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BMW iX3 in Israel. What do competitors have to fear? - Walla! vehicle


The importer of BMW has started marketing the manufacturer's first full electric crossover, it is based on the X3 and similar in its dimensions. Price: NIS 430,000, lower than its competitors

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BMW iX3 in Israel.

What do competitors have to fear?

BMW's iX3 has started to be sold in Israel at a price of NIS 430,000 and will offer alongside the X3 on which it is based a supply of three different propulsion systems in a single model


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Keenan Cohen

Monday, 19 April 2021, 23:18 Updated: Tuesday, 20 April 2021, 01:01

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BMW iX3 in Israel (manufacturer)

Delek Motors, an importer of BMW to Israel, has begun marketing the iX3.

Within a subgroup of electric propulsion owners in the fast-growing category of mid-range crossovers is to compete head-to-head with older models like the Mercedes EQC, Audi e tron ​​and Jaguar i pace.

It has a very significant bargaining chip that we will reach at the end.

Like its German neighbors in the category and unlike the British, the iX3 does not reinvent the power and uses the old and familiar CLAR platform of the X3.

In this respect as it is very easy to be impressed by a face-to-face encounter with it, the effect of a vehicle is completely different - almost non-existent and definitely requires a second look to realize that it is no longer an X3.

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It takes a second and long look to identify that he is different from his usual siblings (Photo: manufacturer's website, manufacturer)

It is also different from them in that it comes to us for the first time in BMW-made cars specifically from China, where it is manufactured and from there it is distributed to all global markets.

China, from where some of the Tesla Model 3 versions will also come, is an electric vehicle powerhouse both in terms of production and batteries and a very important market for BMW in all its models.

Initial impression of the iX3 next to its brother sips the petrol and it is the combined petrol and electricity socket is charged - there are no gaps or traces of associations that may arise regarding quality gaps or assembly.

The cabin is also the same as that of the X3, the equipment list is generous (Photo: manufacturer's website)

Not only the exterior looks very similar to the X3, but so do the dimensions.

It grows by only 2.5 cm in length to 474 cm, the width is the same and stands at 189 cm and the height of 167 cm reduces by half a cm than usual. The wheelbase of 287 cm also remains unchanged .

The trunk, on the other hand, is separate from the 40 liters, but still offers a decent volume of 510 liters (a direct result of the body adapting to accommodate the batteries).

The weight also jumps significantly and after removing the traditional propulsion assemblies and adding the batteries weighing about 500 kg, the weight increases to 2,260 kg, an addition of 190 kg compared to the plug-in version. Compared to the Mercedes and Audi that use air suspension, it settles for springs Normal and with adaptive dampers.

Compact packaging of the engine, gearbox and high voltage unit in one small and efficient unit (Photo: Manufacturer's website, manufacturer)

The electric propulsion of the iX3 presents an interesting choice, it is a single electric motor, with an output of 286 hp and 40.8 kg, which draws from an 80 kW battery and a declared range of 454 km.

While this is the manufacturer's first electric model in this segment and outside of niches like the i3, i8 or the electric mini - but this is by no means BMW's first experience in the field of electricity in which it has been present since the beginning of the previous decade.

So the motor here is the fifth generation of its electric propulsion systems.

This is the first time that the "packaging" of the engine has been used, the gearbox and the high voltage unit are compressed into one very efficient and economical unit in place.

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The trunk has a volume of 510 liters, larger than the plug-in, smaller than the gasoline engine (Photo: manufacturer's website)

Unlike the dual propulsion of its competitors that does provide them with good acceleration data of its own, BMW has chosen to use only rear-wheel drive for the benefit of extended range.

And so while the Mercedes EQC accelerates to 100 km / h in 5.1 seconds, the Audi e tron ​​in 5.7 seconds and the Jaguar in 4.8 seconds, the significantly weaker iX3 reaches 100 km / h in 6.8 seconds and the top speed is 180 However, the range of 454 km is longer than its competitors, with Audi with 400 km of 95 kWh batteries and Mercedes with 412 km and even batteries of the same size.

Charging times vary according to the type of position, starting from 7.5 hours From a home position (included in the price) of 11 kilowatts and up to 34 minutes to reach from 0 to 80 percent from a charging station of 150 kilowatts. 10 minutes of charging at a fast position will provide 100 km of range.

The warranty for the batteries is 8 years or 160 km.

Its rims reduce air resistance and are also lighter than the manufacturer's "sporty" (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

In the cabin the familiar look of the X3, however with a few small differences.

The 12.3-inch dashboard is fully digital, similar to the plug-in and in contrast to the analog-digital display combined with petrol and various trim with bluish decorations to remind you that it is an electric vehicle.

The importer chose to bring the iX3 to a higher level of finish that includes a top view including navigation system instructions, a 10.25-inch multimedia screen, adaptive LED headlights, a panoramic sunroof, a Herman Cardon audio system with 16 speakers and full safety systems (deviation from center including center, Vehicle warning in "dead zone", adaptive cruise control, assistance with emergency maneuvers and more) as well as in BMW's parking assistant system that "remembers" the route of the last 50 meters and restores them in reverse.

34 minutes at the fast charging stations will require it to reach from 0 to 80 percent (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

The most advanced is the most lucrative

Compulsory insurance starting at NIS 54 per month

By the insurance company WE SURE

Purchase >>

At a price of NIS 430,000, the BMW iX3 is by no means a cheap car, and is about NIS 15,000 more expensive than the plug-in version, but compared to its current competitors in the segment, this is an amount that is considered very attractive in this group.

This is in light of the price differences that stand at about NIS 70,000 between it and the EQC, at NIS 95,000 from the e tron ​​and no less than NIS 141,000 from the i pace.

As mentioned, the iX3 may be in the line of entry into the competitive market center of luxury power crossovers, but as with the other manufacturers (except Jaguar and Tesla with the Y model that competes with it to some extent) it is still not the "real thing" It is supposed to fill the iX that is slightly larger than it and will be displayed towards the end of the year.

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