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Servian's fatal burglary trial: lies, certainties and gray areas of the investigation


The Malgouyres spouses were victims in 2017 of a home-jacking in their magnificent property. Facts that the husband, who had shot down

Two years of investigations punctuated by twists and turns, contradictory versions, lies and several gray areas ... The Hérault Assize Court tried to see more clearly this Wednesday in the mysterious home-jacking that occurred at Daniel's house and Françoise Malgouyres, on October 5, 2017, in their magnificent property in Servian (Hérault), a renowned garden attracting 40,000 annual visitors.

Real aggression as assured Daniel Malgouyres, who says he shot one of the thugs to defend himself?

Or a mock burglary set up by the husband to scare his wife and steal her savings, as Richard Llop, the organizer, and Richard Bruno, his accomplice, claim?

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It is this last conviction that came to defend the director of this investigation which looks like a Chinese puzzle, and whose work was dissected for more than ten hours.

In this story, according to the gendarme, everything is due first of all to an explosive conjugal context in the months preceding the events.

Hospitalized after a serious horse accident in May 2017, Françoise Malgouyres discovers upon coming out of a coma that her husband is cheating on her with an employee, but also that he has tried to get hold of their savings - one million euros in an account in Luxembourg and 450,000 euros in jars buried in the property.

“War broke out between the couple.

Françoise Malgouyres will lead him an impossible life, putting pressure to sell the garden, even threatening to burn it, ”recalls the soldier.

With the help of her son Olivier, who trapped his father by placing microphones in the house, the wife manages in extremis to protect Luxembourg funds, obtains the modification of the marriage contract, and has her rival fired.

"The reality of the project could have been to kill her"

“Daniel Malgouyres, cornered, feels that he is losing everything, summarizes the gendarme. He has only one idea in mind, to keep the garden with his mistress, with whom he is madly in love. This is how he would have had this idea of ​​burglary to frighten his wife and make her leave of her own free will, in the process remunerating the burglars with her money, 100,000 € held in a safe which she only the combination knows ...

Machiavellian? The investigator goes even further, imagining that that evening, things not going as planned since Françoise Malgouyres refuses to lead the thieves to the safe, "the reality of the project could have been to kill her". Which would explain why Daniel Malgouyres shot down one of the burglars and shot the second. "He could have taken advantage of the situation to then eliminate his wife," he concludes. And so, solve all his problems at once.

To establish their hypothesis, the gendarmes retain that only the spouses and their son knew of the existence of the safe, but that it had just been emptied of its contents, which the patriach did not know on the other hand ... There are also the accusations consistent with Llop and Bruno, the omissions of Daniel Malgouyres, a disturbing attitude in the investigation, even outright lies… but also logical dead ends, which the lawyers of the owner-gardener apply to detail.

"Questions of common sense", underlines Me Archibald Celeyron, one of his defenders. "If he is an accomplice, we are surprised that he himself did not provide images or a sketch of the premises", remarks the lawyer, recalling that Richard Llop obtained photos of the estate by carrying out an overview by helicopter via an acquaintance. "Why not neutralize the dog to facilitate their access to the garden?" Do not warn them that an employee is staying on the property and that you have to be careful? "

There is also this camera posted at the entrance of the domain, which did not work, which Llop and Bruno did not know.

"If Daniel Malgouyres was an accomplice, he could have told them that she was fictitious", further notes the criminal.

And then there is this famous chest, the location of which Daniel Malgouyres knew perfectly well.

“Again, it's quite notable that he doesn't tell them.

It was their method of remuneration.

If they had known where he was, they would have gone there ”, logically unfolds Me Celeyron.

The investigator, annoyed, mutters a few hypotheses, without convincing.

These calls at every crucial moment of preparation

And the defenders of Daniel Malgouyres to shift the gaze of the jurors to another accused: Richard Llop, confidant and friend of the family, very informed of their marital setbacks, of their occult heritage… and himself financially strapped.

Their thesis?

That he wanted to set up the business for his own account and is now trying to minimize his responsibility by saying that he acted under the influence, out of pure friendship.

It is thus Llop who will recruit the team of thugs, in a hurry after being turned away by Grenoble gangsters who deemed the project poorly put together.

Interested in the context of another case, they also affirmed that there was never any question that the owner of the premises was in cahoots ... but on the contrary, that it was necessary to act quickly because of an imminent departure of the latter abroad - a falsehood.

"And then, if the Grenoblois don't want to do it, why isn't Richard Llop trying to convince them by telling them that the owner is involved?" “Asks Me Jean-Marc Darrigade. "He was only supposed to say it once it was certain," replied the gendarme. " Oh yes ? And three days later, he ignores this instruction and informs all his accomplices that Daniel Malgouyres is aware? "

Finally, there are these coincidences, these calls that Richard Llop makes to Olivier Malgouyres at each crucial moment in the preparation of the project.

Do they speak horse riding, the first giving regular lessons to the second?

Is Llop trying to get information at the expense of the son of the family?

Or with his complicity?

A final hypothesis contradicting the investigation, that the defense of Daniel Malgouyres does not hesitate to put on the table, as if to show how much we must be wary of appearances in this complex case.

At the end of this grueling day, however, it is difficult to know what the jurors will have retained.

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