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Everyone remembers "Pig on the Floor" and Kendall's awkward rap in honor of his father, but the greatness of "Heirs" is most evident in the moments when she grabs the guts, plucks the nerves and drops the jaw. Ahead of the third season coming next week, here's a reminder of the series' big scenes

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Distrust, blackmail, resentment and soul: the 5 amazing moments of "heirs"

Everyone remembers "Pig on the Floor" and Kendall's awkward rap in honor of his father, but the greatness of "Heirs" is most evident in the moments when she grabs the guts, plucks the nerves and drops the jaw.

Ahead of the third season coming next week, here's a reminder of the series' big scenes


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Ido Yeshayahu

Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 00:00

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Trailer "Heirs" Season 2 (HBO)

Next Monday, Bite, Hot and Cellcom Tiwi will finally open the third season of "Heirs", almost two years after the previous one due to many delays due to the corona plague. As before, the new season will feature ten episodes that will air weekly, alongside a broadcast on HBO.

If you have not yet had the great and vicious pleasure of getting to know, the series follows the family of billionaires Roy, led by the cruel father of the family Logan (played by Brian Cox), who heads the concern he founded, "Weistar Royco". It is a fictitious equivalent of the Rupert Murdoch dynasty, which like it controls hundreds of the world's largest media outlets - the most famous of which in the real world are among the most infamous on the planet, such as Fox News and leaky tabloids like The Sun and the New York Post.

In anticipation of the arrival of the new season we were reminded of some of the great moments of the series. There is no shortage of them, especially the kind that burns poison and cringe to our souls. One of them is "pig on the floor", for example, when during a formation event for the group's senior employees, the angry Logan forced some of them to play a humiliating game, which among other things made them snore like pigs and quarrel over a sausage thrown at them. Another memorable moment, and tormenting to watch in embarrassment, is the rap performance of Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) at his father's surprise party. Whole minutes that feel like an eternity, during which the humiliated son appeared with an original hip-hop segment in front of a stunned audience, which was an extension of all viewers.

But the greatness of "heirs," or at least her ability to elaborate on various emotions, was illustrated precisely in powerful emotional moments. One by one, every few episodes, they came and made it clear that this is one of the wonderful series on screen right now. Here are the top five moments, in chronological order.

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Voting Disbelief (Season 1 Episode 6)

It took the “heirs” a number of episodes to close in on itself and really show us how the potential can explode on screen in a pulsating way.

Early in the series, 80-year-old Logan Roy suffered a brain hemorrhage.

The subsequent recovery prevented him from running the company properly, knowing some of his senior employees and two of his children: Kendall, his father's right-hand man in the company and who was to be his successor until Logan reigned;

And the reckless novelist (Kieran Kalkin), who was appointed operations manager by his father in place of veteran Frank (Peter Friedman).

Logan's health condition has flooded the surface with some puzzling business decisions, including an old, $ 3 billion secret debt, and a new insistence on buying a network of local digital TVs in an increasingly digital world. These, along with a sporadic and considerable lack of clarity, led to a coup attempt. Kendall, Roman, Frank, and Kendall's old friend Stewie (Arian Moyed) - who agreed to provide the company with financing for shares and a place on the board - plotted to get the majority needed to oust Logan by surprise in a no-confidence vote.

It seemed that the revolt was about to succeed, the conspirators convinced enough voters, but then everything collapsed.

As part of a detailed and nerve-wracking sequence, Kendall did not make it to the meeting on time - stuck in a huge traffic jam, he got out of the car and started running, joining the discussion on the phone.

Logan, at the same time, who by law is supposed to leave the room because the vote concerns him, refused to do so.

And so one by one most of the voters folded in the face of the horror in the presence of the big boss, while Kendall on the loudspeaker tried to force them to do what they agreed.

Of the significant figures, only Kendall and Frank voted in favor of the impeachment, and along with the others were immediately dismissed by Logan immediately upon the end of the failed vote.

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Logan defeats Kendall (Season 1 Episode 12)

After a season of clashes and takeover attempts, chess comes from Logan's side, and it happens again a moment after Kendall's hand appears to be on top. While everyone in England in favor of the marriage of the sister Shiv (Sarah Snouck) and Bhl"h Tom (Matthew strict), planned hostile takeover Kendall stoically wove together a patron of the latter turned out to be one of the great rivals of Logan - Sandy France.

Kendall himself he submitted to his father in the In the takeover bar, which diverts the family's attention from the supposedly festive event for which they had gathered. , They whip him with their words, and the unsettled Kendall tries to get cocaine to muffle his troubles.

He finds direction with a local employee on the catering staff, a guy named Andrew. The sober Kendall is the one who drives while the young man, under the influence of ketamine, in the seat next to him. On the way in the countryside around them, while crossing a small bridge, a deer in the middle of the road caused them to deviate from it and into the river. Kendall managed to free himself from the sinking car, but immediately realized that Andrew was already lost. Soaked in water he returned through the fields to the wedding venue, then discovered that the ticket to his room was not on him.

The next morning his father called him to a side room, revealing that the card was found by his private security personnel near the scene of the accident. Logan promised his son he would whitewash everything for him, and all Kendall had to do was let Sandy and Stewie know he was retiring from the takeover. Broken Kendall agreed and surrendered in tears to his father's hug.

It was a moment that seemed like a sad crescendo to all of Kendall's most intense feelings, an accumulation of guilt over betraying his father and abandoning the boy, along with the relief inherent in knowing he was not doomed to bear the terrible secret alone.

At the same time, it was Logan's sweet triumphant moment, which, despite his ice-coldly calculated demeanor, still seemed to genuinely concern his son this time around - a fascinating, and often touching, dichotomy that continued to be present in season two.

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The defeated Kendall embraces Shiv (Season 2 Episode 4)

In the face of these events, Kendall had largely become a puppet on a wire in his father's service, and it was heartbreaking to look at. When Kendall went up in smoke on the roof in this episode, all of New York City stretched beneath it, beyond the low glass railing, its bottom accessible and tempting. Meanwhile his small, infantile rebellions were manifested in shoplifting, which his father was aware of and plastered without him knowing, until his sister revealed it to him later.

Shiv was informed by her father that she was the one who would inherit it, and then in practice was almost always excluded from all the significant decisions and matters of society. When she arrived at the office to get acquainted with the craft, she demonstrated in front of her brother the usual power relations, suspicions and tugs of war, and then also found out about the thefts from the shops and did not understand why Kendall was allowed to behave like that. At the end of the day she asked him directly: "Do you have a deal with Dad?". Her brother answered her in general and concluded his words simply: "It will not be me". He is not the heir.

Shiv continued to interrogate but Kendall, who could not reveal the terrible reason for this, only surprised her with a hug.

Her amused look changed to sincere and very moving concern when she realized her brother was sobbing over her shoulder.

When they broke up, his only request was that she take care of him if she replaced his father, because otherwise "I do not know exactly what my purpose is."

It's such a beautiful moment in itself, but it's doubly rare in such a cynical and heartless series.

And as in the case of the thefts, it dawned on Kendall again that his father simply knows everything about his actions.

The next day when he went up to the roof again, he discovered that the height of the railing had been raised to a height of three meters.

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Tom and Shiv's Picnic (Season 2 Episode 10)

In one of the strongest testimonies to the way the series causes its characters to bubble quietly until the explosion arrives, or at least the boil, Tom finally confronts Shiv about his consistently threatening attitude toward him. The relationship between them in the first place and in retrospect seems puzzling. Her father once slapped her that the reason she's with Tom is because of her fear of being alone, but it seems like something more complex. Shiv probably loves her husband, but as a woman who all her life has grown up as a link in an endless chain of bullying and around appellants, led by her father, she has engineered a relationship in which she can always be the upper hand.

At the end of the second season, the family went on a private cruise to figure out how to deal with the scandal they got into.

The company, and in particular Logan, were brought to the forefront and questioned in Congress following revelations of numerous sexual harassments by Moe Lester, a senior member of the company.

In real time, the charges against him were closed by buying the complainants' silence, something that the head of the resort cruises department, Bill Lockhart (Mark Bloom), took care of.

In one case, an employee fell to her death at sea during the voyage, which is also connected to Moe's actions.

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Now, on the family yacht, family members and company executives were sitting and trying to decide who would be sacrificed as a scapegoat in this affair. That is - who actually sat in jail. When Tom's name came up as an option, Shiv insisted it was a plausible option. Tom anyway has recently become the family's punching bag. He was the first to testify because he replaced Bill in his position in the department for a period of several months, and through his cousin Greg (Nicholas Brown) even made sure to shred incriminating information about what was happening. Shiv's act, which also accumulated as part of their private relationship, was one knife too many in Tom's back or stomach.

To compensate her husband, Shiv went out with him in a boat to one of the nearby islands so they could be alone.

The picnic hall is far from pastoral and romantic.

Tom, who usually agrees and nods even when it is obvious that he thinks differently, slapped back all the feelings that had accumulated in him from the day of their wedding until that day.

It was as cathartic a moment as it was sad.

In a series so riddled with repression and emotional abuse, the very explicit statement was immense.

By the way, Tom formulated one of the most beautiful sentences in the series, equally cumbersome and lyrical: "I wonder if the sadness I will be without you will be less than the sadness I become from being with you."

Kendall's Press Conference (Season 2 Episode 10)

What is ingenious about the final minutes of the second season is that it is such a stunning and yet so requested event, one that has completely connected all the developments so far.

After all the discussions about family sailing, Logan finally decided (with Shiv's encouragement, by the way, despite the connection with her brother in the fourth episode) that Kendall would be the blood victim who would take responsibility for the default.

Kendall, being a slave to his father, accepted the decree.

But “Heirs” put us and Logan to sleep for an entire season.

We have forgotten that this submissive relationship was preceded by something completely different, and that Kendall's personality does not end with just an empty and gloomy subservience.

For a long time he tried desperately to overthrow his father.

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At the same time on the yacht, Kendall asked his father if in his eyes he ever had a real option to inherit it.

Logan admitted not to.

"You're not a killer," he explained.

An ambiguous statement that on the one hand is reminiscent of the tragic accident in England and on the other hand marks what is about to come.

And here, when the son sat down in front of the cameras at the press conference, instead of falling on the sword he stabbed her with his father.

Once upon a time, back in the fifth episode of the series, Roman told his brother that the only way their father would respect Kendall was if he tried to eliminate him, because that's what the father himself would have done to him if he had been in his shoes.

Indeed, a season and a half later, in moments of his terrible defeat, with Roman by his side and Shuva stunned at the sight of their brothers' actions, a small smile of pride wounds on the side of Logan's face.

The road is paved for another strong battle.

The third season of "Heirs" will air every Monday Bite, Hot and Cellcom Tiwi, starting next week.

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