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Unsurprisingly: the day after its official launch, the entire Ferrari 812 Competition was sold - Walla! vehicle


A day after it was officially unveiled, Ferrari announced that all units of its V12 monster have been sold to customers at prices starting at half a million euros

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Unsurprisingly: the day after its official launch, the entire Ferrari 812 Competition was sold

Two weeks ago we first told you about Ferrari's new creation, the 812 Competition.

The last of Ferrari's huge and atmospheric V12 beasts.

Well, even if theoretically you could buy one, it would no longer happen


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Keenan Cohen

Friday, 07 May 2021, 07:30 Updated: 07:41

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Ferrari 812 Competition, the front diffuser starts working only at 250 km / h ... (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

Well, given the history of the hysteria surrounding the special versions of the Ferrari, it's hard to say that anyone was surprised by this and yet - Ferrari declares that within hours the company sold the entire production allocation of the 812 Competition.

At prices starting at 500,000 euros - double the price of a "regular" Ferrari 812 and reaching 578,000 euros for the roofless aperta version, the challenge was not to find buyers among Ferrari customers, but to explain to all those who could not get it why it not going to happen.

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The closed version will be produced in 999 units, the more open and exclusive in 599 units (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

A reminder to those who missed one of the most beloved articles that came up here recently - Ferrari has decided to celebrate its farewell to its latest atmospheric V12 engine with a very special version of its spectacular 812.

The numbers in a nutshell - a 6.5-liter engine that comes from the 812 but is lovingly treated with new pistons, titanium shakers, new cylinder heads, valves with Formula 1 technology, a new intake manifold with variable geometry, even the crankshaft was treated just to shave 3 percent of the weight and more Changes.

See the world galloping at more than 340 km / h (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

The end result is 819 hp and 70.9 kg and an engine that breathes hard and clear up to 9,500 rpm. The gearbox is still double the clutch from the 812 Superfast, but with a calibration to shift gears faster by 5 percent. From the place to 100 It will jump in 2.85 seconds, it will reach 7.5 in 200 seconds and with a road long enough you will see the top speed of over 340 km / h.

And one more small point for those whose numbers do not yet paint the full picture , Its front diffuser, which is responsible for attaching it to the ground - it only starts working at 250 km / h.

That is, there is no need to add anything.

Open version customers will be biting their nails until the last quarter of 2022 (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

So Ferrari, which built only 999 units of the Competition version and 599 of the open aperta version, sold them all even before their show, when it appeals to its closest customers first and offers them the right to pay it the astronomical sums.

"It's part of our tradition," says Enrico Galieri, Ferrari's head of marketing and commercial management, "Every special version of our V12 was very limited. The reason is that we want to offer our customers something that will remain distinctly exclusive."

"True, there is a very high demand for this car, and one of my roles is to explain to other members of our 'family' why we can not meet the demand in full."

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The latest of its kind with a huge and atmospheric V12 engine, no wonder they were attacked (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

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But even those twice as lucky 999 - for the financial ability and the right to buy one of the 812 Competition - will have to wait patiently until the first quarter of 2022 until Ferrari starts producing the cars for them.

For those who are waiting for the aperta and want all this fun even without a roof over their head it will take even longer, they will go into production only in the last quarter of 2022.

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