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At the age of 18, Michael and Shiran Sapir met for the first time. "You will be my wife," he told her. Since then they are together - Walla! culture


The relationship from the age of 18, working around the clock in a cleaning factory until the moment of break-in and anger at Itzik Zohar: Michael and Shiran Sapir ("VIP winning couple") open their hearts in a couple interview

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At the age of 18, Michael and Shiran Sapir met for the first time.

"You will be my wife," he told her.

Since then they are together

The relationship from the age of 18 ("I realized I didn't have to look any further"), working around the clock in a cleaning factory before success as a YouTuber ("I dreamed of finding a job where I would be with family") and anger over Itzik Zohar in "VIP winning couple" ("He showed no mercy to us" ): Michael and Shiran Sapir open their hearts in a couple interview


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Nir Yahav

Thursday, 06 May 2021, 00:00

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"VIP Winning Couple", Fake Mission (Network 13)

When YouTuber and "VIP Winning Couple" participant Michael Sapir was 19, he met at a neighborhood bar with some of his friends. "One told us that his girlfriend had betrayed him, another was broken because his partner had broken up with him, and a third said he was dying to find a relationship. Everyone told of some heartbreak in which he was and I did not tell anyone that I met Sheeran that day. Young people but as soon as I saw her I told her 'you are going to be my wife', without knowing her at all. I knew what a good girl she is and what a good family she comes from. I realized I did not want to look anymore. And really within a year we got married. I was 20 and she was 19 " .

And what did she answer when you told her she would be your wife?

Michael: "She said 'good'."

Sheeran: "I did not know how to respond."

Don't feel missed when you get married at such a young age? What have you already experienced?

Michael: "The advantage of getting to know and get married at a young age is that you grow up together with your partner. We grew up together and managed to overcome all the difficulties we went through. Although there are crises in our relationship, we always knew how to give up. We shaped each other, like plasticine."

Sheeran: "We learned from each other. I don't think it's a mistake to experience a relationship and then break up and then marry someone else. We spared ourselves all these problems and just started living together."

Michael: "The miss is not ours but of those who experience all the difficult moments instead of finding the one. I know not everyone has the fairy tale like Shiran and me, but I do not feel missed for a moment. I did not miss anything but suffering."

Those who knew you were your parents, who were members of the same Georgian band. Would you like your children to marry someone from the Georgian community as well?

Sheeran: "No. I want them to marry someone who will do them good and respect them.The community does not matter at all. "

Michael: "For me it can be an advantage because it is someone who comes from our lives. We have parental respect. But that is not what will determine for me. For me my children will marry whoever makes them happy."

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No matter the testimony.

Michael and Shiran Sapir (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Michael (28) and Shiran (26) Sapir, who are currently starring in "VIP Winning Couple" (Network 13), head one of the most famous families in Israel.

Both parents and their two children (7-year-old Aline, 5-year-old Elroi and soon another son brewing in Sheeran's belly) are maintaining some successful accounts on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and there seems to be no child in Israel who is not addicted to their viral videos and songs.

But the success in the network did not come overnight, but after many years of working in a factory and dreaming of another life.

"I worked every day from seven in the morning until seven in the evening at a cleaning materials factory," Michael recalled. "Sheeran also worked in the factory until noon. I would come home when the children were about to go to bed, so I did not enjoy them at all. In those days my dream was to be with my family. I did not dream of fame, nor of publicity nor of money. I only dreamed of being with. "My family as much as possible. While I was working in the factory, I told Sheeran that I wanted to find a job where I would be with the family and also work from home. Sheeran told me that I live in a movie."

Sheeran: "It's amazing that in the end he also found a job from home and with his family. His double dream came true."

In those days, Michael used to upload videos of his daughter Aline dancing and singing when she was only two years old, as well as short sketches with her.

Until he once posted a viral video (in which Aline brings him glasses of water coming from the toilet) which was the moment of the explosion that changed everything.

"It went insanely viral and made a total of 10 million views from all over the world. It should be understood that at that time I did not make a living from the network at all. I would return at seven in the evening from work, take pictures for an hour, then edit until four in the morning." The videos on YouTube and not on Facebook, and there I discovered that alongside the cool 15-year-olds who do nonsense and get thousands of views, people are also interested in my and Aline's videos. Families to YouTube. "

The double dream came true.

Michael and Shiran Sapir (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Slowly, the Sapir family also started making money from the videos - paying from YouTube, campaigns for children and the family and building successful games. "Beyond livelihoods, we also have an impact," says Michael.

Isn't it annoying all the time to photograph yourself?

Michael: "A lot of people think we are constantly filming our daily lives, but that's not true. We have specific days of filming and editing, but we make sure children have a regular schedule of schools, kindergartens, and we also have personal lives and meetings. It does not come "At the expense of photography never. When we have time and fun - we take pictures."

Sheeran: "What we mostly shoot is challenges. It's a family experience. We play a game together and shoot it."

Michael: "Our videos come to show parents another way to connect with their children. Many tell us, 'Wow how do we want to do like you and make money from this.' They think I work one hour a day, but I work from seven in the morning to ten at night. Our videos are tools "For the parents, how can you enjoy the children? This is another option to take the children off the screen and play together. That's why we also released physical games, the game I created" The Game of the Kingdom "broke every possible record and is the best-selling game of all time."

A way for parents to connect with children.

Michael and Shiran Sapir (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Why did you want to go for a "winning couple"?

Sheeran: "I saw the previous seasons and it seemed like a fun experience for a couple. When I saw the auditions open, we decided to go try. We thought it might be fun, something we hadn't tried in our routine. We were told we were accepted and we didn't believe."

Michael: "I was a little apprehensive because there is someone editing all the episodes and we were apprehensive about how we were represented there."

And did the fear materialize?

Michael: "In the end, I can say that we choose all the most interesting things in the episode. We get a lot of great responses and we really enjoy seeing ourselves in prime time. Even when there are less good things on screen, we find a way to overcome them."

Like what?

Michael: "Like the quarrel with Tal in the first episode. I was very worried about what they would say and how they would present it. Suddenly I saw how much it reflected the impossible situation we were in. We realized that we really see our relationship as it is - supportive, warm and accommodating. "We did not cry because of arguments. The only time I cried was because I had a hard time without her. Think we are 24 hours together in our lives."


How do you succeed?

Sheeran: "We give each other space. It's not like we sit and talk for 24 hours. Everyone has their own life. If someone needs his moment, he goes to his office, goes to the computer, to his silence."

Showed no mercy.

Itzik Zohar (Photo: Screenshot, Network 13)

Which couple did you connect with in the program?

Michael: "At first we at least connected with everyone. We were sure we were coming to a place where everyone was everyone's friends. We came for really fun."

Sheeran: "We did not know at all what reality was. We did not know that everyone was fighting for themselves. We thought they were coming to the villa and everyone was friends. As soon as the dismissals started, the dirt came out and we had no idea where we were. We were told we were hypocrites, but we just did not know what it was like. Employee".

Michael: "As the program progressed, we realized that each one for himself. You suddenly realize that there is one couple who says bad things about you and then you realize that you are alone in front of everyone else. We were connected to Yechiel Hazan and suddenly you realize that is not the case. "We really loved everyone. We are from the generation of yesteryear, of respecting people and not answering them and quarreling. Sheeran apologized a thousand times to Yehiel for the pita issue, but he answered in a disrespectful manner."

Then came the mission where you broke your leg.

Sheeran: "It was a monstrous duel. It was very physical and long, there was a lot of urgency and it was aggressive. We were not used to it. At one point my leg twisted and just broke. I could not believe it happened, it really scared me the game. In an instant. I became one person who could not step on the foot. "

Michael: "The mission in front of Itzik Zohar was very physical. It finished us off. He showed no mercy to us in the mission, no friendship. He just walked on us with all his might. It finished us off mentally. Suddenly Sheeran shouted in the middle of the mission and I caught her lying on the floor and I realized what happened "She has something serious. The next day we had the option to retire and go home, but Sheeran is a real fighter."

Sheeran: "Getting up and leaving at that point was very difficult for me. I decided to stay and keep doing everything I could. Michael was very accommodating and it helped me."

Michael: "We knew that this was also an option to convey a message that everyone in everyday life suffers.We have shown people that any difficulty can be overcome through willpower. "

Do not remember when we fought. Sheeran and Michael Sapir (Photo: Reuven Castro)

What are you arguing about?

Sheeran: "I do not remember when we last fought."

Michael: "I can say what annoys me. She never asks for things but asks 'Do you want to make food?'. If you ask me to make, I will make."

Sheeran: "Over the years we have learned what annoys each other so we avoid in advance."

Michael: "I can get upset and hurt by her, but we will always talk and solve everything."

You're getting insane popularity online, but outside of that you're pretty anonymous. How do you live with this gap?

Michael: "When we started our audience was mature, but when we entered YouTube - the audience was mostly children and teenagers, and we discovered how this audience is the most accommodating in the world. Adults can be a little more venomous, especially online. We fell in love with our audience and enjoyed every moment. Know us, I'm not looking for you to be my fan, but thanks to 'Winning Couple'We also reached the adult audience. The children are also photographed with us and their parents. "

You are not afraid that success will come to your children's head? It's not easy being a famous kid.

Sheeran: "There is always such a fear, but we always make sure that their environment is very protective and protective. The children who grow up with them - have known them for years, even before they became stars."

Michael: "Schools and kindergartens are very helpful. They make sure there are no breaks, for example. We will overcome any difficulty that comes as a family and teach them how to overcome difficulties. They as children think they are all their friends and everyone loves them. When I go to pick up Elroi from kindergarten, "All the children recognize me and shout at me. It was precisely in 'Winning Couple' that we suddenly found ourselves dealing with difficult things like reactions, social difficulties, losses. We see on screen how real this is between us. We are neither liars nor hypocrites."

Your video stars are your kids. But they will grow, so what will you do in the videos?

Michael: "It's clear to me that we will not always be YouTubers. Obviously we think about the future so we have a toy company, we have a lot of products, we have shows, a TV series. If one day they come and tell me they do not want to participate in videos anymore, I will respect them. "It does not scare me. When we get to this moment, we will know how to overcome it as a family. Some people inherit an apartment. I pass on to my children digital assets and tools to succeed."

Aline does not want to become an actress?

Sheeran: "She really likes it. She sings and performs and really loves the stage world."

7 times more estimate.

Sheeran and Michael Sapir (Photo: Reuven Castro)

What is the thing that surprised you the most in the reality world?

Sheeran: "A lot of people tell me that after they fell in love with our kids on YouTube, now on TV they fell in love with us. Our goal was to get to know us as a couple as well and not just as parents."

Michael: "It surprised me how intense reality is and puts you into a loop of competition. It's just a train of emotions all day. One moment to cry, then to rejoice, then to laugh. In seconds everything turns upside down."

What will you take home from the program?

Michael: "I take 7 times more appreciation for Sheeran. After seeing her on the show I fell in love with her again. I got another stamp on my decision from the age of 18 to be with her. I was so stupid at 18 but one decision was good and right."

Sheeran: "I really grew up from this experience. I grew up without social difficulties. I did not sleep in tents and did not fight in front of my friends. That is why I had a very hard time in 'Winning Couple'.It was the training of my life. "

Michael: "What, won't you pardon me too?"

Sheeran: "I have known my husband for eight years, 24 hours a day. I knew who he was, and how charming and respectful he was."

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