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Road test: Stella 3LR model in a test around Israel - Walla! vehicle


Full local test drive for Tesla Model 3, this time in the LR version with the longest range of the models

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Road test: Stella model 3LR in a test around Israel

The goal: to test the Tesla Model 3, the task: to drive it as much as possible, the method: the coffee of the State of Israel - a very different road test for a very different car


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Keenan Cohen

Tuesday, 12 October 2021, 15:15 Updated: 15:40

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10:50, get equipped with a Tesla in the Ramat Aviv mall (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

By and large, the usual procedure is that when a new car arrives in Israel, as part of the marketing system that brings it to the public's notice, it arrives at road tests at the same time as its sale begins.

For Tesla, like most things for Tesla, the dynamics were different.

And rightly so, we could already on arrival get our hands on a private car from each of the versions and publish a "test" that is "first" to the glory of the gig.

We could, but still, we preferred to wait and even when Tesla offered us a car for a few hours, we politely declined and preferred to wait to get the car for a road test at the accepted 48 hour standard.

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Patience has therefore paid off.

The 3 LR model that is compatible with us we collect from the Ramat Aviv mall and go out with it for the first real road test in Israel, but not just a test, because here we go to a challenge that has not yet been done with an electric car - full Israeli coffee using public charging stations on the road.

In this slightly strange road test, we, the surfers, will update you on the course of the test as it progresses, and as much as we can, we will also be happy to answer your questions, which you can write below in our comments and Facebook page.

So go ahead, there is a six-pack of water, there are beef jerky packs, the coffee pack is packed, there is a sleeping bag, the Spotify is blowing up podcasts and you can set off.

Charged and ready to leave (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

11:00 - Ramat Aviv Mall

I would say first meeting with the vehicle, but it seems that in recent months it is impossible to go out on the roads without seeing 2-3 Tesla, especially if you live in the center.

I am collecting the Model 3 LR, and the exhaustive tutorial goes through more or less what you need to know to get around with it.

But in Tesla it is only a flicker on the surface.

It is clear to me that in our 48 hours together the acquaintance with what she does and how she does will deepen and even then, with so many features that are still in it, it will not end so quickly.

The first destination is the Motor City route.

The address is entered for the navigation of the Tesla displayed on the giant screen, in the absence of compatibility with Android devices and the "built-in" operating system, it is not possible to display WAZE, why?

Because Tesla.

First traffic with it in the city mainly makes it possible to discover that its large window area and airy cabin give a very good view out.

And one should also remember that there is a world outside the multi-event screen.

12:30 Visit to Motor City (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

12:30 Motor City Track

This is not what you think, this time we did not come here to do laps with the Tesla on the track, but for another event held here on the road.

After all, I used the little over 100 kilometers here mainly to settle in the car.

The conclusions so far - excellent seats, the ride is very smooth, very comfortable and except for asphalt fractures the comfort is outstanding.

Touches and first impressions from the passenger compartment give the impression of excellent material quality, the two wireless charging stations are useful and located smartly and correctly (there are also two USB-C sockets), large and ample storage compartments.

And again, this feeling of driving is very pleasant thanks to the spacious cabin.

Tesla made its way from the center to the mouth using 30 percent of the battery, we didn't really keep up the speed and there were some algae, but as mentioned, we were just getting started.

Observing Mitzpe Ramon (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

14:30 Mitzpe Ramon

From Motor City near Be'er Sheva, we left for Mitzpe Ramon. Tesla located one of its fast supercharger stations here, and the place became a kind of "stopping point" for its owners on the way to Eilat. We do not really need to charge, we entered the city gates with 50 percent in the battery with behind us already 210 km in an average consumption of 160 watt-hours. We are fine with continuing to the southern city in one go and arriving with a balance of 19 percent,

On the way here I had to go through some sections of asphalt at these and other levels of paving.

When it comes to power, the experience here is second only to a powerful A-D electric car, not only the sharp and immediate throttle responses, but also the continuous uninterrupted acceleration.

Come on, leave for Eilat, on the way there are some good twists - we will update.

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