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In the face of Lucy and Tzachi's mothers crying in the delivery room, no cynicism can stand - Walla! culture


The moving conversation of Michal and Sheri Ansky, the surprise of Dor Refaeli, the failure of Ivri Lider, the authenticity of Doreen Atias and the defiant normalcy of Lucy Aharish. Summary of "Connected" 2021

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In the face of Lucy and Tzachi's mothers crying in the delivery room, no cynicism can stand

The exciting conversation between Michal and Sheri Ansky, the reason Dor Refaeli is one of the surprises of the season, the miss of Ivri Lider, the emotional volcano of Doreen Atias and the defiant normalcy of Lucy Aharish.

Just as he began to fall in love and bond with everyone, Ben Byron Braude concludes a season of "Connected"


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Ben Byron Braude

Friday, 28 May 2021, 01:43 Updated: 10:46

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Lucy Aharish gives birth, connected (Photo: HOT)

You know and fall in love in a second, the exterior is impressive, the stories are varied and interesting and it seems like you have a future - and then within a few weeks (okay, days) everything is abruptly interrupted. This was the case with the current season of "Connected" which ended this week after only 18 episodes, just as I began to connect with everyone-including-everyone, and even researched the Jewish community in Sweden thanks to Jonathan, Ivri's spouse. But if there’s one thing I learned from Doreen Atias (and there are about 30 things like that) it’s that it’s always important to remember the good we have in life - because go know when it will end. With this insight, one can sum up the last week of the season.

It is amazing to see time and time again the almost defiant normalcy of the married life of Lucy and Tzachi, a couple who on the one hand are accused by extremists of destroying the Jewish people and on the other hand (let me say: the sane side) is an example of how beautiful our lives in the Middle East can be.

This week we celebrated with them the birth of Adam Aharish Halevi, the baby who was nicknamed "Sponge" and already justifies the nickname and shows a particularly healthy appetite.

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Defiant normality.

Aharish (Photo: Screenshot, HOT)

All the cynicism in the world cannot withstand the moment when Lucy's mother and Tzachi's mother approach her at the hospital, one Muslim and the other Jewish, and cry happily together with her over the birth of their common grandson.

It's not clear if these are pregnancy hormones or pure masochism, but while she's still in the maternity bed Lucy is already reading the awful talkbacks and not allowing herself to enjoy even one second.

On the other hand, Lucy's life is so connected to the madness of this place that it's hard to judge her for that choice.

From one pregnancy to another, Michal and Ailey, who have just recently become parents to Gabriel, discover that another baby is expected to join the family.

Michal Ansky, who entered this season as the biggest question mark, appeared from the first episode as a discovery of the season, and if there is one character we have learned to recognize about its many complexities, it is.

Like a round character of a mobster in a drama series that you initially suspect of her motives, but as time goes on you understand her more and more - Michal was also revealed here as a complex woman, but with good intentions.

The discovery of the season.

Michal Ansky (Photo: Screenshot, HOT)

Her (or the editors') choice to make her parents - Cherry (I want to go out for a drink with her) and Alex (just not to criticize my Hebrew) Ansky, as prominent characters in my plot line, constantly gave us a perspective on where she came from and where she came from Going.

Looking at their criticism of her, one can understand why she is so hard on herself and her environment.

I admit, I really hate herring, but fate willed and I share my life with a person who thinks it's food of the gods - so when I heard about Sherry Ansky's intention to make "Sherry Herring" the great culinary hit that came out of Israel I was filled with a mixed feeling of disgust and enthusiasm.

Eyal's integration into the complex family cell of the Hanskies says one of two things: either he is a person who is able to contain everything or he has a strong attraction to the game of fire.

The business collaboration between him and Sherry already deserves its own daughter series because we would like to see every step of the way in this madhouse, from the choice of branding to the arguments over the opening of the next branch in Paris.

The conversation between Sherry and Michal, in which the former apologizes for not being a good enough mother, is one of the exciting moments of the season and perhaps of "connected" in general.

Honest monologues.

Refaeli (Photo: Screenshot, HOT)

As in every season, the final episode is filmed here after the series airs - which means that the connected people already see themselves on screen and begin to be more calculated and critical. Dor Refaeli is doubtfully surprised, doubtfully disappointed that his promos mainly include the words Bar, Tzipi and prison, but he also did not think that everyone would deal with the love between him and the dog Herzl. As in every moment of doubt and / or apprehension, he goes to the great guru of Ramat Hasharon - Rafi Refaeli, for a heart-to-heart conversation with men in which it becomes clear to him that all municipal officials are flying at him. It seems that from this point on, his participation in the series is already defined as a success and he can return to his normal state - handsome, thoughtful and usually shirtless.

Dor Refaeli's plot line was also one of the good surprises of the season mainly because he did not live up to the task he promised himself - an attempt to get out of Bar's lifeline.

Dor's monologues were very honest, his exposure to the family felt authentic and not always flattering, and even the practice of Tzipi's imprisonment (congratulations on returning to citizenship!) Was not sacrificial at any stage.

If so, it’s no surprise that the Refaeli family has already decided to be photographed for another docu-reality on HOT that will only deal with them, and I can’t describe enough how much I look forward to it.

Did not really want to be exposed.

Leader (Photo: Screenshot, HOT)

Throughout the vast majority of the season, Ivri Lider was the big miss of Connected.

The singer-songwriter felt Marshpon became a father and shared his life with a blue-eyed Swedish partner, failed or rather - did not want, to be really exposed.

Anyone who is used to writing his feelings came here with a list of topics of conversation (all really important) about LGBT rights, same-sex parenting and harming artists' livelihoods during the Corona and hardly deviated from it. Only towards the end of the season and as the scenes with his mother Dalia and sister Raya multiplied We were exposed to a more real side of Ivri, the one who sometimes catches fire inside the house, the one who grew up in a not very happy family, a less edited side.It was mainly interesting because it made us understand that this time Ivri managed to keep another layer of separation between him and us and really intriguing to see what was hidden There under the hits machine.

The dessert of "connected".

Atias (Photo: Screenshot, HOT)

As with any good meal here too I kept the best for the end, the dessert of “Connected” and of recent times in general - Doreen Atias.

I swear I was thrilled by her entrance to the new - and stunning by the way - apartment in Tel Aviv as if it were my apartment, I wanted to speak on her behalf with the movers and make sure they are not late, check that there are no leaks with the kitchen cabinets and maybe even help her unload, all to make her feel good.

Atias is a volcano of emotions that for years we only knew as "the one that divides dragons and laughs at horrific outfits" but here is revealed in the most authentic way possible.

The incessant talk about the late mother Eva, the pleasure that accompanies the fear of bachelorhood, the great friendship with her sons - everything passes naturally with her ("Bull sits on her", as she would say) and mostly manages to do what "Connected" claims to do every season - Introduce us deeply into the lives of complete strangers.

Someone on something:

If I could, I would make a second husband in the form of Dyson "

(Lucy Aharish. Understood what really matters in life)

" Naftali Bennett does not leave us, let go "

(Tzachi Halevi)

" How I did not suffer her, for years I did not suffer her "

(Moti Reif 'Flirts' with Doreen Atias)

"Stand aside and don't talk!"

(Sherry Ansky silences her granddaughter while she works on a herring sandwich. Such divas are no longer made)

"It's not a theater and it's not a TV, it's true!"

(Sherry Ansky on the herring And after that you ask why a sandwich costs 40 shekels ?!)

"My friends would have lunch waiting and I would have 25 variants of chopped liver"

(Michal Ansky in a sentence that sums up her childhood in the best way)

"Soon I will shout 'Eyal' and no one else I will not be "

(Michal Ansky, I said goodbye to Eyal before the trip. Hey, at least you will always have Eyal Shani)

"When did you start balding on the sides?"

(Jonathan's mother, Ivri's partner. Okay, we're sure she's going to get along really well with her anger.

"" I do not understand what comfort people need in food?

(Alex Ansky. It's hard to understand why the marriage to Sheri Ansky didn't work, who has an idea?)

" A friend of a friend called me and just said: 'You are just an amazing father' "

(Rafi Refaeli tells Dor about the reactions to the series. Just amazing? She should have cheered you up more)

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