also known as "Yuli Aldstein Mali Express."

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Exciting speech.

Iscove and Gozi (Photo: Flash 90, Yonatan Zindel)

Then came the torchbearers, and they were all cute and charming and excited but with all due respect to Shlomi Shabbat who survived Corona disease, Shira Isakov's story is more critical, simply because there is no vaccine for the plague she represents in her body.

99% of Israelis infected in Corona have recovered from the disease, while most women who have been violently stabbed 20 times with a knife with a 10 cm blade usually do not get to tell about it, simply because they are dead.

In a ceremony filled with positivity on the verge of repression and denial, Shira Iskov Gozi - the neighbor who saved her - chose to mention above the dignified stage given to them the women who could not celebrate Independence Day. Gozi and Isakov raised the beacon "in honor and memory of all the women who did not get their cry heard.

In honor of everyone who needs, right now, security, hope, love, and strength to come out. "Cullen trembled, and the shiver from the Jerusalem chill passed through the screens to all Israeli citizens who chose to join the broadcast. Shira added that it was difficult and scary, but it was possible. In this ceremony. It is amazing to remember that there were people who wanted to prevent singing from this stage.

After all the arguments and clichés, one reality remained - it was a complex year. Despite all the talk of "brotherhood", "unity" and "mutual guarantee", we actually went through a period of division Separation and distance, and not just because of the corona. Shira Iskov and Adi Gozi (and the other beacon-lighters) helped us remember the beautiful sides of the country, and it's so obvious these days.

So there were those who said it was about glorifying victims or lighting a beacon for active And not about survival. Could be, but who cares? The message conveyed by Iscove and Gozi is so acute that I, for my part, will also give them the Sapphire Prize, the Ophir Prize and the Toto Cup. The main thing is that they will continue to inspire and resonate their important words. In Be'er Sheva, the bastard who "made Shira famous" reluctantly sat down and saw how she smiled.

A. excited.

How proud she is.

She won.

To the glory of the State of Israel.

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The evil

Goldfish and children under 5 do not remember it, but once the beacon ceremony would have looked completely different.

for better and for worse.

He was old-fashioned, restrained and horribly predictable.

Boring speeches, impressive flags and pulsating fireworks - come on, home.

Then came Miri.

The former Minister of Culture reinvented the role of Chairman of the Ministerial Committee on Symbols and Ceremonies and made him the national party organizer. To her credit it can be said that she turned the event into a mast TV. The best party in town. Minister Regev added a lot of diversity to the event, Regev took out the stick that had been stuck in the buttocks of the ceremony for decades, and picked up the whole event. And it's cool. In the end, it's a birthday party.

On the other hand, whoever is old enough to remember what the Independence Day ceremonies looked like on Mount Herzl Until five years ago, he could not pay attention to the great change that took place in them, most notably the photogenic presence of the prime minister alongside his wife, which was once considered a taboo and a blatant violation of the ceremony, culminating in the 70th anniversary celebrations between Netanyahu and the then Knesset speaker. Edelstein, has become a matter of course in the meantime.

There will be those who will ask why the Minister of Transport is responsible for the glittering ceremony and not the current Minister of Culture, Hili Trooper, who together with Regev heads the organizing committee - but it is an extreme innocence.

The ceremony, which is supposed to glorify the country's achievements, was abducted by political elements and became a long election broadcast for one person.

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Broadcast elections for one person.

Netanyahu and his wife (Photo: Flash 90, Yonatan Zindel)

Netanyahu has not been elected prime minister since 2015. The fact that the country has been dragged into four election campaigns in two years (on the way to the fifth?) Does not prevent him, with cynicism and deceit that for some reason continues to surprise someone, from using the most stately stage. State of Israel.

In 2018, the State Comptroller sharply criticized Miri Regev's conduct in conducting the beacon ceremony.

Invitations distributed to those close to the Likud, the selection of beacon lighters made in a non-transparent manner and more.

Instead of being permanently removed from the ceremony, somehow even her move to the Ministry of Transportation, at the heart of the biggest aviation crisis in history, did not prevent her from continuing to direct the ceremony which turned from a state event into a political one.

Our country deserves more on a holiday, probably in a year when we did not have many reasons to celebrate.

The most embarrassing.

Immunization syringe (Photo: screenshot, Herzliya Studios)

The Ugly

The CEO of an American commercial company (to which the state owes money) was introduced by the moderator as "one of the most influential sons of the Jewish people," just before a video was shown that ranged from marketing content to blatant election propaganda. Surprisingly, it was not the most embarrassing moment of the ceremony.

everything interrupted, absurd and crazy country displayed on the screen in one frame when soldiers presented drills that simulate the injection of two vaccines against Corona. militarism we've been accustomed replaced Bfiizrizm Pali Glatt. rally erotic-bizarre was so blatant, so unsophisticated , So pornographic, that he almost became entertaining. Just about.

We all knew he would come, the moment it seemed like our best soldiers were making a retreating intercourse movement, and yet he managed to strike in astonishment. It's unbelievable that anyone confirmed this shame. It was the most embarrassing moment. In the history of the traditional ceremony, which is quite amazing, remembering that only five years ago (in Miri Regev's first ceremony) IDF soldiers introduced the Nazi slogan during seder exercises: "One people, one country."

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