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Road test: Mini ONE Jr. - Walla! vehicle


Road test and opinion on mini ONE, what do you get for 160,000 shekels apart from looking at a traffic light?

Road test: Mini ONE Jr.

As far as its versions also basic in the range of mini, the ONE has undergone a facelift towards 2022. It does not have much armor, or horses, its price is high.

But she remembers to do what others forgot

Keenan Cohen


Friday, 14 January 2022, 10:16 Updated: 12:19

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Something is already working less in front of her, but she is still small and handsome (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

No matter how we turn it around, it will be difficult for me to justify a small car, not very well equipped, with plastic cladding for the wheels and not much power at NIS 160,000.

But here's another fact - since its first incarnation in 1959 which was pure logic on wheels, the current incarnation of the Mini since its inception in the early 2000s, really, really does not try to work on your rationale.

The incarnations of the "new" mini have dulled its fresh-retro design over the years.

As if someone was blowing too hard into her exhaust, it made her curl up and swell and like a face that went too many times under the surgeon's knife and Botox syringe - she was left with a somewhat frozen expression.

Oh yeah, these are plastic planes you see on the wheels, maybe even retro, do not know.

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The cabin has also been updated (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

The most notable change in the cabin is the multimedia screen that has grown from 6.5 to 8.8 inches, there is also a different steering wheel and redesigned air vents. The semi-digital dashboard, combines two analog indicators to a central screen that works just fine except in direct sunlight where it is very difficult to read.

It's still its unique human engineering with all its iconic switches that differentiates it from other cars and it's mostly a matter of liking it or not. What is unrelated to the affection is an acute shortage of storage compartments in the driver's environment, the feeling that the cabin here is farthest from the "premium" image they try to stick with the simple fabric seats and mechanical air conditioner, in the absence of accessories like Android or Apple connectivity.

The list of safety equipment is also disappointingly short. Although it is equipped with a lane departure warning system that exempts it from a locally installed system, it does not include active repair. That, in automatic braking and only reverse sensors, sums up its list.

The space in front is good for two adults, the low observation and the upright and not very large windshield need to get used to, not something that really bothers.

As with all 3 doors, technically it has a rear seat, as with all 3 doors it serves as a shelf and additional luggage space - not for the purpose of seating people.

The profile retains all the characteristics that have accompanied it for 20 years (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

The comfort of riding a mini has never been her calling card and she is not like that now.

She's bouncing around town for most of the disruptions and thank god for choosing 15-inch rims in a sane cut otherwise the business was really tough.

Indeed, already in the first maneuvers with it one begins to recall how sharp and agile it is to respond to a steering wheel turn.

In terms of convenience outside the city the business is moderating and even on a mountain road or with effort a reasonable isolation of its noises is maintained.

At the front of the mini ONE is BMW's 1.5-liter turbo engine.

It is with three cylinders and in contrast to its improper appearance in cars with the blue and white emblem, there is in its pairing to the mini a perfect fit.

Suddenly its rugged-cheerful character and even the rattling sound is something that sits really well on the whole general approach of this car.

And it's true that a number like 102 hp and 19.4 kg are very weak figures in its terms today, its joker is the weight - 1,263 kg light is a number that is disappearing. And it's never more power that makes a car fun, it's the least Weight.which makes the actual sensations from it to be less snails than the official data of 10.3 seconds per 100 km / h.

Its robotic gearbox will pick up no reward for agility or smooth operation.

Using the sport mode does not make it good, but at least gives it a uniform character and consistency in its action that is better than its slightly confused function in normal mode.

Still the most fun in the least car (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

The place where this mini shines is on the winding road. This is where the mini has always known how to make a smile and she does it this time too. An excellent and sharp chassis, which knows how to handle loads when running between tight S turns, also knows how to respond to small provocations of weight transfer forward and traction braking to play around a bit with the rear. Its electric, fast and precise steering is still better than that of cars that cost much more than it, it allows to adjust its bow, whose front wheels are right in its corners to the particular point of turn, and with a little self-weight also get excellent brake response, with excellent bite and feedback.

Very quickly I even indulge in that almost memorable pleasure of driving a slow slow car, one in which you appreciate the insistence on a multi-link rear suspension, well-calibrated dampers on a great chassis.

Because all of these allow the driver looking for the challenge the fun of driving on the limits where every km / h and every kg changes.

And it all depends on it and that, because unlike other cars that just make up for it with more and more horses, grip and technology and with more and more speed, the ones that make the game too easy on the one hand and one that can end very violently if it goes wrong - it's simple fun - Far look, planning, clean lines, momentum.

The Union Jack flags in the taillights now come in all versions (Photo: Keinan Cohen)


The extra facelift of the current mini goes over several points in the exterior design, updates the cabin, adds a little (too much) armature and even less safety armature that has long been a desirable standard in the car.

On the other hand you will have great fun in it, not the one that comes from hundreds of hp and leather upholstery, but of what the modern mini knew how to offer a handful - a great chassis attached to the steering wheel, shock absorbers and brakes and the result is road fun that can be forgiven for everything, or Basically about the majority.

Because as stated in the opening, there is nothing to go round and round, standing in front of this car with its specifications and list of accessories and looking at the price tag of 160 thousand shekels does not really make sense. It lacks too many components that are more important to its buyers that.

On the technical side: Mini ONE Jr.

Engine, propulsion:

gasoline, turbo, 3 cylinders, front

volume (cc):


power / rpm (hp):

3,900 / 102

torque / rpm (kg):

1,380 / 19.4

gearbox :

Double clutch, 7 gears


Length (cm):


Width (cm):


Height (cm):


Wheelbase (cm):


Trunk (liters):



Acceleration 0-100:

10.3 seconds

Maximum speed:

195 km / h

Fuel consumption (test):

14 km per liter


Large: Fiat 500E


NIS 160,000

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