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Deep Divers: Did "Heirs" go all the way with the big twist of the third season? - Walla! culture


Since airing the eighth episode of the third season of "Heirs," many fans have been trying to figure out if the series has indeed decided to end its most dramatic relationship. is it possible? We checked everything

Deep Divers: Did "Heirs" go all the way with the big twist of the third season?

Since the airing of "Cyancheshire," the eighth episode of the third season of "Heirs," many fans have been trying to figure out if the series has indeed decided to end its most dramatic relationship.

There are quite a few hints of this, but there are no less solid reasons to doubt what we think we have seen.

Caution, spoilers

Ilan Kaprov


Wednesday, 08 December 2021, 08:09 Updated: 08:26

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Promo "Heirs" Season 3 Episode 8 (HBO)

A week before the final episode of the third season of "Heirs," many fans of the acclaimed drama series are busy trying to assess what happened to one of its main characters. Naturally, these are particularly significant spoilers, so this is a good opportunity for anyone who has not yet watched "Chantshire" - the eighth episode of the season -

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The plot of the episode culminated in the chain of events of the three seasons of the series, with the fierce battle between Kendall and Logan Roy for control of the Wistar-Royco media corporation ending (at least temporarily, certainly given the series' history) with the loss of the first. Defeated and in what appears to be a particularly unsettled state of mind, Kendall initiates a meeting with his father in order to initiate his departure from the family society. The decision comes after a number of failures to produce moves that would allow him to take over the company, especially in front of his sister Shivon and his brother Roman, came to naught.

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Heirs Season 3 Episode 8 (Photo: HBO)

The meeting, which takes place at the Italian mansion, where the family members are staying as part of Kendall's marriage celebrations, leads to a surprising result. Kendall offers his father a deal that will take him out of society, and in effect remove the existential threat that hovers over it. This is actually the same offer that Logan had already made to Kendall in the previous episode, when he sent him a "congratulatory letter" for his birthday, but this time Logan refuses to stand behind it. After reminding Bennow of the fatal accident in which he caused a waiter's death in the first season, Logan leaves the meeting and leaves Kendall imprisoned in an impossible situation: involved up to his neck in a failed society, where he can neither control nor leave.

The final scene of the episode shows Kendall lying on a mattress in the pool with a bottle of beer in his hand, when it is clear that his condition is particularly bad. After his children leave the place, he dips his head in the water and just as his breathing inside them stops producing bubbles - the episode ends. This is the end from which Kendall seems to have feared ever since: abandoned and abandoned by all, losing himself in despair and helplessness.

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Heirs Season 3 Episode 8 (Photo: HBO)

So has Kendall Roy really reached the end of his journey?

Let's start with the reasons why this option makes sense.

In a way that seems very coincidental, The New Yorker published a comprehensive profile article with Jeremy Strong, the actor behind the character, just hours before the episode aired.

The interview shows how Strong saw his character, and the great connection he felt towards him.

The way things were presented, could be interpreted as a kind of farewell to Strong McKendall.

Aside from coincidences, there is of course the plot itself and the fact that the series is already scattering for the second season, disturbing hints of the bitter fate that awaits Kendall.

There is a scene in the second season in which he is seen walking very close to the roof edge of the Wistar-Roiko building (which was later closed by a high glass wall, instructed by Logan).

Kendall's gloomy affair with water has continued of course since the horrific accident at the end of the first season, but also with the opening season of the second season showing him immersed up to his neck in water, or the opening scene of the third season showing him in the midst of an anxiety attack in an empty bathtub.

During the final episode of the second season he is also seen floating motionless, with his hands outstretched to the sides, in the pool on the family ship.

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The ending episode of the eighth episode evoked comparisons to a similar scene in "Bugek Horsman," in which Bugek dives into the pool at his home after taking an overdose of drugs.

There are of course quite a few similarities between Bugek and Kendall: the alienation from their parents is one of the salient characteristics of personality, and the generator of self-destruction, the deterioration of drugs and alcohol, and the relentless attempts to find affection among strangers.


In general, bad things happen near water in "Heirs".

The shipping division is where the sexual harassment affair and the drowning of the passenger that took place, which complicated the company in the first place, took place;

The counselor who was brought in to connect the family members in the first season, broke his teeth by jumping into Conor's pool in the first season.

Even during the final episode, we see Roman having a hard time getting out of the boat that brought him to Metson's home, while Shiv ends another abuse of Tom as they hold each other on the edge of a railing over a river, and she tells him "be careful not to fall".

And speaking of threatening metaphors, one of the promotional images of the third season shows Kendall standing on a beam, hanging between heaven and earth.

The name of the exhibition that evokes the Cringe that stands at the center of the seventh chapter, and invites guests into Kendall's world, is called "The infamous nest ready to die."

There is also the real crime podcast, which is first mentioned during the eighth episode, and which traces the circumstances that led to the waiter's death.

The trauma that re-floods Kendall eaten by guilt, may be the small push that was missing to throw him into the abyss.

And finally, the trailer for the ninth episode of the season does not show Kendall even for a moment, thus intensifying the heavy fears for his fate.


And despite all this, there are equally good explanations for the fact that Kendall is alive and kicking. The first of which is a trailer released by HBO a few weeks ago, featuring fragments from the future to come. At a time of 1:40 you can clearly see Conor confronting his brother, and at a time of 1:42 you can see on the far right of the picture, what looks quite high like Kendall's shaved head, sitting next to his family at the table.

And while the trailers have a history of deception, it’s hard to see how such a move serves the “heirs” as a series. Given that she's been renewed for a fourth season, it's hard to impossible to see "Heirs" move forward without her biggest emotional charge - the one that outlined her path from the beginning: the confrontation between Logan and Kendall. None of the other characters in the Logan family, including the series, contain the deep emotional charges that can carry the prestigious drama in Kendall's absence.

At the end of the day, the entire “heirs” are built around the tension between the father and his eldest son, the ruler who refuses to vacate his chair and the heir who is willing to pay any price to get him to do so.

It’s hard to see her throwing away everything she’s built over three seasons, and embarking on a new path without having a real conflict to present in front of Logan’s mighty power.

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