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"I was a vagabond": on the first day of his trial, Nordahl Lelandais said he had switched in 2017


Judged since Monday before the Assizes of Savoy for the murder of Corporal Noyer, the alleged killer of little Maëlys spoke of "a ba

During the hours of questioning on his biography, Nordahl Lelandais remains straight in the box, hands clasped in front of him, feet apart in a military fashion at rest. Prolixe, the accused, tried since Monday, May 3 for the murder of Corporal Arthur Noyer in 2017, speaks calmly, in a voice that takes on lyrical accents when he talks about his romantic relationships or his passion for dogs. "A classic course", as the personality investigator has just described it at the end of her presentation in front of the Assize Court of Savoy in Chambéry, affirming to know from experience "what a course with violence is and financial difficulties. "One of the defense lawyers, Me Valentine Pariat, then asks her this question:" Did you notice a change? "" Yes, answers the interviewer, he told me that in 2017,he suffered from depression. "

It is on this "shift", which we can see as the axis of its defense, that the parties will return on several occasions.

“What happened in 2017?

»Later asks the accused Me Bernard Boulloud, the lawyer for Arthur Noyer's relatives.

Nordahl Lelandais: “The switch is

(he quotes the first names of two companions of the time)

, I did not know how to position myself in my romantic relationship.

It was after the death of one of my cousins, in a car accident.

When we got back from the funeral, it started to be different.

He even specifies a date: March 16, 2017.

"I was ashamed to say I was a drug addict"

"One month before (the death) of Arthur", notes Me Boulloud, who insists: "In what psychological state were you?

"" I was not well, I did not know where I was going in my life when my friends built theirs with work, children, answers the accused.

At that time, I was a wanderer.

I started taking cocaine on my own at home, drinking it, even in the morning.

I was sinking on my own.

"Did your mom feel this uneasy feeling that looked deep?"

"" I had formed a shell, I especially did not want to show it to my mother, "explains the alleged killer of little Maëlys.

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Skeptical, the general counsel reminds him that he spoke of intensive drug use only during his last interrogations, and not in front of the personality investigator. "I was ashamed to say that I was a drug addict," says Nordahl Lelandais, who says he began to increase his consumption before the murder of Arthur Noyer. He repeats: “Put gasoline in the car, eat, cocaine. I was a wanderer, I no longer knew what I was doing. "Faced with his lawyer Me Jakubowicz, who speaks of" descent into hell ", the accused specifies that it would have started at the end of 2016. And for cocaine? The amount ? “Half a gram a day,” he says. Bought with what money? “From my work or my work accident. »How many takes? " Fifteen. Around twenty. "

On the unstable aspects of his life, after a childhood and adolescence without difficulties, Nordahl Lelandais, very prepared, has a little answer to everything. He left the sports-studies course at college because he was offered baseball and not biathlon and the boarding school was too far away. He stops his mechanical CAP because he does not like the establishment. Why does he leave the army, after receiving a dart in the eye sent by a sergeant? Not for disciplinary problems, but because he “no longer has the confidence of (his) hierarchy”. "I have always respected the hierarchy, he says, even today in my new prison world". He goes on to his professional life, made of multiple interim and sick leave. “A financial choice” for the former, he explains,and back pain confirmed "by doctors and MRIs", for the latter.

"I did not want to kill Arthur Noyer"

Facing the court, Nordahl Lelandais also admits certain unflattering personality traits: his laziness ("I've never been a big fan of work"), a tendency to embellish, his infidelities ... his multiple romantic relationships, his registrations on dating sites, including a homosexual encounter that he describes in the menu while defending "a curiosity".

Explains to him in abundance of details that he distinguishes between "sexual relations and romantic relations", but that "all were serious, there has always been respect.


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It was only twice, on this first day of the hearing, that we felt Nordahl Lelandais a little shaken.

The first, to a question from Me Boulloud, the implication of which he does not immediately understand.

“What fighting skills did you learn in the army?

»Asks the lawyer for the Noyer family.

“The immobilization.

Neutralize an enemy, "he replies, before pausing:" I learned it, but afterwards I was a dog handler.

I was not a trainer or instructor.



Nordahl Lelandais: Maëlys, Arthur Noyer, the story of four years of investigation

The second time, at the end of the day, while his mother testifies at the bar. Me Boulloud invites him to put himself in the place of the victim's family and ask his son for the truth. She does so, turns to him: “Nordahl, I ask you to tell the truth, nothing but the truth. "But the accused repeats:" I have already said everything. I know it's very hard… I have the impression that you are putting my mother on trial because she is Nordahl Lelandais' mother. The first thing I saw when I entered here was Arthur's photo… I repeat what I said this morning: I did not want to kill Arthur Noyer. "

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