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Murder of Julie Douib: "Apologies and regrets, I will give them to my children"


Bruno Garcia-Cruciani, who admitted to having shot his ex-partner Julie Douib in March 2019, refuses to admit the domestic violence he

“My place is in prison.

It should never have happened.

I'm not going to position myself as a victim, I'm going to hurt my feelings.

(…) The main thing is not to put the example on trial, and that I be judged by my actions.

"On the fourth day of his trial at the Assizes de la Haute-Corse in Bastia, Bruno Garcia-Cruciani answered at length this Tuesday morning to the questions of the court on the assassination of Julie Douib, his ex-companion killed in March 2019 at the Ile-Rousse.

Point by point, the 44-year-old accused, who risks life imprisonment, denies premeditation, domestic violence in the months preceding the death of the 34-year-old mother, and maintains that he presented himself to the victim on a whim: “Yes, there were problems of violence, yes Julie had a hidden relationship. But there is no point in going over it again. I will take responsibility for my actions ”.

"I hadn't prepared anything," he insists, hands behind his back, forehead wrinkled.

So, asks the president of the Assize Court: how does he explain that cartridges were found in his garden, why his 8 and 10 year old children spontaneously declared having attended a shooting session the day before? of their mother's death?

The accused does not disassemble: bullet cases fell one day when he was storing his weapon in the garage, moreover, he "never played with weapons" near the children.

"Are your children lying?"

»Asks the general counsel.

“I wouldn't say my kids are lying, I wouldn't say anything.


"It should never have happened, but it did"

To explain his research on the Internet concerning a settlement in Thailand: “Yes, it crossed my mind to go with my children. It was conflictual (…) It was becoming unmanageable (…) It was not a project, it was a possibility ”. Is this then why a few days before the crime, he entrusted the children's identity papers to Josiane, his "aunt of the heart"? It's a coincidence, he insinuates. "All the time, I took out my papers to the right and to the left," he trivializes. At home, I hadn't changed the lock yet… ”“ You thought Julie could go with the children? “Asks the general counsel. "Yes," he finally admitted.

Why, before the events, did he say to a friend: "I too will soon join your brother-in-law in Borgo", the Corsican prison?

“We were discussing the shooting, what had happened.

It was on the tone of irony because every week, I was at the gendarmerie with Julie's complaints, ”he defends himself.

Asked about the facts, the accused denies having gone this Sunday, March 3, 2019 to Julie Douib's apartment to kill her: "It should never have happened, but it happened," he says in a chilling fatalism.

In addition to premeditation, a major stake in this trial, the accused believes that he has not tracked down, threatened with death or harassed his ex-girlfriend.

He just admits a relationship climate that deteriorated before their breakup in September 2018.

"I never told Julie that I was going to kill her"

“I never told Julie I was going to kill her. Unless I have a blackout… ”Whispers in the room, where the family and friends of the victim have been gathered since the start of the hearing. The man explains the bruises on his wife's arms and back by grappling but refutes: "I never punched Julie or slapped her, I never dragged her to the ground".

The magistrate asks: "Isn't it extremely violent to treat the mother of a bitch in front of the children?" "You are right, yes," he replies. No, he assures, however, he was not holding Julie hostage by preempting custody of the children. No, the young woman was not under his domination. “I had no control over Julie. From September 27 when she left, I cut everything. I could not even say his first name, "he says, scanning the testimonies of relatives of the victim who spoke of" stalking ", or" psychopath who followed her everywhere ".

More than two years after having killed his ex-girlfriend, the jealous and obsessive man described by the experts, turns on a loop on "the infidelity" of Julie, who had started to have a relationship in the fall of 2018 with a boy met at the gym she attended.

“Her own girlfriends were telling me

She's changed since she came to the gym, she must have someone


I went three weeks to see what was going on.

We could see that it was not as usual.

Yes, I asked questions.


Not a word for the parents of the victim

But "I did not take Julie for my thing", he adds. To this, the Advocate General opposed him with comments made over the phone during his detention and intercepted the gendarmes. “Not even a tear, I poured over her. Don't even talk to me about that bitch anymore ”, he gets angry that day, also qualifying the mother of his children as“ motherfucker ”. But this Tuesday, in front of the court, he tempers: “I was in prison, without news of my children. It's like banging your head against the walls. (…) I was angry "

The children. His obsession for "two years and two months", repeats again and again for two and a half hours the one who assures that he does not want to "pose as a victim". For him, if Lucien and Violette Douib, Julie's parents, fight in civil proceedings to obtain final custody of the two little boys, it is to take revenge on him. “I think we want to support where it hurts, but I think that for the little ones, it's to add more to them. "

When asked if he has something to say to Julie's parents and to her brother, Jordan, all three lined up on the civil party bench: “I have nothing to say to them. I've been trying to have my children for two and a half years. I can not ". Still emotionless, impassive, he concedes: “My children, it's been two years and two months since I heard their voice, and they haven't heard their father's voice. I know I took their mother away from them, I can't go back. You shouldn't do that. It happened. I will apologize for that. But the apologies and regrets, I will give them to my children. "

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