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Web video tips: This 21 year old exposes the pointlessness of many life hacks


Most of the net clips are safe to miss. But some video makers stand out from the crowd. Here are five channels that fans of Schmonzetten or vegan cooking should also like.

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Khaby Lame: The TikToker exposes life hacks


TikTok channel from khaby.lame

The short video platform TikTok is fast moving.

She is fed around the clock with new videos from all over the world, from sketches with old man's humor to unsuccessful bicycle stunts.

Andy Warhol's estimated 15 minutes of fame for everyone here often only last 15 seconds, the makers of many popular individual clips quickly disappear into the crowd again.

Even for platforms that are supposedly less intent on going viral, such as Instagram or Twitch, content is produced as if on an assembly line, successes are nowhere given.

After all, people are short of time and their attention spans limited.

It is therefore difficult for comparatively new channels to stand out from the crowd.

But it still works with original concepts, as the following five channels show.

Some of them have been on an upward trend for weeks.

The Canadian chess sisters

Twitch has already made more than enough bizarre content a network phenomenon. Very few would have expected that the video streaming site would manage to make an age-old competitive sport attractive for younger generations too. We are talking about the great chess hype that shook the platform up in summer 2020. 19-year-old Andrea Botez and her 25-year-old sister Alexandra also benefited from this enthusiasm.

Unlike many others who jumped on the trend, the success story of their BotezLive channel is far from over.

This is no wonder, because the two have many years of experience as Canadian national players and not only coach other streamers live, but also compete against chess grandmasters again and again.

In addition, the sisters convince with a lot of self-confidence and humor by mixing common influencer topics with real expertise.

In this popular clip, the sisters play against Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura:

Culinary art in the smallest of spaces

Cooking videos are as old as the internet itself. Accordingly, there are plenty of large accounts that stage their clips professionally, with a sophisticated sound design and elaborate scripts. You don't get any of that at Max La Manna. Nevertheless, his number of followers has recently grown rapidly - from just under 110,000 in May 2020 to over 850,000 now.

The fact that his book “More Plants, Less Waste” has won awards in 2020 and that he hosts his own BBC series “Regeneration: Food” cannot be seen from the tousled chef.

But what you can feel in each of his hundreds of thousands to millions of clicked Reels videos on Instagram is his enthusiasm and enthusiasm for cooking quickly, completely vegan, sustainably and as ecologically as possible.

La Manna also likes the fact that he prepares his dishes in a kitchen the size of a shoebox.

His most popular video has almost five million views: Chicken wings in vegan based on cauliflower

With a zoom to the record deal

The platform once focused primarily on lip syncing to well-known hits. TikTok is now dominated by dance clips, challenges, memes and other entertainment formats, some of which require a lot of effort. Bella Poarch, however, achieved her breakthrough in August 2020 with a classic lipsync clip for the song "Sophie Aspin Send (M To The B)" by Millie B aka "Stranger Things" star Millie Bobbie Brown. Her secret recipe: a casual nod, a cool grimace and a zoom in on her entire face.

With almost 50 million likes, the clip by the 24-year-old US Navy veteran is still one of the most popular on TikTok.

Almost a year after her first upload and 72 million followers later, Poarch is about to take the next musical step: Her first single "Build A Bitch", including a major PR campaign and music video, was recently released by Warner Records.

This clip made Bella Poarch a TikTok star:

Simple solutions to conceived problems

While others are only on their way to becoming social media stars, Khabane “Khaby” Lame is a TikTok high-flyer, with 68 million followers. It wasn't long ago that the Lame, who has lived in Italy since he was one, published his first video. The 21-year-old celebrated his TikTok premiere in March 2020: The number of views was manageable, Lame had just lost his factory job. At that time and in the following months, he mainly presented his everyday life to the TikTok world: It was about the relationship with his parents, with whom he lived during this time, about video games, about Corona.

In November 2020, however, Lame had a brilliant idea: He began to react to viral hacks and pranks with his own videos, with an uncomprehending facial expression and a simpler solution to supposed problems.

If another TikToker cuts his shirt because it is stuck in a car door, Lame simply opens his car door in his video reaction, sighing and shaking his head.

The concept is as original as it is contemporary, millions of people love Lame's facial expressions.

In this video, for example, Khaby Lame shows how life hacks can complicate things.

The full load of the 1980s

Some video artists are likely to clap their hands over their heads at the mention of William White.

But within a week, the number of subscriptions to White's TikTok channel recently rose from just under 700,000 to 1.1 million, for a mundane but remarkable reason: because White looks like he came from a glossy 1980s magazine, perfectly disheveled curls and mullets included.

The 21-year-old model has been posting short clips on the social media platform since January 2020.

But it wasn't until he discovered 1980s soft rock for himself in early 2021 that his click numbers went through the roof.

Apparently White has found a niche in which he now dances to pieces by Billy Joel or Barry Manilow.

In any case, the TikTok generation seem to be fascinated by his retro appearances.

With his daily "Mandy" clips, White regularly reaches over a million people:

Source: spiegel

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