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Wireless headphones: six quality options for less than 5,000 pesos


There are inexpensive models for playing sports, listening to hi-fi music or playing online. Prices and characteristics in Argentina.

Marcelo bellucci

08/01/2021 7:00

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Updated 08/01/2021 7:00 AM

The era of

wireless headphones

is reaching its greatest point of exposure.

Today, the variety of Bluetooth (BT) models available accommodates all requirements in price and performance.

In this note, the best 

for less than 5,000 pesos that are obtained in the country

and its main technical characteristics.

In this selection, the six headphones from

Sony, Philips, Klip Xtreme, BlackPoint and Primus

, are rated for hands-free talking on the phone, listening to podcasts and streaming music


while some models

they are

exclusive to sports or play online


One of the specifications that define

the condition of a headset is its drivers or internal speakers

, responsible for transmitting sound.

But also the autonomy it provides and the version of BT it uses to communicate with the mobile.

There are other secondary aspects such as portability, the materials in which its structure is affirmed and the design that it deploys, which must also be taken into account.

According to their level of isolation, there are headphones for outdoor or home use.

Photo Philips

The cheapest are those that are placed in the ear canal - called in-ear or in-ear - and

start at less than 2,000 pesos


The supraural or diadem, which are supported on the ear,

are around 5,000 pesos


The circumaurals or HiFi, where the ear is covered by the padding, are obtained

from 8 thousand pesos


Philips Actionfit RunFree

Maximum power input 10 mW, sensitivity 107 dB.

speaker diameter 13.6 mm.

With Bluetooth 4.1.

$ 4,499

The SHQ6500CLs

were built for sports

, as their waterproof design and bass are built to perform on the go.

To prevent shedding during jogging, they include wedge-shaped rubber tips that mold to the ear socket.

The cable that connects the headphones is reinforced and achieves a good balance of sounds thanks to its echo control and noise reduction system.

They cost 4,499 pesos


Sony WH-CH510

With a frequency response of 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz (44.1 kHz sampling).

Bluetooth version 5.0 and LDAC technology.

$ 4,499

On the balance sheet, it

is the team that achieves the best technical balance


For use indoors as well as outdoors, these on-ear headphones include three buttons on the side, so you don't have to take your phone out to fast-forward or pause.

"For optimal performance, it is essential that there is 

a stable connection between the headphone and the Bluetooth

. It is important that the device has LDAC technology that provides a higher bandwidth to transmit three times the data. Ideal for high quality wireless audio , including Hi-Res content, "says Federico Viel, Sony's marketing manager.

This base model comes in three colors (white, blue and black) and although they do not fold like the top of the range, they can be rotated 90 degrees to lay them flat and facilitate transport.

They are 4,499 pesos.

Primus ARCUS 90T

In-ear model with 10mm speaker with microphone and maximum output power of 10mw and frequency 20-20khz.

$ 3,499.

They are designed for online gaming

, with acoustically balanced hi-fi audio.

It has high precision 10mm micro speakers and in-line command capsule for volume control, as well as for managing music and phone calls.


For gamers, wearing comfort is everything

. In addition to an ergonomic design, headphones with silicone tips fit easily in the ears, offering maximum comfort and stability during intense gaming sessions", remarks Adrian Romero, director PRIMUS regional.

It has a single TRRS cable for connection to any compatible 3.5mm device.

It also includes an adapter with two TRS connectors to also use it with a desktop PC.

They are 3,499 pesos


Philips TAH1205BK

With a 20 - 20,000 Hz frequency response, 32mm speaker diameter, 30mW maximum power input, and BT 5.1.

$ 4,599.

These supraurals are a great alternative as they provide 15 hours of playtime on a 2 hour charge.

Buttons on the ear pads make it easy to control

music and calls.

They fold flat for easy storage.

It has 32mm neodymium drivers for clear sound, while the closed-back design ensures excellent isolation.

They are available for 4,599 pesos.

Klip Xtreme Litetouch

With microphone and magnetic charging case with charging indicator LED.

Long-lasting 30mAh battery.

$ 2,999

Stereo Wireless Connection (TWS) type headphones and Smart Touch technology to play and interrupt audio, adjust volume, change tracks and answer or end calls with just one touch.

The compact design magnetic charging case is equipped with LED status indicator lights and a battery capable of storing the energy required to complete up to 2 charge cycles of up to 4 hours each.

They are 2,999 pesos.

BlackPoint H68

With a design similar to the AirPods, microphone, operating range of 10 meters, an autonomy of 3 hours and 2 hours of charge.

$ 2,000.

Another TWS equipment with a range of 10 meters and an autonomy of 3 hours.

A full charge takes two hours.

They come in two black and white colors.

They cost 2,000 pesos.

Technical aspects

The perception of sound, like the olfactory trace or taste,

are totally subjective impressions


Some may find something comfortable that for others is borderline tolerable.

To referee in this sensitive maze, technical specifications can serve as a quality stoplight.


it is always advisable to try them before deciding


The key aspects, which are not always indicated at a glance by the manufacturer, are summarized in the following points.

The drivers are the emitters of the sound and their performance depends on

the acoustic clarity, the bass balance and the consumption of electrical energy


The in-ears come with drivers from 8 to 15 mm, while the supra-aurals range from 20 to 50 mm.

As a logical rule, the size will determine the maximum volume but not the quality.

Scope and autonomy

Being wireless,

these headphones depend on the autonomy provided by the battery.

However, its duration depends on the volume at which it is heard, whether noise cancellation is activated and the distance between the emitter and the receiver.

While the larger models

can provide up to 10 hours of music

, those that wear on the ear, can

not exceed 4 hours

, although through their case, they can extend their charge for another 4 hours.

The difference, both in cost and result, between two similar pieces of equipment is based

on the BT technology

that the device has adopted.

The condition for entering the TWS category is that the headphones are of the in-ear type (in-ear).

It is convenient that it is 5.0 onwards.

Since it achieves a greater range and transmission speed, together with energy efficiency.

The most suitable is Bluetooth 5.2. It

was conceived to improve audio quality and reduce energy consumption.

At the limit of what is justifiable is the frequency range.

It refers to how low or loud the headphones can ring


In this race the limit is imposed by the human ear,

which captures sounds between 20 and 20,000 hertz


The closer the range of the headphones to these values, the better they will hear.

Thus, those that fall between 80 to 19,000 Hz will be

able to reproduce the sound they receive with maximum fidelity


Those that are between 150 to 14,000 Hz will have disadvantages in the low tones, the sounds with low frequencies of the audible spectrum.


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