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Anna Zack's "Man in Forever" is the pride anthem that lowers instead of lifting - Walla! culture


"A Man in Forever" is an engineered pride anthem that forgets its place in history, but is only part of a broader problem

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Anna Zack's "Man in Forever" is a pride anthem that lowers instead of lifting

"A Man in Forever" is an engineered pride anthem that forgets its place in history, but is only part of a broader problem.

Throughout history, the songs that have become truly identified with the proud community, not only in the country but throughout the world, have not been intentionally created as such.

And anyway, we would have forgiven if the song hadn’t been bad


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Ben Byron Braude

Wednesday, 16 June, 2021, 08:36 Updated: 09:59

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Anna Zack - A Man in Forever (Directed by: Itamar Lider) Photo: Misha Kaminsky)

In recent years one does not have to look at the calendar to realize that Pride Month has arrived.

Every year, more and more external signs are added that the holiday of the LGBT community is already here. Among other things, you can see brands (from alcohol to shoes) coming out in special pride editions, pride flags decorating streets and businesses around the country (no longer just in Tel Aviv) and special festivals (festival The Proud Cinema, for example)

Another prominent sign, one that only grows in size every year, is the concept of "Pride Anthems" - the most prominent names in the pop scene release pop songs adapted to a temperature of 30 degrees in the shade, which will hopefully become cross-sector hits as well. In principle, there is no one, when it comes to the proud community as much as possible, it is a blessing. Only what can be done, behind the positive agenda should also hide good enough content, and in this case - (Whitney) Houston and Father A. Problem.

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If the song was good, the goofy chorus would not be annoying.

Anna Zack (Photo: Hagar Bader)

"Forever Man" released yesterday (Tuesday) by Anna Zack and produced by the hit machine Dolly and Penn (Dolev Ram and Penn Hazot) is a great example of this, and it's about the only thing mentioned in it.

Zack, Dolly and Penn joined the mega-successful party line "Forever Tel Aviv" and recorded a song accompanied by an invested clip, featuring some prominent figures from the nightlife.

This is a featherweight dance-pop piece that got its premiere at the line's last party, and has lyrics that will make any Eurovision song you choose sound like Aggie Lane's text.

And the chorus goes like this: "I knew a man man in Forever, all night just thinking about him. I knew a man man in Forever, it feels to me something abnormal, all night what he did to me."

Free love, horniness and pan - all three messages that perfectly fit the class, but even without being a finesse, one may wonder whether words that talk about meeting a man at the biggest gay party in Tel Aviv should be sung by a straight 20-year-old girl?

I'm totally willing to bet (even without doing a survey on the subject) that if Zack goes out to one of the Forever parties, she's going to have to look very hard to get to know the man she'll think about all night (and he'll think of her again).

Sorry for the inclusion but you know, it's just a little bit of the concept of gay parties.

If it was a really good song, the goofy chorus (which by the way is the more successful part of the song) would not have been so annoying.

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"Man in Forever" is just one of three pride songs expected to be released this month (for now), today there will also be a duet between Ella Lee and Eden Hasson called "Shimi Fes" (also produced by Dolly and Penn) and soon a duet between Noa Kirl and Ilan Peled will be added. On the one hand - exciting and heartwarming, especially the participation of Ella Lee, who took an important step and came out of the closet at a young age when she was at the beginning of a successful career. On the other hand - the multiplicity of songs shows that there is a commercial business here for all intents and purposes, or in short: someone is looking to cut a coupon.

Last year we saw how even when you combine some of the most talented names in Israeli pop - Nasreen Kadri, Static and Ben El and Jordi - you can get a song that evokes a hard sense of embarrassment like "Habib Albi". It may also have been the moment when this trend had to go on hiatus, at least until a hit of pride would grow here naturally again.

Pride songs that come out in perfect timing for the parade don’t have to be bad. Omar Adam's 'Tel Aviv' and Margol's 'This is Not Europe' came out year after year (2013 and 2014, both written by Doron Madli in collaboration with the Arisa line) and exploded hugely because they connected a lot of intelligence between pop and sea music. High school. In the case of "Tel Aviv" not only did Medli's witty lyrics make him a success, but also the atmosphere surrounding the song that gave it historical value: the most successful singer in Israeli music, the one who grew up in Mediterranean music and does not belong to the proud community, performs the pride anthem in a song The studs of Tel Aviv, and comes out in a perfect moment at a time when the city itself is becoming a proud icon around the world. And spy? Well, she's an unrivaled icon, with a smart and accurate submission that will make even a WhatsApp conversation sound like a flash.

Still, a brief historical review proves that the songs that have become truly identified with the proud community, not just in the country but in the entire world, have not been engineered at all.

They have become such mainly due to textual and historical contexts.

They all have a common denominator - the community is the one that authentically adopted them because they symbolized something for it (usually more than one), they are not the ones who tried to force themselves with belonging to it.

Suffice it to say obvious classics like Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive", Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out" or more recently Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" - all burned deep into any self-respecting proud playlist, first and foremost Thanks to the texts that turned the difficulties of life into HTABs into anthems of hope.

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Authentic pride anthems also happened in the country of course.

"More We Will Come" by Yardena Arazi, written by the late Ehud Manor, finished only in third place before the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest, but over the years has grown from the ground, as they say, and has become a truly proud anthem. with Offer Nissim (Israeli producers most successful in the world and Icon is proud of itself) - a song that manages to distill really the sense of the pursuit of love club culture, and became an anthem proud even without anyone trying to slap a stamp like that. exactly where "man Forever" failed.

the bottom line , Pride anthems are not a bad thing, but sometimes when from the speakers you can hear first of all the economic interest and only then the feeling of pride, instead of picking up it turns out that they are actually taking off.

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