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The guru appropriated the babies of his followers: the hallucinating drift of the "Great divine monarch"


INFO LE PARISIEN. A 67-year-old man suspected of being at the head of a sect for 40 years, straddling the metropolis and Reunion, was

He presents himself to his flock as an exceptional being, the reincarnation of a "Scandinavian warrior God". Claiming to be a woman, this guru with a fertile imagination went so far as to mount a legend around his supposedly divine origins: his grandmother would have declared him as a boy when he was born because of his extraordinary religious gifts. For nearly 40 years, Jean-Patrick A.-D., a 67-year-old man born in the south of France, managed to lead an incredible sect and to manipulate a large number of followers between the island of Reunion and the metropolis without being detected by the courts. This megalomaniac had the particularity of appropriating money, property and even… the children of his followers!

But today, Jean-Patrick A.-D. is overtaken by his turpitudes. According to our information, he was arrested Monday at his home in Saint-Denis de La Réunion by police officers from the Central Office for the Suppression of Violence against Persons (OCRVP) with the assistance of local gendarmes. The guru has since been placed in police custody for a host of offenses, including abuse of weakness by psychological subjection and fraud, as part of a judicial investigation opened by the Saint-Denis prosecutor's office, as well as three other suspects: his companion and two cult followers close to him.

Contacted, the prosecutor of the Republic of Saint-Denis de La Réunion, Eric Tufféry, confirms these four arrests and specifies that a criminal judicial investigation should be opened on Wednesday.

According to a first census of investigators, at least sixty followers are still under control within this still active sect called "Fukadmi".

Several of them were auditioned freely on Monday throughout France, from the Paris region to the south of France… Among them, a gendarme stationed near Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin).

He develops his own religion

This hallucinatory and hallucinating affair was revealed to justice just a few months ago thanks to the denunciation of a follower of "Fukadmi" who managed to free himself from the yoke of Jean-Patrick A.-D. and his acolytes. It appears that from adolescence, the guru was engaged in witchcraft. Over the years, by bringing together a group of faithful on the island and in the metropolis, he developed his own religion, an abstruse mixture of references drawn from voodoo, Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam and Nordic mythology.

To give credibility to his speech, he plagiarizes sacred texts that he rewrites in order to stage his supposedly mythical story: that of an "elected official" whose origins are Finnish ... He thus calls himself "Grand divine monarch" and dyes her hair blond. In the eyes of his group, Jean-Patrick A.-D. is a woman despite her appearance which suggests the opposite ... And so that we do not discover the deception, he establishes the rule: whoever sees the sex of the guru will die.

But man is not only an enlightened person. The sectarian drift in which the septuagenarian has been dragging his flock for years is tinged with a much darker turn. To maintain his hold and maintain his omnipotence, the guru is suspected of having stolen children from followers. To do this, Jean-Patrick A.-D. would have forced several couples within his sect to abandon their babies for his benefit: the woman gave birth under X and the guru then declared himself as the father on the civil status.

To convince them, according to testimonies, he claimed that he would transmit his "strength" to infants to make them future warriors and blame mothers who had difficulty conceiving, reproaching them for not following his spiritual teachings.

He then sent mothers to give birth in metropolitan France while he, on the island, simulated pregnancies.

An immense psychological damage for the children victims of this deception

By fraudulently becoming the official parent of children who were not his, Jean-Patrick A.-D. took advantage of a serious legal loophole since no DNA test is required for recognition of paternity. So that justice finds itself helpless and bothered today to prosecute the guru on this aspect of the case: only the misappropriation of filiation in order to obtain French nationality is punished by an offense.

However, the psychological damage is immense for the children who were victims of this deception: at least four, according to the first elements of the investigation. Thus a teacher in secondary school in Seine-et-Marne, now an adult, has learned in recent days that the person she called "mother" was in fact a man but that in addition, it was not a question of his real progenitor. This victim actually grew up near her real parents, who were members of the sect, without knowing it ... A teenage girl is also on the list of "stolen" children.

The investigations of the OCRVP police officers also focus on the collection of money fomented by Jean-Patrick A.-D. over the years. During searches, investigators discovered that he owned several houses and apartments on Reunion Island, luxuriously furnished, as well as land. In one of his properties, he had had himself built ... a temple in his garden. The police also seized more than 600,000 euros in cash and 400,000 euros from his bank accounts.

The total financial loss is still being assessed.

But it would be dizzying in more than 40 years of manipulation.

It appears that the followers paid the taxes and charges of the guru and even ceded properties to him… Jean-Patrick A.-D.

also manufactured supposedly exceptional products that he sold at very high prices to his followers: thus a cream containing a so-called sacred powder was sold for 1000 euros each ...

The custody of Jean-Patrick A.-D.

and his acolytes can last 48 hours before a possible indictment.

As part of the upcoming judicial investigation, justice will also question the possible rapes committed on followers in recent years.

Source: leparis

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