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Road test: Porsche Taken Cross Turismo - Walla! vehicle


The Porsche electric car now also has a station wagon version, called the "Cross Turismo" and it takes the taker one step further in the leisure direction

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Road test: Porsche Taken Cross Tourismo

Let's start from the end, very few people need a car like the Porsche Takeek Cross, even fewer people will want to iron a million shekels on one.

But what machine awaits them ...


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Keenan Cohen

Wednesday, 22 September 2021, 08:23 Updated: 08:30

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In our normal speech, we are used to describing a machine that does things in an innovative and advanced way as a "spaceship" and this is also what goes through the mind with the start of driving on the Taken Cross Tourism, until another thought creeps into the head - this is not it.

Because a spaceship is something that humans work very hard to build and then launch into space, this car?

It gives a sense of something built on another planet and sent to us here.

This is not the first time this feeling has met us, it happened on the first drive in the Taken, and it also happened when we were driving its rear-wheel drive version.

This is something that just keeps happening because this car bends and bends so many things that we are used to thinking about cars, electric cars and Porsche.

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In its transition to the "leisure" worlds, Porsche gave the taker a new body, and not that the regular version lacks anything in its appearance, but this look of the sports station wagon looks so much better on its unusual appearance anyway.

And that's even before we talk about preferred usability.

As part of the new look, it also raises itself in relation to the regular Taken by up to 3 cm with the air suspension, and also wraps itself in a black plastic belt that may not impress any stone in the area - but is certainly more forgiving of parking rubs for example.

Still completely different from anything you see around, the price guarantees it will stay that way (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Its cabin is identical to the Taken.

This means a very large digital dashboard, concave in structure, with excellent resolution, detailed views and a wealth of information.

In the worlds of screens and displays, there is the central touch screen (10.9 inches) for the multimedia system and calibration of a variety of car systems and below it the screen that controls climate control and also includes a type of touchpad through which various functions (8.4 inches) can be controlled.

Since it is a Porsche, the cabin can be ordered in almost any look, texture and type of materials from this manufacturer's endless list of options (and the price accordingly).

In the test car the choice was a race-tex pad in a black-gray combination, it gives the cabin a high-tech-sporty look that very much matches the spirit of the car, but I can also understand why those who dislike it might think of it as having too simple a look for the price car.

Starts the driver deep inside the machine, but the cabin is not without its oddities (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

By the way, it is difficult to refer to what is in the demo car as a "standard" because the possibilities of diversity and adjustment are endless.

Indeed, some of the things are worth paying attention to.

On the panoramic roof window for example we would give up, which is not the 18,300 shekels and the weight you will save like the fact that it is without shading, and on hot days just produces a layer of hot air next to it.

All other additions are mainly a matter of taste, money and priorities, such as the burgundy chrono watch (NIS 4,259), the burgundy seat belts (NIS 5,850), the gray color for the rims (NIS 13,666) and the 21-inch rims themselves (NIS 47,561).

The operation of the air conditioning system must improve and quickly (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

And yet, despite the virtues of the cabin, its exceptional qualities and the perfect way it combines driver and machine when it comes to driving position - this cabin has some of the problems that have been dragged here since the take.

First, even with its elevation, it is a very low car with front beams that reach deep into the door, so entering it is not exactly a pleasure for someone who has a limited movement.

Further, the climate control control is terrible in the way the air outlet direction is done from a sub-menu and on the touch screen.

The control surface as part of the lower monitor is unnecessary and cumbersome to use.

The main storage compartment is located in a way that is very difficult to reach and to add insult to injury its cover does not stay open and makes it even more difficult to take out and put things in there.

The space in the back is good for two adults, the design dictates narrow and not very efficient windows that do not open to the end (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

In the rear seats there is no problem in terms of space for at least two adults and it even chops the occupants there while headroom relative to the regular version.

The trunk that bounces off its usability gets an extra 40 liters to 446 liters, not impressive in the station wagon worlds - but its structure and of course the connection to the cabin space allows you to load a bike with the front wheel disassembly and in any case useful and much easier to live with than the standard Tyken.

446 liters in the trunk and easier access than in the regular Taken (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Flying in a spaceship

Fold the driver's seat, arm outstretched ignition switch is on the left (electric or not - Porsche tradition), selector lever was switched to D, dial 'normal driving conditions "and we are buzzing outside Herzlia toward Route 5

as the first driving Btiikn Again I had to remind myself Not to mention the PlayStation, the screens, the effortless ease with which it accelerates and all this quietly and isolation from the environment are very confusing here.

As the miles accumulate in administrative driving its air shocks manage to deceive the brain with the efficiency with which they obscure the fact that we are rolling on huge 21-inch rims.

But as long as it is not German asphalt type A, the width of its soles actually constantly reminds me that there is a lot of rubber here that touches the road.

Surprisingly Porsche is content with two regenerative, normal and moderate charging modes and one slightly more powerful.

Even holding them is not really something that allows "driving with one pedal".

The front trunk completes another 84 liters (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Fantastic performance at any sane or less sane scale.

She reminds us again, sorry, does not mention - knocks us into the skull that the power in the electric cars is just a small piece of the story, the way it comes - it's the shit.

So they asked not the 490 horses she has in normal mode and up to 571 horses in over boost mode - this is how they pounce on the car at once and shoot her from the spot.

Without picking up RPM, without downshifting, without all that having to run through propulsion waves, differentials and switching vertical movement in rotation. Assault.And that's even before we move on to Sport and Sport Plus mode.

The air shocks do wonders for the ride, even with 21-inch rims (Photo: Rami Gilboa)

And these are not just the wild exits from the place with 4.1 seconds per 100, come on, we've already behind this silly trick, it's not even the crazy flash detours it allows to produce.

This car, like the regular takeaway really takes you down to the real cape on the winding road.

Take every turn you think of, think about how you would do it in a regular car and now forget about it - the Taken Cross sews winding roads like almost no car does.

If I have to put my finger on the exact spot - this is how it turns around you.

It makes it as if you are the center of the universe, you are the axis and the whole world rotates according to your steering command.

Bends the laws of physics in contempt of inquiries (Photo: Rami Gilboa)

One of the reasons this happens is of course the engineering freedom of electric cars and that it is possible to concentrate all the batteries (the most significant component in terms of weight) in the center and bottom of the car.

But let go, the real brainstorming part is that sitting here is one of the closest things to a race car you will experience on the road.

You see, in most even sporty cars, they do this whole segment of turns and dynamics “below” the driver, meaning the driver sits well above the wheels.

If in a normal car the top of the wheel is more or less in the driver's pelvic line - here it is at chest height.

And it changes, everything changes.

Even in its elevated position, its "terrain" is nothing more than well-tended paths (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Because when this seat is connected to a car that treats the laws of physics as some distant recommendation or rumor, the product of this connection is a car that does perfectly to the frustration of everything that constitutes fast driving - braking, steering, turning, grip, communication, and then when the steering wheel opens Monsters.

The test car also has the optional rear steering (26,372 shekels) which at high speeds turns the rear wheels a few degrees with the direction of rotation, making the rear also participates in steering and adds more confidence and ability to push faster a car that is already mentally fast at its base.

And after every such segment, a curse is thrown at me again about her mother, when I realize how small she took me out again, how much more could have been pushed her had it not been for this little matter of a public road and that she from A-W-D would happen.

Supports super fast charging (270DC) but these do not really exist (Photo: Rami Gilboa)

As for the subject of the area, let's calm down, even with its hoisting to the maximum height, it is a ventral spacing of 17.6 cm. Which "locks" it and makes the lowering of the power one that fits the ground door grip, this car is too vulnerable, too low and by no means can be called something designed to do that. Better than the regular taker.

Each addition here is worth its weight in Bitcoin.

Did you like these looks?

NIS 17,000 (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Batteries, range, charging

Unlike the standard Tyken that is available with two battery sizes, the Tyken Cross Tourismo only comes with the larger batteries, those of 93.4 kWh. Porsche declares a range of 388 to 452 km.

Also in this test, we conduct two consumption tests.

One is for relaxed daily driving and the other is consumption which includes the strenuous driving episodes (there were not many others ...).

The results ranged from 3.53 km / h in the demanding situation to 5.5 km / h in moderate driving.

That means realistic ranges of between 330 and 513 km in the unlikely event that you manage to drive it gently.

Incredibly unfounded intermediate accelerations (Photo: Rami Gilboa)


And another word about speed and frustration, the Taken and the Taken Cross are two sporty trams that can definitely be used as a sedative for those who are afraid of the electric age we are at. But make no mistake, with all these capabilities, not even half or a third of the fun of the Porsche 911 for example. The experience of this perfection is still too sterile, too gripping, making everything too easy.

It is first and foremost a worthy Porsche, a product of a manufacturer that approaches every segment breaks it down into factors and brings out the best car in it end point. But she is also more than that, she travels like no tram and no station wagon has traveled before her.

The base price of the Taken Cross Tourismo is NIS 915,000, to the test car we received were piles of options that fly the price to NIS 1,244,226. So she's not really a candidate to become a hysterical bestseller. But within the electric world and within the world of this Porsche (again) one of the marvelous, exaggerated, disturbed and unfounded motor works for the good that money can buy.

Get ready for something completely different, leave, nothing will prepare you for this ... (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

On the technical side: Porsche Takeen Tourismo 4S

Engine, propulsion:

electric X2, dual

power (hp):


torque (kg):



93.4 kWh


automatic, two gears


length (cm):


width (cm "M):


Height (cm):


Wheelbase (cm):


Trunk + Front compartment (liters):

446 + 84


Acceleration 0-100:

4.1 seconds

Maximum speed:

240 km / h

Combined consumption (test):

4.5 km per kWh


NIS 915,000 (base), 1,244,226 (test)

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