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Ministry of Transport admits: Citizens have torpedoed warning system regulations - Walla! vehicle


The real reason for postponing the entry into force of regulations requiring the installation of warning systems: poor public response revealed

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The Ministry of Transport admits: Citizens have torpedoed the regulations of the warning systems

After the Minister of Transport announced yesterday the postponement of the entry into force of regulations requiring child-forgetting systems in the car.

These are the real numbers behind public response


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Keenan Cohen

Wednesday, 21 July 2021, 12:37 Updated: 13:13

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About a month after it was first revealed in Walla on June 22 that Transport Minister Merav Michaeli is re-examining the charge for installing the systems, and after yesterday the Transport Minister announced that he will postpone the implementation of regulations requiring the installation of a car forgetting system for cars by June 2022. You can tell - there is another reason.

An explanation given by David Tamir, the legal adviser of the Ministry of Transportation, in the draft sub-legislation of the regulations states that an internal inspection of the ministry shows that only 50,000 systems have been purchased so far, compared to about 800,000 systems that are required to be installed. Only 6.25 percent of the original target, with the installation set to take effect in about a week and a half on August 1st.

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Michaeli decided to postpone the obligation to install a system for forgetting children

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The Economics Committee's discussion of regulations last year

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In the video: The Economics Committee discusses a device to prevent children from being forgotten in vehicles (Photo: Knesset Channel)

"In these circumstances, and in order to avoid a situation in which the permanent prohibition in the Temporary Order will take effect, even though the market has not yet been implemented, together with the intention of further professional examination of the applicability of the temporary provision." Tamir writes in his explanatory statement, or in other words - the public rebelled against the regulations and voted in their wallets against the initiative promoted during the outgoing ministerial term.

The one that promoted and the one that blocked it, the outgoing Minister of Transport Miri Regev and the Minister of Transport Merav Michaeli (Photo: Reuven Castro)

In recent months, the Ministry of Transportation has invited importers and marketers of systems that meet the requirements of the standard to submit their products for approval, and out of 33 systems, 21 systems have been approved so far, although the actual supply is more limited due to duplicates of different names for those systems.

For those importers and marketers who expected a huge wave of purchases in light of the demand that these systems were supposed to have, this is no small blow, as a very big question mark hovers over the feasibility of this move - even after the postponement.

However, for the public, this is a sigh of relief, as the prices of the systems range from 180 to 600 shekels per system.

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Warning systems for forgetting children: do not rush to obey

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The political system and various organizations were quick to respond to the rejection of regulations.

Former Transport and Road Safety Minister MK Miri Regev

said: “Transport Minister Michaeli’s decision is dangerous, and could sadly cost the lives of helpless toddlers, who will find their tragic deaths in the hot vehicles. Every toddler who finds his tragic death in a vehicle starting in August will be registered in your name, Minister Michaeli. How did you not shake hands to postpone the regulations from August this year to June next year?

This is a process that is done in the most professional way and is led by the professionals in the Ministry of Transport, in the Economics Committee and in front of the relevant government ministries. Cosmetic repairs can be done in the process and the whole process does not have to be postponed. "

In the Child Welfare Council

Called the decision to the "wrong decision may arise in the life of children" and added: "The regulations requiring the installation of warning devices to prevent Forgot children by car are nothing less than saving lives and were rejected may have profound consequences for children up to the loss of life and death in agony.

We are called to serve the transportation change her mind and to act in the weeks remaining entry regulations in force, the expansion of a number of measures to prevent Forgot your children to lead Lhozltm and / or subsidize them. all this in parallel, to raise awareness and vigilance among the public and increasing the intensity of campaigning.

the decision that was to be made is, entry regulations took effect in "Changing and adapting issues that require it. Delaying installation is not the right solution, and it will cost children their lives."

Coalition Chairman MK Boaz Toporovsky, Compromise Proposal (Photo: Reuven Castro)

On the other hand, in the response of the chairman of the former subcommittee for the promotion of road safety, MK Boaz Toporovsky, a proposal for a satisfactory compromise could be found.

"It is easiest to postpone," says MK Toporovsky, "instead, the state must promote a subsidy of the systems, a solution that will help lower the economic burden on families and prevent the expected and unnecessary death of children as early as this summer.

Children's lives are the most precious thing of all.

The Minister of Transport and Road Safety would have done well if she had consulted with those who promoted the issue before making the decision on the postponement.

With those who were at the center of decision-making in the Knesset and the Subcommittee for the Promotion of Road Safety.

At the same time, it is not too late and the coalition can and should take action to promote a move that will prevent parents from burying their children. "

Supported the postponement and repeal of regulations, former Transport Minister MK Bezalel Smutrich (Photo: Reuven Castro)

The person who actually expressed satisfaction with the minister's decision is none other than MK Bezalel Smutrich, who served as Minister of Transportation before Regev took office. In a tweet on Twitter, Smutrich wrote, one of the opponents of the regulations:

The previous regulations imposed an expensive and sweeping parental tax on parents in Israel.

There are more accurate and effective ways to deal with forgetting children in the car.

I am convinced that during the period of rejection and examination, the Minister will reach this conclusion, implement the right ways and completely abolish the unnecessary and expensive regulations. "

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