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Ferrari makes a tribute to one of the biggest race cars ever and it does it like only Ferrari knows how to do

A few months ago we wrote about the end of an era in Ferrari, about the Compatsiona, the exotic sports car with the mighty V12 engine, the ultimate atmosphere, and the one that will be the last to be produced with this raw wild configuration, well, we were wrong and big time.

But we have never been happier to make a mistake.

Because this car is the latest and what a crescendo Ferrari has prepared for us with it ...

This week the SP3 daytona launched a limited series of 599 cars for sale by appointment only, and when Ferrari announces a sale for invite only, you can be sure that it is an exceptional machine even in its terms.

Atmospheric 6.5-liter engine with 12 cylinders in a V-shape, which produces 829 horses, switches off ignition at 9,500 rpm and is located in the center of the vehicle.

It will roar its way to 100 km / h in 2.85 seconds, which is less time than it took you to read it. To 200 km / h in 7.4 seconds, which is a little longer than it took you to read it.

The maximum speed is 340 km / h. All this on a featherweight body of 1,485 kg, about the weight of an average family car.

If the data sounds close to you, it's not the same version.

The 3SP is the beautiful end-to-end version of its Compatcation.

With all the components that Ferrari knows how to mold a central engine into a car to make it the most coveted ever created ...

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The P3 was and still is one of the most beautiful race cars in the world (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

The Divine who went through hell

The inspiration for Daytona special project 3 comes from a turning point in Ferrari's history. From a legendary car called the 330 prototype 3.

The P3 as it is known was a race car, rare, one of the most special cars ever produced by Ferrari, whose racing career was between 1966 and 1967. She competed and won cars with her own twin engine volume, one testament to the engineering genius, to the one-off brilliance that this car was. If I were given three wishes I would ask for the P3 for my first wish. Basically left, I would take advantage of all the wishes and ask for three P3. The car that looks like an angel emits a devilish noise from a 4-liter V12 engine located in the center of the vehicle.

In my eyes and in the eyes of many it is the most beautiful car that came out of a Maranello ... not a Maranello .... it is the most beautiful race car made by man. And like any fairy tale it has a glorious and very short history. In the early 1960s Ferrari dominated the various 24 hour races. These were and still are races that are not just a test of driving ability, or even driving ability for long periods of time - they are an amazing mechanical achievement, a testament to the resilience and ability of a car to function in the extreme conditions of racing for hours upon hours. At the time, following a failed attempt to take over Ferrari, it is said, Henry Ford II was furious at the impudence and humiliation of Enzo Ferrari's refusal and sent the American car empire on a crusade with one goal - to humiliate Ferrari on its home turf. Ford is investing huge capital in the development and launch of the GT40. One race-oriented race car - to oust Ferrari from the diamond in the crown of the racing world. It was a car developed by Carol Shelby, with a 7-liter engine,Who after a difficult start finally managed to win in 1966 at Le Mans and continued to do so until 1969.

Triple victory when P3 captures the first three marokums in Daytona's 24 hours (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

Ford's cars were at their peak in the years when the Ferrari 330 Prototype 3 and Prototype 4, or in short the P3 and P4 were produced - between 1966 and 1967.

It had 5 gears, 420 horsepower, a red line at 8,000 rpm. It was light thanks to the use of a fiberglass body. It was also the first Ferrari to use fuel injection. And its loss to Ford in 1966 was not without a battle worthy of its name. The P4 was Almost identical with only three valves per cylinder which gave 450 horses at 8,200 rpm.

Her sweet and stunning moment of victory was when she finished in 1,2,3 places in Dayton's 24 hours in 1967.

These were two P4s and another Ferrari 412 that was actually a converted P3.

But despite this achievement, it simply was not a worthy rival to the brutal power and speed that Ford's car developed on the Le Mans track and even that year Ford won and Ferrari settled for 2nd and 3rd places.

In 68, the rules were changed, banning the participation of cars with an engine over 3 liters and they were forced to retire from the 24-hour races for which they were built.

The P3 and P4 were the girls who were so prepared for the prom and then at the last minute they found out that someone else had stolen the guy for them.

If there is a striped car that deserves to return to the road in a new incarnation, it is the 3/4 prototype.

There are singles in the world today, many perrists follow them, as first names use their chassis numbers to identify them ... If you search YouTube for the chassis number 0846 you will see and hear it star.

The heiress alongside her spiritual mothers (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

Supercar for the super rich

"Corsa Client" or "customer racing" in Italian, are Ferrari's way to keep the customers it wants to visit fueled with love for these cars. Most car manufacturers have a route plan for customers, this is an opportunity to take your or your manufacturer's vehicles and push them to the edge. In most cases it is under the marketing department and is designed to strengthen contact with customers and / or turn on potential customers. Ferrari has taken it one step further and established a whole league of races for its most loyal customers. It started with courses like the other manufacturers offer at one- or two-day track events, and over the years has evolved into two racing leagues operating on all continents on special track cars, these cars are race / track versions only for the company’s road models. Over the years even more exclusive programs have been launched for the company's heaviest customers where it is possible to drive models with sophisticated and experimental technologies (the XX series) and even retired Formula 1 cars, the latter two will get their own article in the future.

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The wings, and the air intake are the main features it draws from the source (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

This week closed the "World Cup Final" - the end-of-season event of Corsa Client that took place this year on the Mogello track in a week that is all about a motor action celebration.

The schedule as usual was the final races of the box office and the Tropeau and in between sessions of training, free driving, sessions for the private xx and formula series and everything Ferrari lovers can ask for. The schedule is the launch - a very small number of guests gathered in a small hall, only they knew something special was going to happen there.

That something, was the launch of a new model in the Icon series.

Most of the rear is an engine!

(Photo: Manufacturer's website)

Shaw Hada "Icon"?

In the Ferrari the Icon is a series of cars in limited production located above the "homologation" versions that are initially limited in both luxury and price and which are produced in even smaller numbers.

The series takes iconic cars from the past that were in really limited production and which most collectors would sell their souls to achieve and give them new life in a modern design faithful to the original only with advanced materials and dizzying performance.

The first iconic car launched 3 years ago was the Monza.

An amazing work of art based on the legendary Ferrari Monza.

It was created in 499 units and was sold in an instant to collectors among Ferrari's most loyal customers, at a price of $ 2.5 million and you will make the account of how profitable it was for the company.

Since then waiting to see what will be the new artist creation in the series.

This week the wait was over, at a private launch and then on the track in front of all participants in the World Cup final client beam went up to the Daytona track SP3 (special project) accompanied by three Ferrari P3 and P4 cars - the inspiration for this model.

Stunning, but far from the work of art of the original (Photo: manufacturer's website)

Softness and difficulty

From the outside the car is beautiful, it looks classic and simple at first glance and then as you get closer you discover a variety of elements. Just as they wanted, classic elements in a modern interpretation that incorporates new technologies. From the minimalist and sharp version to the old elliptical grill, and above it a wider and functional grill area, the elongated elongated convex window and of course the four wings - two on the hood and two at the rear in the rear wheel cover. At the rear, like the icons of the P3, the air vents on the sides of the wing on the lid create the illusion of width. In profile, like the original it looks like a continuous wave, except for the elongated front air intake in the driver's window area and the rear one. Only when approaching are the dominant airflow channels and air pockets present in the butterfly doors revealed. At the back it looks really wide thanks to the tight transverse lines that are really reminiscent of the testosterone in a modern, exaggerated rendering in my opinion, it makes it look futuristic and not classic, at least a nice job was done there to connect it to the front lines.The hood in my opinion is the biggest miss. A kind of narrow window to the engine, instead of a huge window that could provide an amazing look to the most amazing 12-cylinder engine produced by the company, and unfortunately will probably stop producing.

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The seats are fixed in place, the pedals are adjustable - race car or not?

(Photo: Manufacturer's website)

Inside it is perfect, the seats, as originally built directly into the car body, the driver environment is minimalist and not crowded and made of innovative materials.

The show is an amazing hybrid of a classic monitor with modern processing, also the texture of the driver environment is very reminiscent of the one that exists in prototypes only it is elegant, modern, designed in a style that only Italians can produce.

Since the seat is fixed these are the adjustable and directional pedals, which adds the feel of a race car and no less so also the elevated new gear selector.

Combining a digital monitor with a relatively simple look like in the driver's environment in a race car (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

Makes a wurrroom!

The power unit is almost identical to its Competation, but has received a handful of small upgrades and technologies from the company's formula division that make it faster and faster, but between us it's not really important and / or noticeable or interesting, what is interesting is that the engine moves to the middle.

It means a completely different weight distribution, it means the car is much more precise and sharp in twists, of course Ferrari took advantage of the new position to shorten the exhaust manifold and improve acoustic suction to produce amazing sound, at the most diabolical levels possible now coming behind the driver.

Where's the engine?

Why not see the engine ?!

(Photo: Manufacturer's website)

Relying on the history of these versions, all 599 customers who received the order to buy the SP3 probably did as well, just as they had previously bought the Compatsiona.

Although it is a collector's version that is supposed to be on display, we have a feeling that its driving experience and sound at 9,500 rpm will make the lucky ones who bought it drive it and collect exciting moments instead of just looking at it, especially giving the heiress of one of this manufacturer's worthy and unlucky cars Another round.

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