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"Connected": If that's how Michal Ansky talks about sex in front of the camera, what happens when she's off? - Walla! culture


Michal Ansky continues to be the best thing in the season of "Connected." When she's not on a collision course with Cherry or breastfeeding Gabriella, she's mostly busy with the most passionate thing - sex

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"Connected": If that's how Michal Ansky talks about sex in front of the camera, what happens when she's off?

Michal Ansky continues to be the best thing in the current season of "Connected."

When she's not on a collision course with Cherry or breastfeeding Gabriella, she's mostly busy with the most passionate thing in life - sex.

In addition, Dor Refaeli comes out of the armor and is exciting, and only Ivri Lider continues to be a riddle


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Ben Byron Braude

Friday, 07 May 2021, 05:00 Updated: 13:20

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Connected (NEXT TV)

If someone were to tell me that in the summer of 2021, while the promos for the million-and-one season of "Master Chef" are flooding the screen and the list of Netflix series just waiting to be watched reaches a three-digit number, the thing I'll most look forward to on TV is some more time with Michal Ansky. If Pfizer vaccine has side effects.

But "Love is Love" as they say, and as Lucy and Tzachi fell in love against all odds, I too was carried away by Michal Ansky's plot line which became something worth canceling a meeting with friends outside, lounging at home and ordering "Walt".

Ansky's strength stems not only from the fact that she is a classic anti-hero, she is also surrounded by excellent sub-characters, including her beautiful partner Eyal, bestie Keren Peles and mother-girlfriend-enemy-diva Sari Ansky.

"Here, look in front of you, all the housing you see opposite are graves," says Sheri to Michal, who drives with the whole family on the way to Jerusalem. "I thought I should save money and buy myself a grave in the ground because I do not want to be buried in housing."

It is impossible to film this morbid and wonderful conversation that takes place when the Ansky family is on their way to see the renovation that Sherry did in her home.

What’s beautiful about it, other than the sweet way in which Cherry completely ignores the inconvenience of everyone present on the subject, is the work we’ve all been to in this situation.

The number of times my grandfather, peace be upon him, wanted to talk to me about his death while I begged him to pass on a topic, was too much to count.

Because contrary to what Tolstoy wrote, not only are all "happy families alike," the unfortunate and less functioning ones are also quite similar.

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Cute lewd conversation.

Michal Ansky with Keren Peles, "Connected" (Photo: Screenshot, HOT)

We are programmed to think that the cool people are the ones who share their lives in storytelling and ticketing for the enjoyment of hundreds of thousands of followers (aka the exes of Dor Refaeli) but the truth is that the "cool" really do not know what a story is. Sari Ansky, her good friend Oriti (yes, she's a lesbian, no they are not spouses) and Shari's estranged photographer - the Israeli award-winning photographer Alex Liebek - live together. It turns out that parts of it are still alive and kicking. There is something enviable in the life of Sheri Ansky, not only the renovated house and the drying ceremony of the lettuce "in the Jerusalem method" but especially the lack of pursuit of trends and the need to see and be seen. And yes, I'm aware of the slight irony that this sentence was written following her appearance in "Connected" but flow with me.

When she's not on a collision course with Cherry or breastfeeding Gabriella, Michal is mostly busy with the most passionate thing in life, and I do not mean eating with my hands.

Although Michal and Eyal are a young couple and parents of a baby girl, the discourse around sex preoccupies them quite a bit, especially Michal, who also boldly opens it not only in front of the cameras but especially in front of the partner who appears to be as afraid of provocations as I am.

Her need to talk theoretically about opening the relationship puts him on a paranoid trajectory, and Ansky does not seem to have decided whether she enjoys turning it on or is afraid the water will slide out of the pot.

When she goes to the moshav to meet with the friend Keren Peles, who offers her to "taste Noam's eggplant" (calm down, you perverts! This is the ballad eggplant in the flower bed), you can perhaps understand from whom she gets her ideas.

The girls' cute lewd conversation arouses curiosity especially around the materials that did not enter the series, it is very interesting to hear how these two girlfriends talk without the presence of a camera.

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At the age of 18, Michael and Shiran Sapir met for the first time.

"You will be my wife," he told her.

Since then they are together

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Went through the most significant process.

Dor Refaeli, "Connected" (Photo: Screenshot, HOT)

The emotional nudity that comes to Lansky so easily, is a real challenge for Dor Refaeli, who was already defined here last week as "every Israeli cowboy." Refaeli went through the most significant process of all the characters in the series this week, along with his mother entering prison (a serious headache for any person) he decided to take off some of the tough shell and spoke with some openness about life in the shadow of his famous sister. The scene where he tidies up the pictures in his parents' house and discovers that for every twenty pictures of a bar there is one of his own, managed to touch.

Fear not, Dor does not look like a child neglected by his parents, in fact he is also the clear favorite of father and best friend Rafi ("Did you see how he looks like young Paul Newman?", Asks Dor proudly and shows one of the pictures), but it seems that the Rafaeli family has Hierarchy and generation know he is not in the head. If that's not enough, until he puts someone in the heart and not just "fucking" (referring to ex-wife Eden Pines), she also shows Get with and Instagram how easy it is to get over it and shows off her new partner.

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Some of the masks began to come off.

Ivri Lider, "Connected" (Photo: VOD_HOT)

Somewhere in Rishpon, the furthest from "this heat of Tel Aviv," Ivri Lider continues his photogenic life. Nine episodes into the season one can already say quite confidently that he is the character who is the hardest to wonder about a pitcher, mainly because he does not take his hands off the wheel for a moment and does not reveal the more complex aspects of his personality. This may be due to the fact that of all the participants this season, Lider is a performer who is used to controlling his narrative, but to make us get carried away after the storms he goes through he had to let go a bit.

This week in conversation with his stunning mother, Dalia, a small portion of the masks began to come off. Talking about her incessant criticism and her difficulty in feeling happy, not only added something to his story that did not directly relate to the music, but also gave us a background on what made Ivri who he is. There is perhaps hope that this process will continue in the following chapters.

and what else?

Doreen Atias continues to get pissed that she's not having a relationship while she realizes she doesn't really want a relationship (maybe just someone who will give her a "flick in the torso").

It is full to capacity.

Between the renovations of the new house in Tel Aviv, the endless love for Murray and Renan and the meetings with the guys, there is no place to put a pin.

Lucy and Tzachi do amniocentesis and she talks about the anxiety of getting pregnant in old age, alongside a socio-political discourse in front of the TV and an excessive order of McDonalds and boxes of ice cream on the weight.

Overall their life does not look particularly different from mine, only with a more worthwhile apartment in Tel Aviv.

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