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Sébastien Buisson affair: from the red nose to the black dress, portrait of a master crook


The ex-clown Sébastien Buisson, indicted for fraud in recidivism and illegal exercise of the profession of lawyer, asks for his reinstatement

Passionate about law, as he claims, Sébastien Buisson would no doubt have liked to defend his case himself this morning at the Riom Court of Appeal (Puy-de-Dôme). Not sure that the magistrates of the investigating chamber have found the appropriate initiative ... This 36-year-old man has in fact been in pre-trial detention since January 22 after his indictment for "fraud in recidivism and illegal exercise of the profession of lawyer ”. Stunned by the poor quality of her pleadings, the president of the Criminal Court of Cusset (Allier) had, the day before, demanded his professional card from Me Sébastien Buisson, a document that he had obviously not been able to present. This Tuesday, this fairground's son will therefore leave to Me Gilles-Jean Portejoie, a reputed criminal lawyer at 48 years in the bar, the care of claiming his release,following a first refusal on April 1.

"Mr. Buisson is a small-time huckster, a modest poacher of the law, he only practiced the profession of lawyer in a very furtive way", explains Me Gilles-Jean Portejoie, ensuring that justice does not endorse to his client too big a suit. Sébastien Buisson found his lawyer disguise on Leboncoin, a black dress at 80 euros, and at Emmaüs Limoges for the flap. This dress was prominently featured in his office, a bit like a guarantee of seriousness and authenticity, according to the couple he represented in Cusset and who claims to have been convinced to use a real lawyer. Nothing improbable. The person concerned knows how to gain the trust of others and deceive his world.

"Sébastien Buisson has a certain experience in the field of fraud," noted the investigating chamber in its judgment of April 1, recalling the criminal record of the respondent.

Out of eleven convictions, three, admittedly old, punished fraud.

And if it is a traffic violation, the fact of having driven eight long years without a license also indicates a certain ability to fool others.


Finally, prosecution in progress, Sébastien Buisson remains indicted in a case of alleged embezzlement to the detriment of the “Red Noses”, his association offering shows to hospitalized children.

The president, artist who has long staged and played a clown number, would have stolen 260,000 euros, "formally contested facts", supports Me Jean-Hubert Portejoie, his other counsel. In this case investigated in Limoges (Haute-Vienne), the founder of the association which counted up to a thousand volunteers and whose charitable actions were relayed by celebrities such as Soprano or Matt Pokora violated his judicial control by leaving the Haute-Vienne precisely to go and advise its clients in Cusset.

During one of his hearings, Sébastien Buisson explained that he had been too keen to plead, also acknowledging having cut corners. To believe this bachelor without children, his passion for the history of law and his desire to understand the texts, allied to his desire to help and support people, pushed him to claim to be a lawyer. And Cusset was not his first attempt. On January 18, “Me” Sébastien Buisson pleaded - successfully according to him - during an appearance hearing on prior acknowledgment of guilt (CRPC) in Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d'Armor), where an investigation took place. been open. According to our information, the usurper also raged in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), on the occasion of another CRPC, and in Juvisy-sur-Orge (Essonne) in October 2020. Each time for a friend or a friend , he specifies.His indictment for these services was required.

It was in the midst of a hearing in the court of Cusset (Allier) that the false lawyer was unmasked by the president, dumbfounded by his poor pleading.

Google Street view

Caught in the act in the Allier, the bogus lawyer first indicated in police custody that he had taken steps to register with the Paris bar.

With what diplomas?

Tracing his journey is complex as the person concerned fluctuates in his story.

The native of Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis), who left to live very young in Deux-Sèvres, thus claimed to have a scientific baccalaureate when he, according to a prison source, left school in 6th grade.

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To the expert psychiatrist who examined him in detention on March 23, he told of having obtained a CAP in sales, working in a weight room, then having created choreographies, before playing his clown show and then s '' invest in sick children.

The thirty-something has presented himself as a “corporate lawyer” since 2020, and director of a circus management firm.

This self-proclaimed lawyer self-entrepreneur also claims to have followed a distance education, admitting that it was difficult to pass his capacity in law.

"Like an adult remained a big child"

During the same interview with the psychiatrist, Sébastien Buisson, who sometimes feels "lost" because of an emotional life made up of "gusts of wind", admitted having bitten the line by inviting himself into the courtroom. "I had no right […] I did it anyway […] I fell into the trap", he analyzed while confessing that he was not "a good speaker" and expressing his regret for the people he may have deceived. This examination also made it possible to shed light on the personality of this intelligent man whose understanding with reality in front of the expert participates in particular according to the practitioner of a "mythomania in the sense of a mystification of others and of himself. ". All in a clumsy way, a bit "like an adult who has remained a big child". As for his criminal acts, they are, in the eyes of the expert,“A way of life which remains at the limit of fantasy and reality. "

If he thus presents proven psychological disorders, Sébastien Buisson had no impairment of discernment when putting on his black dress, maintains the psychiatrist. Question care, the latter believes that psychotherapy remains possible but that the room for maneuver is narrow. On the other hand, he asserts that the "significant value of a criminal sentence seems to have meaning for him". In its judgment of April 1, the investigating chamber had noted the expert's finding on "the entanglement of the scam that has been recurrent for years and of its psychic functioning". The court deduced from this that there was a risk of renewal of the offense, one of the reasons justifying continued detention.

“Mr. Buisson needs to be accompanied, we are aware of this. On the other hand, his place is absolutely not in prison ", respond in echo Gilles-Jean and Jean-Hubert Portejoie who insist on" the absence of civil parties "in the file of illegal exercise of the profession of lawyer. From the red nose to the black dress, their client is not white as snow in the eyes of justice. But he remains, of course, presumed innocent.

Source: leparis

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