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Abduction of Mia: "The mother begged for help ..." justifies the "French guru"


EXCLUSIVE. In an interview with Le Parisien, Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann, suspected of being the instigator of the kidnapping of little Mia and targeted by

Since Sunday April 18, Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann has been the subject of an international arrest warrant in connection with the kidnapping of little Mia, 8 years old, found safe and sound in Switzerland the same day.

Justice suspects him of being the main animator of the movement to which the people indicted in this case are attached.

Beyond his ideological influence disseminated via the Internet and social networks, did he also finance and pilot the operational part of the kidnapping of the girl?

Based in Malaysia for several years, Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann, 55, father of eleven children, granted this Tuesday, April 20 in the morning a long interview to Parisien-Today in France.

Without answering all the questions, he gives his side of the story, and explains the reasons for what he presents as his fight against child abuse and homeschooling.

Megalomaniac, mythomaniac or sincere according to the points of view, the man also claims to aim more broadly at a "overthrow of the government of the French Republic" ...

Do you know that you are subject to an international arrest warrant in connection with the investigation into the kidnapping of little Mia?


Indeed, I am.

But you will see that this mandate will be abandoned in ten days ... The State wants us to focus on this benign affair to terrorize parents who would like to get their children back.

The fact that French justice has issued an international arrest warrant against me is part of this operation of terror.

But that does not hold up legally.

By acting in this way, justice will break its teeth.

Are you at the disposal of French justice?

I do not recognize any legitimacy in a justice which allows itself to issue an arrest warrant against me given the circumstances.

That is to say ?

We must first restore things as they are.

The state is talking about a child abduction.

While it is, on the contrary, the return of a child to his mother at the latter's request.

For my part, I have not had direct contact with Mia's mother, but it is true that I strongly encourage the return of all the children kidnapped in France, that is to say placed in an improper way, in violation of the law.

There are, it seems, 57,000 each year.

So the state kidnaps and then accuses us of committing child kidnappings.


Abduction of Mia: in the background, conspirators obsessed with child placements

What do you know about Lola Montemaggi's particular situation and what made her want to get her daughter back?

In the case of Mia's mom, there was clearly nothing wrong with her.

They say she is anorexic, vegan or survivalist, as if it was a crime.

But it is his absolute right!

Since when have children been taken away for such reasons?

There is no such thing.

Or, we are in a dictatorship.

She also wished that her daughter would no longer go to school ...

But, again, it is his absolute right.

In France, children's education is compulsory, but not necessarily schooling.

Parents are therefore completely free to provide their children's education themselves, this under the annual control of the Ministry of National Education, which must verify that there is indeed an educational content delivered to the children.

I myself launched a website that promotes homeschooling and I give the ten good reasons to leave the dominant model of schooling as we know it.

To your knowledge, how were things organized during Operation "Lima" which aimed to kidnap little Mia, placed with her grandmother, to give her to her mother?

In fact, the mom begged for help and she got help.

A "good-natured" operation was organized.

It was led by good fathers, heroic people for that matter, who returned this child to the pleading mother.

I say bravo.

Great guys!

I would like there to be many more men like them… This will remind us of the heyday of resistance to oppression in the years 1942-1943.

How can you compare the present day to World War II?

In both cases, it is an oppression. As already said, there are thousands of children abducted by the authorities. I know the subject well. Every year, hundreds of moms contact me for this reason. They are accused of being bad mothers. Sometimes for good reasons it does, of course. Certain placements in foster families are thus absolutely necessary and of good right. But it also happens that the specialized services accuse parents of living in so-called unsanitary housing or of having too low an income or of feeding their children in an insufficiently balanced way. So many arguments that are based on nothing from the point of view of law. After a while, the people said stop.

The suspects implicated in the Mia case, at least some of them, cite you as an ideological reference that would have pushed them to action ...

They do me a lot of honor.

And reciprocally, I will do everything in my power to help them.

The public prosecutor of Nancy specifies this Tuesday that you are suspected of having played a role in the organization of the kidnapping of Mia by providing, in particular, the contact details of a person who welcomed Lola and her daughter in Switzerland during their journey.

Is it correct ?

Until justice recognizes that there is nothing legally wrong with this matter, I will not answer this question.

Through your movement called "Call for the overthrow of the government of the French Republic", what objectives are you pursuing?

I think I will one day, God willing, accede to the highest responsibilities of this country, the time necessary to restore fundamental freedoms and prosperity.

With this kind of speech, you risk being taken for a megalomaniac or a delusional mythomaniac ...

People have the right to think that.

But there are tens of thousands of people behind me, ready to work and take action.

There are many more sympathizers.

My popularity must probably start to bother.

In the meantime, you live in Malaysia, very far from France ...

I sometimes come back to France but, indeed, I can no longer bear living in my country. So, as 200,000 French people do every year, I left France. And it is from abroad that I am fighting to save my country.

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