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Dating sites, conquests, infidelities: the sex life of Nordhal Lelandais exposed to the bar


On the second day of his trial for the murder of Corporal Noyer, several ex-companions and sexual partners of the alleged killer of the pe

The questions are crude, precise, intrusive.

Sometimes even brutal, so much do they interfere in the privacy of these women and this man who testified this Tuesday, May 4 before the Assize Court of Savoy about their romantic or only sexual relations with Nordahl Lelandais, who has been appearing since the day before for the murder of Corporal Arthur Noyer.

Their stories, contrasted, marked by the revelation of the two murders which have since been accused of him, make the accused appear above all as a man superimposing the conquests, great user of dating sites, very active on the sexual level, not very mature and unfaithful. .

A partner capable of sweet words and attention, but also of sharp anger and verbal violence during a separation, and then inspiring fear, and bisexual from the fall of 2016.

The fact remains that these testimonies do not decisively support the thesis of the prosecution, which claims that the alleged perpetrator of the murder of Arthur Noyer acted under the influence of an irrepressible sexual drive on the night of April 11 to 12, 2017. in Chambéry - which he has always contested, in this case as in that of Maëlys De Araujo, killed in August of the same year in Isère.

A young woman "a little used as an alibi"

At the helm arises first Chloe, 26, a thin brunette with long wavy hair.

She got to know Nordahl Lelandais in 2012 when her parents recruited her to train her dog.

High school student, she was then 17 years old, him twelve more.

"I may have always hoped for a real romantic relationship, but we stayed on a sexual relationship, which was done in his car," she recounts, recounting that he was taking her to do it. love "in somewhat isolated places", above his family home in Saint-Baldoph - area where Corporal Noyer will be killed.

"I was a fragile teenager, did he take advantage of it?

"She wonders, while affirming that the person concerned has" never hurt her physically ", has" never verbally assaulted "or" forced a sexual relationship ".

"We could see that we shouldn't contradict him too much, that he was someone who could get angry very quickly," she adds, however, mentioning a story of a fight in a nightclub that he had reported to him.

Chloe now knows that Nordahl Lelandais "used it a bit as an alibi", she said calmly.

During one of his first hearings in custody in the Noyer case, the accused had indeed explained to the gendarmes his presence in Saint-Baldoph the night of April 11 to 12, 2017, confirmed by telephone, by an alleged visit impromptu night at his home.

To one of the general counsel, the young woman confirms the absence of contact that day.

“He never came to my parents unexpectedly in the middle of the night,” she says.

"Sadomaso soft"

It was still “the love of dogs”, of Malinois in particular, that prompted the meeting of Vanessa and Nordahl Lelandais at the end of December 2013. With this 34-year-old woman, mother of a little boy, who attended until the following summer and during two months of cohabitation, the portrait is more scathing. "I'm going to make you eat the tiles," he says, throwing her on the bed and threatening her with a head butt, when she has just announced that she wants to leave him. She describes him as having "an enormous need for sexual relations", and says that the couple had started to experiment "sadomaso soft" relations where he played "the dominant". But she immediately adds: "I'm not going to hide, I was also focused on the thing". And apart from the episode of rage when they broke up and a fight or two before,Depicts him as "caring to (her) and kind to (her) son." "

With the following testimony, that of Celine, forty, companion of Nordahl Lelandais "for a year and seven months", we are approaching the time of the first crime. According to him, this woman, visibly fragile and disturbed, "was afraid of dying" as the accused allegedly "harassed" her. Confused, she describes terrifying scenes: he tries to run over her in the car; she meets him in a wood in spring 2017 with a chainsaw while she is walking her dogs ...

“Ah yes, he was trying to kill me!

She almost shouts, cornered by the defense, advancing as proof "her cold and closed face".

And another day?

"Yes, he was prowling around my home ..." The prosecution just before recalled that the two complaints filed by this woman, including one for broadcasting sex without her consent, were closed for lack of information .

She claims she ignored him.

She takes it.

But what was it on the sexual level, if not these videos filmed without his knowledge?

“Normal relationships”, she confirmed, even “old fashioned”, and “no impulses”.

"I never felt in danger"

Then comes Richard, in a blue suit jacket. And with this man, all frank and modest in the choice of his words in the face of the crudeness of the questions, another aspect of the sexuality of the accused. Their first meeting takes place in the fall of 2016 - followed by a handful of others and some 800 messages exchanged until the following spring. That day, after "a match" on a dating site, Nordahl Lelandais, dressed in fatigues and rangers, found him at a toll gate before transporting him in the trunk of his car to the place of their antics. . A very singular scenario… but the witness stated straight away that he had asked for it: “I was consenting. At the time I had certain fantasies and he answered them ”.

Richard confirms that his partner took cocaine “before, during and after” and perceives it, in particular, as “lost”. But he also affirms: "I never felt in danger". On the evening of April 11, 2017, he had dinner with friends in a restaurant. Earlier in the afternoon, Nordahl Lelandais asked him for a meeting, but he therefore did not respond.

"If you had followed up, God only knows what would have happened", the president blows him awkwardly. "You are not responsible for the death of Arthur Noyer", will correct the lawyer of the Me Bernard Boulloud family. Richard bursts into tears. “I'm sorry for you,” he told the civil parties. He wants to leave and leaves the bar, but is called back. "I could have ended up like Corporal Noyer," he finally blurted out in front of the defense lawyers. “What makes you say that, protests Me Alain Jakubowicz. Who told you that the man with whom you had these consensual relations is not the same today? "I have nothing to answer," stops the witness, exhausted.

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