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Tzipi Romano: "Today I have an amazing partner - and I understand what is really important in life" - Walla! culture


Just before entering the Big Brother house, PR woman Tzipi Romano spoke with Walla! Culture about her engagement to her partner Noa ("she teaches me how to build healthier priorities"), about her father finally accepting her sexual orientation, and the desire to avoid slander and quarrels in the fireplace house. Interview

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Tzipi Romano: "Today I have an amazing partner - and I understand what really matters in life"

Just before entering the Big Brother house, PR woman Tzipi Romano spoke with Walla!

Culture about her engagement to her partner Noa ("she teaches me how to build healthier priorities"), about her father finally accepting her sexual orientation, and the desire to avoid slander and quarrels in the fireplace house.



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Sagi Ben Nun

Wednesday, 14 July 2021, 00:30 Updated: 00:33

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Promo "Big Brother" Summer Season 2021 (Network 13)

There are no mirrors in the private home of the publicist and network anchor Tzipi Romano, but the house she entered last week has lots of mirrors and also lots of cameras. and a year after that brought a series of docu-reality show about her life on YouTube and networks. Just before entering the big brother house caught Romano brief interview.

Zippy, how do you explain this dissonance, the lack of your desire to place mirrors in your home your impulse to be photographed repeatedly reality show and reflected them to The country?

"Yes, 'Big Brother' is the mirror. You touched on the point that is the point. You raised me to the ground. I think what happens in the 'Big Brother' house, in this format, is actually the mirror of what happens outside in terms of shades. Take one tape cast. "From every community like this, we build a cast that is very similar to what happens outside. I feel like challenging myself and getting to know myself from all angles. I feel that getting into this format is actually some kind of quick fix, and very intense."

You tell me that the cast is very diverse, when our conversation takes place before the start of the season, while you are not supposed to know how the cast is made up and who they cast.

"I do not know who is in the cast. I know the format from years back."

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A view of what is happening outside.

Tzipi Romano in "Big Brother" (Photo: screenshot, Network 13)

Unlike the docu-reality "Connected" series in which you appeared, in "Big Brother" you have no control or involvement in how things will be filmed and you probably also have no word on what will be held and what will be broadcast. This is in addition to exposure around the clock. Does this lack of control make you anxious?

"Lack of control now is part of the challenge. I want to challenge myself. I am there, from a place of development, from a place of knowing myself, and I look forward to it."

As part of Romano's (41) intense documentation drive in recent years, last month Romano made sure that her marriage proposal to her partner Noa would also be documented and distributed to the media. Romano knelt in front of her lover also in front of production people and presenters in the campaign photos of a new event complex, after she divorced fashion designer Rima Kogan about two years ago, who have two children in common.

“When you touch the bottom and suddenly you get a chance to rebuild life, you put healthier priorities,” Romano says.

"I received a gift for life, my partner, who teaches me how to build healthier priorities. This is my new relationship."

For your previous wedding your father did not want to come, and only after much persuasion on your part, at the last minute agreed.

Are you afraid that this movie will repeat itself at the new wedding?

"No. We are somewhere else now. My parents accept me one hundred percent. The fear that my father will not be able to come to the wedding actually concerns the fact that he is much less healthy today and can go much less. The fear now is from these places. I believe that with the name he will be fine."

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Tzipi Romano and ex Rima in "Connected" (Photo: Ohad Romano)

In early 2020, Romano told Yedioth Ahronoth in an interview that she had undergone trumpet surgery. "The women in my family have a history of uterine and breast cancer. I was diagnosed as a carrier and realized this is what must be done. Now I'm looking in the diary for a date for the second surgery, mastectomy. I don't refer to it as a big deal. It's a resection and reconstruction," she said at the time. "It has not happened yet," Romano tells Walla! Culture now, "The right moment has not come yet. I feel safe enough in the meantime, I am under constant surveillance. Maybe it will happen after I leave the fireplace. I need to find the right time for it."

Rima was straight when you met them. Were you afraid it would not work out in the end because of it or did you believe in love?

"There were fears, no doubt. It was also a compliment. In the end I think connection is connection. I believe today that a soul that descends into this world connects with another soul, the soul is within the body, and the body is simply a means. Things just happen."

You described in an interview, in the context of your farewell raising: "My way was to die to come back to life in a happy version, but one does not have to touch death."

what did you mean?

"I meant that when you are young and in a relationship, you make mistakes. This world is made of material. You think that if you work very hard and conquer the world, and you have material, and you have money, then you will be very happy. And that was my mistake, when I was young, To think that work sanctifies the goal. In the end you actually understand that the goal is the relationship, the children and the children, and that your happiness lies in the here and now, in the interpersonal relationship. Today I am in a relationship that I know to see what really matters. "So maybe I should not have lost and died to understand it. 'To die' is a metaphor for a breakup, to end a relationship, because divorce is death. To break up a family. But today I am in an amazing place and I have an amazing partner."

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Familiar with the format.

Tzipi Romano (Photo: Micha Loveton)

After the breakup, Rima continued to come to your parents' Friday dinners. It lasts even after you enter into your new relationship with Noa? Did the three of you meet?

"Yes. I wish a lot of people would be wise to say goodbye in a smart and proper way. Both when it is difficult and when there are crises along the way, it is still worthwhile in these moments to know how to face ego and negative emotions, resist and respect. This is the best look you can give your children. At home, Noa and Rima and the friends and parents, we were all together, we packed the suitcase together, and it was a lot of fun. "

Two years ago, it was reported in "Israel Today" that Rima was in auditions for "Big Brother." Why did she not appear on the show?

"I do not know".

Which of your principles will you not give up in the "Big Brother" house?

"Wow. I want not to give up the principle of not speaking slander, that does not mean I will succeed. This is the first commandment in my company's regulations.And I want and hope not to disappoint myself. "

Conflicts are an element that cannot be ignored in "Big Brother."

Are you afraid of quarreling with other contestants?

"I will not call it apprehension. I will call it a desire to avoid. As in my personal and private life, I avoid conflicts, think it leads to nothing, and tend to solve my problems in cultural discourse. I very much hope it happens here as well."

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Against conflicts.

Tzipi Romano (Photo: Nir Peking)

And by the way conflicts, the conversation with PR woman Tzipi Romano is reminiscent of a mini-storm that broke out in the swamp among her colleagues. At the end of last month, PR woman Ronit Arbel sharply criticized on her Facebook page against two artists, whom she called M. and A., and said that while they claimed the sold out of their performances in Tel Aviv, in fact most of the tickets were distributed. "It's embarrassing, it's going through the industry, and the media is not as dumb as you think. You will appear in the right places that fit your true size," Arbel wrote. Shortly afterwards, public relations man Ofer Menachem responded to the post on Facebook: "If you have a critique of this or that artist, you can pass it on to his director instead of trying to embarrass him in public. In one case, the artists you wrote about are treated in my office. ..) The way I would go is not to insult my colleagues in public, and certainly not to make a misleading misrepresentation about M. " A few days later, Arbel apologized for her remarks: "Think before you act. In retrospect, I have no doubt that I should have condemned the phenomenon without belonging to A, B, C or D. And since that was the result of things, I was wrong in the way he wrote and for that I regret and of course apologize. "

"I do not know about the case between them," says Romano, "but in general what usually happens in such situations is that whoever sees Momo in his friend, Momo is in him. do not like".

And for dessert: which contestants would you like to see next to you at the "Big Brother" house - and which one do you really hope they won't enter?

"I would like to see Yuval Asherov in 'Big Brother', he is a spiritual teacher of many celebrities. If he was by my side during this period it seems to me that this was the best thing that could have happened to me in life. I would not want to see Bella in 'Big Brother' "Hadid. I would have preferred her not to be next to me because it could have taken things out of me that I like less."

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