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Road test: BMW R1250RT - Walla! vehicle


BMW's touring sports motorcycle has undergone a series of changes for the 2021 model year, we're taking a road test to see how different it is and whether it's worth its price tag

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Road test: BMW R1250RT

The R1250RT has always been one of the best touring sports vehicles, but now with more electronics and instrumentation it is further raising the bar and price tag


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Keenan Cohen

Friday, October 22, 2021, 10:03 Updated: 10:10

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Sometimes, you do not really have to do anything to imagine how it would make you feel.

In the case of the updated R1250RT there was a moment where I said to myself "so sure that's how it feels to fly a jet executive jet".

It was this feeling of a large machine, built for talpiots, with power and yet one that could be controlled with the tip of the fingers, as if by thought alone.

The current RT is a who-knows-how squad in the dynasty of touring motorcycles and later also touring sports of the German manufacturer.

The last relevant landmark is in 2019 when this motorcycle gets the new BMW engine, yes, identical to the one in the GS with the ShiftCam system of changing valves.

The current update concerns its air pollution, but has not changed anything in power (136 hp) or torque (14.6 kg).

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Powerful and adaptive LED lighting that illuminates into the reference even before you reach it (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

It does touch on a series of electronic systems added to it.

The first and most prominent is the adaptive cruise control system which by means of radar "locks" on the vehicles in front (car or motorcycle) and allows deceleration and acceleration depending on the speed of the vehicle being tracked.

More than that, he will also know how to slow you down if a front approach is detected at a higher speed than that which allows you to turn safely.

Adaptive lighting that sends a beam of light into the dark reference.

At first encounter, as before, the RT is a very impressive looking motorcycle.

And with its new front, it's all in the Transformers worlds.

The leg swing is quite modest in relation to the size of this tool, but it is a size that is mostly lengthwise and widthwise.

This seat will be accessible in height even for lower riders.

With so many functions, the four shortcut buttons (left) are extremely useful (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

In front of me and around me are the access buttons, scrolling, menus, trip computer, riding control, cruise control, reflector height direction and also some function that controls tidal times at sea. It is not always convenient to start flipping through the functions to find what you want to do, and in this respect the four "shortcut" buttons on the left side of the firing have been found to be very convenient and save the attention of rummaging through the depths of its many menus.

The dashboard is very large, 10.25 inches of TFT monitor that manages to be readable even in direct sunlight, and is built correctly in terms of the data display in it and it has a lot of data to display. Exclude trip computer views, controls, radio, even navigation when synced to mobile phone. By the way, a mobile phone in the right compartment has a wireless charging pad for a mobile (but do not use it - a riding phone - only on you).

Beyond that there are the usual patents of the BMW touring sports motorcycle like the very generous electric mirror, the comfortable and spacious seat, heated handles and seat, excellent and useful central locking button - one click and all the compartments are open and the integral side boxes.

Opinions are still divided as to whether their opening to the side is comfortable or not, in terms of space - no problem it sure is when they swallow a whole helmet easily with a little excess.

Adaptive cruise control radar, an excellent solution to a problem that does not exist (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

The propulsion of the motorcycle produces the characteristic sound of the boxer engine in BMW, a kind of mechanical grunt of "forward, on the road" with the sounds of the valves from the heads and the exhaust behind. A few throttle turns rock the motorcycle to the sides, due to the flywheel installed along it, also a familiar BMW feature. We start rolling in Tel Aviv, and the direction is out of the city as quickly as possible. The RT does not like slow speeds and certainly does not slip between vehicles. The responses to the handlebars are very fast, maybe too fast, which strangely causes his nose to give a sense of a kind of tendency of the motorcycle to "fall" to turns at a very slow speed and to those whose width needs to be added.

In other parameters, the big city does not really move him excellent comfort, the position of its vehicles is relatively upright and once you put the motorcycle in second gear you can cover with it the entire reasonable and least reasonable speed range in urban traffic.

We thought of stopping for coffee in front of the view, at the end we jumped to another place 40 km just for fun (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

When the road opens out, we have a first chance to stretch the engine and find out again what a gem it is.

When it switches from a boxer gurgle in a German accent to a completely cool roar from around 4,500 rpm to the end. Of pressure applied to the throttle.The quickshift box plays a second violin to this engine and further enables its relaxed flow riding.

With its adjustable reflector it is easy to find the angle and height that suits the rider, for me for example in its low position the top line of the reflector was "stuck" exactly in the line of sight.

The highway is also an opportunity to try adaptive cruise control.

Determine cruising speed, desired distance from the vehicle in front of us and from there the business simply follows what it is doing in terms of speed - the business is impressive.

But on the other hand it's like someone telling you he invented a marshmallow snack that is also earplugs.

I mean - it can work but why would anyone want it.

Unlike braking or stability systems that do things beyond the capabilities of the average rider - keeping your distance or controlling the motorcycle throttle is something I would not entrust to an electronic system.

Cell phone with wireless charging (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

The miles accumulate and this motorcycle has been blessed with the ability developed in BMW in decades of building such tools - to make you smile wider and wider as the miles accumulate and extend the time until the coffee stops by another 30-50-70 km at a time. This is the convenience Excellent, with the marvelous ease with which it twists on the roads, its steering done with thought and gentle pushing, at the fingertips of the handlebars. Scale, certainly when it comes to a country like ours.

The crates will swallow an entire helmet with a little more space (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

After two days of a few hundred miles, getting off the motorcycle for the umpteenth time produces the same insight we got off of it for the first time - "wow, what a wonderfully engineered machine."

It is truly a device in which every element is designed and executed to the glory of its destiny.

But let's face it - his vocation is a touring sport - and that means it's the kind and nature of its use that he is entitled to these compliments.

Try to use it as a daily urban and discover the lesser side of his pleasant, it weighs 280 kg, it is very difficult to transfer between cars or even sandwiched between two two-wheeled scooters parking lot.

If you are population groups that can provide a motorcycle Monday or Sunday but will be used for trips Only at 178,000 shekels - there is no offer on two wheels that will surpass this one.

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